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  1. Version 5.0.3 now splits the per-screen mute option (under additional settings) into separate in-game mute and out-of-game mute options. @HiRez00, @dsync89
  2. @Cadu The latest version (v2.0.1) should fix it. Please remember to check "Include Game Manuals" when running the tool.
  3. @KuGambit That is a 9000 IQ idea to use the screen types for that. And it will actually work with a small tweak. First grab the latest version of ThirdScreen that I just posted (v5.0.2). Then open ThirdScreen settings, click the gear icon in the upper right, and choose "Disable Display Validation". You can then stack two marquee "screens" on a single monitor (using Bottom 1/2 cut off, Top 1/2 cut off) or even three (using Bottom 2/3 cut off, Top+Bottom 1/3 cut off, Top 2/3 cut off).
  4. @C-Beats Also I just did a test and it doesn't happen if I disable startup/end screens for MAME under Manage->Emulators. So if topmost is being altered for startup/end screens it seems like it's ending up getting applied to the main window and sometimes not getting cleared. For me it's not 100% of the time but it's up around 90%. Hope that helps... Here's the source for the workaround in case it might give you any clues (it's just a few lines): https://github.com/superrob3000/TempBigBoxTopmostCleanup/blob/master/TempBigBoxTopmostCleanup/App_SystemEvents.cs
  5. @C-Beats Thank you for looking. The issue is definitely present without any plugins (deleting all plugins was the first thing I tried just to make sure I hadn't caused the issue myself).
  6. @flanx also if all you are looking for is a fix for the shifting issue, you could try putting your marquee to the right of your main monitor in display settings.
  7. You can't use the xaml file but the plugin shouldn't have any issues displaying your custom marquee files as long as you have added them as marquees in LaunchBox.
  8. I have also been having the same issue after exiting MAME games and finally decided to look into it. @kim_sama98 @kingkoopa505 @Frankie_Sambuca Please try dropping the attached file into your LaunchBox/Plugins folder and restart BigBox. This fixed it for me (can't promise it will fix it for you). Edit: There's a chance this workaround might not work when running as non-admin (I haven't tried it). So if it doesn't work at first, try right-clicking on BigBox and selecting "Run as Administrator" before giving up. @C-Beats If any of the devs want to look into this, the issue I was seeing is that sometimes after exiting a MAME game, the BigBox window's topmost flag is set and remains set. I won't guess why that is happening, but I did verify it with GetWindowLong(hWnd, GWL_EXSTYLE). All the plugin is doing as a workaround is checking for this condition and clearing topmost with SetWindowPos(hWnd, HWND_NOTOPMOST, ...) when needed. TempBigBoxTopmostCleanup.dll
  9. Same for me, FYI. Launchbox starts but not bigbox. No log file gets generated.
  10. That's probably from ThirdScreen. Are you sure you deleted all plugins?
  11. You must be referring to a different plugin. I just released this one recently and there have not been multiple versions.
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