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  1. inemu

    2-Monitor Help.

    60 pixels are between backglass and dmd
  2. inemu

    2-Monitor Help.

    Ok yes i misunderstood sry so i want to make a single Monitor that show both... the Marquee or the banner image of the game / backglass video of the pinball table on the top and the platform Clear-Logo of the game / DMD-Video of the pinball table underneath.... like my example On one single Monitor
  3. Hey there. I have a feature request... Will there be a possibility to scale the Media and move to a different position on the Screen? I planned a Arcade Cabinet with 2 Monitors. The Main Monitor with the Game/Pinball Table that i play..... And on the Backglass i want to show the Marquee of the Arcade Games and the Platform Logo... and for Pinball i want to show the Backglass and the DMD... I need this for my Backglass Monitor and i dont want to make new marquee files for all of my games/pinball tables...... Hope you can understand me.....
  4. inemu

    2-Monitor Help.

    I don´t want to make new marquee files for all the games or tables thats a lot........ Yeah i know but i dont want to add a Widescreen Monitor in Vertical.... The only plugin that i found is the ThirdScreenPlugin but on this plugin i can´t edit the size and the position of the Graphics / Videos....
  5. inemu

    2-Monitor Help.

    Hello. I have a question. I want to work with 2 monitors on my BigBox Arcade Cabinet. (ex PhotoPlay2000) A main monitor and a backglass monitor. On the backglass monitor (1024x768) I want to show 2 different things. Marquee/Backglass Graphics/Videos on the Top and DMD/Platform-Logo Graphics/Videos on the Bottom. But the DMD should not be stretched. The Resolutions are Backglass: 1024x473 / DMD: 523x142 Example: Is there a way to set this in BigBox? I do not want a 3rd monitor. Here are some pictures how should my Arcade Cabinet look like. Someone help me? Sry for my bad english.... i`m from Germany
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