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    PC Shopping

    Thank you, I have been looking around and built something very similar.
  2. Vallnor

    PC Shopping

    It's time to update my Emulation PC. I have been running this old A6-5400k Pc for a bit too long now and emulating WiiU and other systems have been haunting me. Now with newer games out like MK11, I want to run them on my arcade an upgrade is needed. I was shopping around to build one and am finding price wise it's almost more expensive to build one than it is to buy one. I'm hoping to spend around $1000 (and when I say I'm I really mean my wife is hoping I only spend) Does anyone have any recommendations or has seen a good PC out there or should I just build one? I'm leaning between an I
  3. Why would this sound pack not work for me? I tried both wav and mp3 but its silent in bigbox. All of my other soundpacks work.
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