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  1. i got it working. Now im trying to get it run at a higher res to improve the quality just a bit. i up the internal res to 2x and it keeps crashing my game and retoarch
  2. im trying to play crash bandicoot on a ps1 emulator with retroarch. I downloaded retroarch. Got the bios files. Got the bin and cue files for bandicoot. Point the emulator to the bios files. (scph1001.bin,5500,5502) point emulator to rom file. Load cue file. i get a black screen and nothing happens. been at this for HOURS trying to figure out what is going on. Just to make sure i tried other places for the bios files. nope. Im not sure im doing this right. Im running windows btw. I just dont understand btw im using beetle HW psx emulator core. its the only one that is good for windows i think. i dont see any other emulator besides the arm one. Any advice and help? Thanks.
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