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  1. If you mean the setting in user interface to "pause content when not active", that was already set to off. I'll look into the LB startup/shutdown that you mentioned...
  2. And, I did make sure that the game pause option was unchecked in LB if that's in any way related.
  3. So, this one has me stumped. It only occurs when I run Retroarch through LB, not when I run it standalone. I set my Hotkey to Select, and I save state through Select-R1. When I do that, though, I get a message on the lower right that says "null" before it says the state was saved, but then I get a screen with a start/pause icon in the upper right. At that point, I'm pretty much frozen, I can exit the game with Start-Select but nothing else. I tried every change I can think of in Retroarch but like I said, if I run Retroarch standalone, no problem, it's only when I launch through LB.
  4. I'll see if I can find that video, I did click on that option and there's nothing in there. So, I changed the Retroarch config so that enable netplay uses a keystroke I never use (}). That resolved the save state issue, it works now. But, the load state (which is Select-L1 for me) still send me to the Quick Menu but all controls are frozen once I see those alerts at the bottom. Weird....
  5. I checked that setting and there's no button set for that; I thought that might be the issue but I don't see that I've set that anywhere. I can save/load if I go to Quick Menu first, but I prefer to do it directly while in-game. Any other ideas?
  6. As an update: I tried deleting the retroarch.cfg file, and it appears this happens only when LB is running. If I close LB and run Retroarch by itself, I don't get the problem. If I launch a game from Retroarch OR if LB is running in the background and I launch Retroarch, I get the issues I am describing. And, I don't have Steam installed, I saw in a previous thread that this was causing issues, I don't have Steam on this PC not do I have the Steam plug-in installed in LB.
  7. Hi All, So, I moved my LB to a new computer. Everything appears to be working but I am getting this strange issue with Retroarch I can't figure out. I'm using an Xbox 360 wireless controller. Mapped all the buttons, hotkey enabled to the Select button, etc. The problem occurs when I try to save a state, which is Select-R1 for me. I get a series of notifications in the bottom left that in order are: Waiting for client You have joined as Player 1 Port Mapping successful then it shows my WAN IP At this point, it goes to the quick menu (which I set as L3-R3) and then
  8. THANK YOU! That did the trick. Funny, I always I thought I had installed to the /Launchbox folder instead of the root of the drive to overwrite it, but your solution worked. Thanks again 🙂
  9. Yes, exactly. I didn't before I tried to do the new 11.9 install but I do now. See attached, Core is the top image, root on the bottom.
  10. Tried that also, get this error attached. Basically, I try to run the update whenever I start LB as it prompts me to do that. After it installs and tries to open, I get that error about Dropbox, and it reverts back to 11.8. If I try to just download and run the 11.9 file from the website, it doesn't install to the root LB where the current Launchbox.exe is, but instead to the /Core subfolder, which doesn't work because running that .exe is just opening a version of LB that doesn't see the previous installation, it's functioning like a fresh install. When I try to run that alrea
  11. When I try to launch the update, I get an error message that it can't apply the update because the file may be in Dropbox (it isn't), see attached. When I try to download and run the setup file, it is installing the main Launchbox files and .exe in the Launchbox/Core folder rather than the root that I specify, so launching it just opens a fresh install of LB, it doesn't recognize my files, license, etc. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks for any help.
  12. Thanks, I actually tried what you suggested and removed the retroarch.cfg and it seems to have worked. I was on 1.7.3 I think. The Retroarch menu looks different than what I recall, it was fullscreen with a blue background, now it's grey with more of a menu-like apprearance. But, I was able to get proper keyboard functioning by remaking the .cfg file.
  13. Hi All, Decided to upgrade my very old version of Retroarch to 1.9 and can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Basically, my keyboard commands are not working correctly if at all. I set up (and configured/confirmed) Retroarch so that, for example, the ESC key was to quit Retroarch, F1 is for Menu, F2 is Quick Save, F12 is Quick Load, etc. When I press ESC, it brings me to the Quick Menu. F1, F2, F12...they do absolutely nothing. I made sure my configuration was changed and have gone through the various menus to see what I could be doing wrong, but I'm stumped right now.
  14. Hi All, Trying to set up a way to exit my emulators similar to the Start/Select I use with Retroarch. From reading up on this, it seems I need to set up Controller Automation, but I don't see that as an option. Is it only available in Premium/BB version of the software? Is there another way to do this? Thanks for any help.
  15. Thanks! Knew it had to be hiding in plain sight somewhere 🙂
  16. Hi all, Was hoping for some help. I updated to 10.9, and the game names underneath the box art are missing (See attached image 1). If I select the boxart and click Refresh images, they then show up (image 2), but if I choose another platform than then return, the names are once again missing again. Anyone know how to fix this?
  17. Gumdoc

    Bigbox Tutorial?

    Thanks so much! One question I do have: for creating a Favorites category, is it similar to setup in LB? Or, do I just set it up in LB and it will show in BigBox?
  18. Gumdoc

    Bigbox Tutorial?

    Thanks for the reply. Actually, it's those options for customization that I was referring to. Yes, I know that if the games launch in LB they will launch in BigBox, it's all those themes and options and customizations that I wasn't sure if there was a tutorial beyond just trial and error.
  19. Gumdoc

    Bigbox Tutorial?

    Hi All, I've been using LB for awhile but never used BigBox, planning to get the license and start soon. Are there any tutorials specific for BigBox setup? I went through the entire tutorial list but couldn't find anything re: first time setup... Thanks for any help!
  20. Hi All, Wanted to know if there was an easy way to do what I want. I currently play games on both my Windows PC and nVidia Shield. I'd like to be able to save a game/state on one device and be able to play it later on the other. I know I can do this easily with Retroarch as long as I use the same core for each system...but I really prefer a front-end like LB if I can find one similar for Android. I've looked at RetroX, Arc Emulator, etc...they seem to work fine, but I don't think I'm able to choose the cores that they use for Retroarch (not sure if they even use Retroarch), and in my
  21. I know this is probably more of a Retroarch issue: is there a way to limit the number of saved states in Retroarch? I currently have it set up to automatically increase the save state slot each time. But, looking in that folder, I've got about 40 saved states at 376k each, that's going to start adding up. Can it be set up to, say, save 10 times then cycle back to slot 1? If not, any problem in just deleting older states from time to time, or will it get messed up if it doesn't see the earlier states? Thanks.
  22. Gumdoc

    BoxArt Too Small?

    Hi All, Upgraded to 8.7 and have an issue I can't figure out. I'm attaching two screenshots, one for my NES games, one for Super NES. The NES looks the way I want it to look, the box art pretty much fills up the space dedicated for the icon ( am using Boxes as the Image Group). But, with SNES, the icon is only filling up around 1/3 of the box, the rest is mostly just dead space. Tried using different Image Groups, but same problem, the icon never fills more than the middle 1/3. The problem occurs with N64 and PS1, not with PS2, Windows, NES. Any idea what's causing this or bette
  23. Gumdoc

    GOG games

    I have a few dozen GOG games that I've downloaded over the years that I'd like to add to LB but they currently are not installed. Can anyone suggest the easiest way to do this? Do I basically have to install each game to it's own subfolder and then have LB import the root folder? Any way to have it install the files on the fly once I open it? Wasn't sure if LB even recognizes GOG installation files... Thanks for any advice.
  24. Sorry if this has been asked/answered before: Is there a way to load a save state if you change cores? For example, I've been playing an NES game and saving my progress using the bnes core in Retroarch. I decided I wanted to try a different core as I'm having some issues with bnes, so I installed the nestopia core. Game loads fine, the save state does not, which I assume is because I saved using a different core. Any easy way around this, to be able to pull up saves even if you switch cores? Thanks for any help.
  25. Was hoping for some basic help here: I'm playing Dragon Warrior III NES using Retroarch. Whenever I move characters to the top or bottom of the screen, the row of graphics closest to the edge appears to be transposing the row of graphics from the opposite edge (for example, if I move upwards, it appears to keep transposing the graphics from the bottom of the screen, and vice versa). it's kind of hard to explain, but it creates this annoying stuttering of images as I'm moving around. It's almost like the speed is too fast for the graphics to catch up. Don't see it on side scrolling, just u
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