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  1. The games are in cue and bin format. Oh my gosh... I think you might be right about LB moving my games! I must have clicked that option accidentally when I imported the games! Thank you so much for your help!!!
  2. Thank you so much for your replies. I really appreciate it. Yes, the files are in .cue. I have no problems opening them in RA itself. Just have problems opening them in Launchbox and I really can't figure it out. Something to do with the file path of Launchbox perhaps or some other perimeter which I didn't set? DOS76, thank you so much for the Kega Fusion tip. The games scale perfectly on Kega Fusion now. I'm not sure if my games are archived. How do I check for that? You do bring up a very good point though. The games are in my external hard drive, perhaps that might be why there's a problem. They do show up on the Launchbox app. I just can't open them there. No problem opening them on the RA itself and ok to open them with Kega Fusion in Launchbox. Thank you very much guys for all your replies. You guys are superb!
  3. Yes. I used Retroarch. In the Edit Emulator tab under the associated platform Sega CD, Default Command-Line Parameters I left it untouched as -L "cores\genesis_plus_gx_libretro.dll", the Default Emulator box is also checked. To double check, when I right-click Edit on the game individually, under the Emulation tab, it had also said Retroarch. Sega CD was also spelled correctly in all my folders. Technically the games did launch on Retroarch. It's just that it launched a black screen that doesn't do anything. If I used Retroarch on its own without Launchbox, the games did open with no problems. If I go back to Launchbox to open the same game, it'd open to the paused screen of the game on Retroarch and it wouldn't load. If I open a new game, it'd be a black screen. If it helps, I had downloaded Kega Fusion just to check if the files would open on Launchbox and they did. I would leave the associated plaform to Kega Fusion but the screen size was way overstretched and I right clicked to fiddle with the fullscreen & video settings but didn't manage to adjust it to my liking. Anyway, I'd rather just leave it to Retroarch if I can. It works fine for Genesis and SNES but it just doesn't work for Sega CD for some reason. Thanks again for your help
  4. I'm having trouble opening Sega CD games on Launchbox. They'd open fine when I use Retroarch by itself but when I use Launchbox, they just refused to open. Under the Default Line-Command Parameters, I left it untouched as -L "cores\genesis_plus_gx_libretro.dll". This core works fine in Launchbox for my Genesis games but not the Sega CD games. I've also double-checked that all Bios files are in the correct system folder in Retroarch, all the Sega CD games on Launchbox are cue files, etc and they seem to be in order. Am I missing something? Thank you for your help
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