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  1. OK, I'm an idiot but I'm going to put my big boy pants on and post and man up and take the shame. Please don't be too harsh. I think what happened is when the update to 8.2 was installed the default folder location was chosen, which was a folder inside my Windows user profile. My actual Launchbox location is c:\Launchbox, which my Desktop shortcut still pointed to. So, I think my LaunchBox got mangled somehow. It is interesting that "upgrading" to 8.2 but choosing a new folder path resulted in my original folder LaunchBox to work, but not BigBox. I'm sure there's a reason for it. In any case I reinstalled LaunchBox 8.2 over top my "bad" LaunchBox, chose the correct folder path to upgrade, and now BigBox launches fine. FYI, when BigBox was not working it acted like it was not trying to open at all - no crash, no on-screen logo, etc. If I opened Task Manager I did see BigBox.exe in there for a second, but it would quietly quit.
  2. Sorry for the delay in responding. Rebooting does not help. The BigBox.exe file is not listed as blocked in its Properties. I have no custom themes installed. I rolled back to a previous copy of the LaunchBox folder I had saved and it still works, and is version 7.16. I'm anxious to get my system working again with the latest LaunchBox, so looking forward to any suggestions. Help!
  3. LaunchBox upgraded to 8.2, and since then BigBox will not open. LaunchBox seems to open fine and I can play games, but if I try to launch BigBox from within LaunchBox or through the separate icon nothing happens. Anyone have any suggestions before I start making things worse?
  4. Thanks. I looked and looked but couldn't find any incidents where they were combined. I ended up manually dragging/dropping the ROM file onto LaunchBox to add the missing titles I noticed.
  5. So, I'm fine-tuning my LaunchBox setup and I've found a couple games missing that I'd like on there. They're in MAME, and launch/play fine, just are not showing up in LaunchBox. The 2 games I know of at the moment are Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. They ARE there listed in the 25th Anniversay cabinet that has both games combined, I wonder if that's why? Are they considered duplicates? But I'd rather have both games listed separately and not use the combined cabinet. Since 99% of everything is working great, what's the easiest way to import just 1 ROM into LaunchBox? Sorry if it's a dumb question, just don't want to start fumbling around and make things worse.
  6. Not a LaunchBox-specific question, but thought I could get some good advice here. Still working on tuning my configuration and my setup will be going into a 4-player arcade cabinet running BigBox and an Ipac 4 for the arcade controls. I'm noticing that some emulators use the ESC key to exit, for example MAME which will probably be my primary emulator. However, some others I'd like to use like Nestopia and CCS64 use ALT-X to exit the emulator. I'm planning to have a hard button on the machine that acts as an ESC key. What is the best way to have all emulators exit using this single button? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Just started using joy2key to get joystick support with Pac-Man Championship DX+ and it seems to work great. I know lots of people recommend xpadder, but there was no way for me to download/try it before committing money and his web from used to initiate a purchase was very slow to send an email. I eventually got it but it took hours. In that time I found joy2key and got that setup. However, before I go too far I'd love to hear from anyone who has used both and might be able to tell my any reasons why xpadder would be better. I have 2 arcade sticks (connect via USB) that show up as Windows controllers (I believe they say G-Wiz). I also use a USB to 4-port Gamecube adapter with controllers for Nintendo games. I'd love to add light guns in the near future after I get everything else working well. So, any opinions? Joy2key equal to xpadder, or should I go with xpadder now? I don't mind spending the money for either product. Thanks in advance!
  8. My system has 2 arcade sticks and 2 GameCube controllers (plugged in via a 4-port USB adapter). My #1 goal is to be able to navigate BigBox with the arcade sticks, and that works very well. My secondary goal would be to navigate menus with the GameCube controllers. I have BigBox configured to use all controllers, and it does work but the buttons are not intuitive to me or my kids. With my arcade sticks button one selects an item and button 2 goes back. With the GameCube controller button X selects an item and button A goes back. Is there a way that I'm missing to change this? Ideally I'd like button A on my GameCube controller to select and button B to go back. I've thought about disabling controller support and maybe trying to use Joy2key or xpadder, but I like the controller automation feature and not sure if I can replicate everything as reliably. Maybe I can? I'd appreciate any thoughts/comments/suggestions!
  9. I drafted a long message to post to the Hyperspin forums, but before I did so I decided to do some Googling and look for other options. There are many opinions out there when looking for arcade/MAME front-ends for some reason, a thread asking which is the best can result in 10 different answers, but I'm happy that one person's response led me to look at Launchbox. I'm instead taking that draft message, changing it a bit, and posting here. I've wanted to do some kind of MAME setup for years, and had something really rudimentary setup with arcade sticks for a long time. However, looking at Youtube videos left me drooling to do something much nicer, maybe within an arcade cabinet or maybe not. I work a lot of hours and have a wife and kids so time is very short. About 6 months ago I decide to dive head first into Hyperspin. I had heard it was a bear to work with, but figured "how bad could it be?". I'm in the IT field so typically if I make the time I can wrap my head around anything like that. I spent lots of hours over a week or 2 setting up Hyperspin. Although I got it 80% of where I wanted it to be, I was left not having a good understanding of how everything worked. Everything seemed hacked and kludge together, with many add-ons overlapping one another feature was. The configuration was not straightforward at all to me, and any time I wanted to change something I found myself looking at tutorial after tutorial hoping to find one that was current and using the most modern add-ons/hacks. I was left pretty discouraged. About a week ago I decided to dive back in but was stressed out just thinking about it and wondering if there was a better way. I had donated to Emumovies and the Hyperspin forums already so had money invested. 5 minutes after installing Launchbox I was so glad I did. My Emumovies donation was not going to waste, and downloading all the media and metadata was sure lots easier! I replicated everything I had setup in Hyperspin and much more in a fraction of the time, and I feel like I have a good idea of how Launchbox works. Things are much smoother and more reliable, and every time I've found a hiccup with something (usually an emulator issue) Launchbox seems to have a solution. I can tell a lot of logical thought went into Launchbox, ongoing development seems awesome, and I was happy to purchase it! Anyway, so glad to be here.
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