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  1. wow thank you so much. You are amazing haha
  2. Wow i spent like two days on that and you just helped fix it. I didnt change the name of the associated platforms to the right emulator. is there some place i can see all the proper titles that can go into this? bc i use bsnes accuraccy. I just typed "bsnes_Accuracy" and it worked. i just am worried that im going to not enter the correct names next time i go thru that. thank you!
  3. Okay so new problem. I basically just wanted to restart from the beginning. i just deleted all the roms on launchbox and imported them again. I downloaded RetroArch. I can right click on a game in Lb and select open with RA. when it does it opens RA. I already have the cores downloaded in RA. So when i click a game in LB it doesnt launch RA. I have to right click on the game and open RA. Then when i open RA i have to click load core. I select the correct core. I hit resume. It enters into the Core but no game plays. If i go to the top and select file and load content and click the file there it will start to play. Im so lost
  4. Hey everyone. I'm new to Launchbox. I've been trying for hours now to add an emulator and every time it doesn't work. I go to tools, manage emulators, then I select add. Then for the name of the emulator I select one of the pre-entered ones bc I have it. Its snes9. So after I select that for the emulator name I go down to browse for the emulator path. I go to the folder where my file is suppose to be and it isn't there. Then I go to the folder outside of this and the file is right there. If I don't select an emulator name and then go to add an emulator path first the file shows up but once I click on the emulator name it deletes the emulator path. I just cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. any help would be appreciated.
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