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  1. Thank you so much for your reply. a lot of what you said helped me understand the problem at hand. as for coverbox it turns out it was a different problem(it was my hard disk dying after a lot of use over the years which made me realize it was a different crash because it was not able to read one of the files that was 0 byte and undeletable). also I just wanna say I really love your retrotastic theme but I noticed the forum version is missing the background theme for the platform(its hard for me to describe since English is not my native but I meant the background with the flag
  2. am gonna give it a try and see if i have the same lag Edit: it works fine with me (both light and dark) sorry but I got no clue 🙏
  3. ok coinops froze as well so now am just gonna try the forum ones + see if new themes have this problem or not Edit: so I used the forum version of retrotastic and coinops redux and they both did not freeze at all which was kind weird since I thought it was the same as the bigbox downloaded themes. but they both are working now but I felt like I had to do a little bit more testing so I downloaded the new theme pulse. bigbox asked me if it wanted me to update it to the newest one (the theme that is) which is weird since I just downloaded it of the forums but nonetheless I updated
  4. just guess ahead 😅 do you mean the transition effect? because if i remember colorful has like a few second when it does a transition to the next item(as in shows the video and info). at first i guessed maybe your hdd is slow but you have an ssd so maybe its your input device? what do you use as a controller?
  5. I think they are both are up-to-date no? I made sure they are both updated using the bigbox theme manager which matches the verision on the forum downloads section. retrotastic froze alot so now am testing coinops by leaving it on attract mode. since most of the freezing happens when entering wheels and leaving.
  6. I am using retrotastic and coinops redux both downloaded with bigbox theme manager I use retrotastic is my main theme for bigbox while using coinops redux as a wheel for games
  7. ummm silly question but how do i know if its been made with the community theme manager 😅
  8. i have been having this problem i guess because it keeps freezing randomly. i tried the escape + windows key which kind works. unless you tab to something else by mistake then it just stops reponding tho the background music still plays. i am on the newest beta build. the problem to me became noticible when i left bigbox scrolling the wheel in attract mode and the next day found it froze so i thought eh just restarting it would do good. next thing i knew is that bigbox menu became unusable from the amount of freezing. is there any fix for this? thanks.
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