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  1. is there anyway to revert to ver 1.0 of this theme? im on ver 1.1 and get two different colors merging from left when showing your platform videos when coming across certain console systems?
  2. cool thanks anyway you can make the font blue also can you provide a download link that would be much appreciated! ?
  3. So im not too sure who the creator of this Hyperspin intro is however , I always loved every part of it. Im wondering if someone can edit the last part so it can be more fitting to Big Box? Intro (must convert to flv.).mp4
  4. Note: I didnt include an intro sound as to i feel everyone can put their own HyperSpin.7z
  5. Hey man , love this theme! Quick question , i have Viking's platform vids on my setup so is there anyway to have the platform wheel aligned to the left??
  6. Can you maybe add a Mega Drive , Sega System 16 & 32?
  7. Hey mate , i fixed this problem! I actually rolled back my nvidia geforce graphics driver to ver. 388.31 and sure enough i got this set up working on big box!
  8. Very nice !!! Wouldve loved to see it restored with original colors but granted you own a piece of history my friend
  9. I doubt this would be an issued with specs however , are you running both tv off your gpu or one tv connected to your gpu and another tv off your mobo?
  10. It cannot just be me and you facing this issue ....... can it???
  11. Super bummed out , i literally have the same setup and finished mounting my 2nd tv just for this feature.... But i am getting a kick out of running wallpaper engine in the meantime IF this issue gets fixed
  12. has there been a fix to this yet? im having the same issue...
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