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  1. I deleted my old Retroarch folder and reinstalled it like you did, and it doesn't seem to have fixed it. My SNES cores still work (even though it still has that yellow text verbose detailed popup when I boot up), but not N64. Still the same issue as before.
  2. Interesting. I didn't even notice that. Well, thank you for looking into it. I'll try to tinker it some more on the Retroarch side of things and see if I can come up with anything. This is by far the strangest thing I've encountered using emulation software.
  3. 100%. If I had it set to another core, then Retroarch would just fail to launch. I hear what you're saying and I agree. Which is why I'm so confused. There's no reason why it *should*, but something is clearly happening. Thanks again!
  4. Update: So I seem to have figured out that Launchbox is indeed somehow messing with how Retroarch is interacting with Retroachievements, or at least with how Retroarch is launching. I've attached two video files to demonstrate what I'm talking about. The first is merely me launching Retroarch from my desktop shortcut and quick selecting the last game on my list. It happens to be Banjo-Kazooie for the sake of this demonstration. You'll notice that the widget popups occur as normal, and it successfully manages to load achievements. The second video is me doing the exact same action (launching Retroarch from my desktop shortcut), however this time, I have Launchbox in the background. You can clearly see that the widget popups look different, and that it fails to load up those achievements. Therefore I can only conclude that something inside of Launchbox is interfering with this function, as its the only changed variable between the two launches. What baffles me is how or why its doing this. As I've said before, I've got a single installation of Retroarch and a single installation of Launchbox. The directories are all lined up, and in fact have no changed in the 2-3 years I've been using this program (which I'd like to add is amazing and I've had zero other issues with thus far). I've tried removing and re-adding the emulator, I've tried tinkering with the executable, and I've even completely rebuilt the Retroarch configuration files, and nothing had changed this launch pattern. Anyway, I'll continue to look into this. Thanks for help thus far! Retroarch Alone.mkv Retroarch with Launchbox Open.mkv
  5. If that's the case, why do I see the new widgets if I run the shortcut in the installation folder, but the same shortcut running through Launchbox brings up the older text popups?
  6. I'm going to go through my settings just in case I missed something but it just seems so strange to me that Launchbox is opening an older version of Retroarch despite updating both. Thanks for the help so far!
  7. I only have a single install of Retroarch so there's no other installation for it to point to. I've checked and doubled checked the cores their launching with in both Launchbox as well as the emulator without using Launchbox.
  8. When launching N64 games through Launchbox/BigBox, I get an error message saying that "achievements cannot be loaded with this core." The weird thing is that when I launch the same games through Retroarch outside of Launchbox (i.e., on its own), achievements load up in said core just fine. I'm thinking that there's something in Launchbox that's messing around with Mupen64's ability to sync with the retroachivements server or something. The funny thing is that my other cores load up achievements fine (so far). Its just the N64 one(s) that are giving me trouble. I have updated to the latest stable build of Retroarch (1.8.4) and Launchbox (10.9) Also, don't know if this is relevant or not, but I noticed that when launching my games through Launchbox, Retroarch shows the old style of verbose text rather than the new style since updating to 1.8.4. It further makes me think there's something in Launchbox that isn't playing nicely with it.
  9. I have no idea. I have it named as it should, i.e. "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" and the Device folder is in the location you specified, but I can't get it to work. Is there an option in BigBox that I'm not toggling or something, perhaps? As for the screenshot error: the screenshots will only appear in the corner if the game doesn't have an associated video file to go with it. Once that happens, the screenshot appears, and then it stays there even when moving onto another screen, but only if you move onto the screen of a game that doesn't have a screenshot attached to the view (because it has a video file playing in the background). See blow.
  10. Love the theme! Great work! It's become my new favourite! However, I noticed a small error. When you're scrolling through games in horizontal mode, the screenshot image occasionally doesn't rotate and it becomes "stuck", even when you move to another game. And on a side note, how do you get the console images to appear in the middle of the screen like that? I put the images in the Device folder for Stark but the screen remains blank. I hope I put it in the right spot.
  11. Well, Fusion I don't really care about. Not doing much disc swapping on that emulator. My primary concern is trying to stop ePSXe from closing every time I hit ESC, since that's the key bound to bringing up the menu and selecting what rom it's reading. But thanks for the help regardless.
  12. Unfortunately, that didn't work. Escape still closes the program.
  13. Is there any script that replaces ESC with ALT+F4 for Fusion and for ePSXe? The latter in particular gives me some trouble with disc swapping when I run it from within Launchbox.
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