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  1. I haven't played online seriously for a long time, mainly because I enjoy singleplayer games and also because I'm getting older as well and don't have as much time to "get good". I do play Co-Op games which I play with my friends every once in a while, which is super fun. If you don't have any friends to play with, I'd suggest joining a forum for the specific game and just ask if someone would like to play with you. There are nice people around, I'm sure. Playing with randos can get nasty pretty quickly, though. As a teenager, I used to play Warcraft III. Once I was in a 2 on 2 random team match. My team lost the game and my dear team mate wrote "I hope your parents die tonight". I still remember this 15 years later. It was actually kind of traumatizing, because I just couldn't believe how anyone could become so hostile because of a game. After that and other hostilities by warcraft 3 strangers, I lost interest in playing online, especially with strangers.
  2. Unfortunately, the retroarch core for scummvm is incompatible with certain games, such as phantasmagoria 2, last I tried.
  3. I have another question: How would I go about making a selection that prioritizes regions as such: USA -->Europe--->Japan-->any other region left And languages as such: En-->any other language. My problem is that if I select language "all languages" in the output section of the tool, the list will contain duplucate roms for games with different languages. If I however choose only "English", the the tool will only include games that are in english while excluding games that are German / Italian / French only, if I understood correctly.
  4. I've just tried out the tool. The lists are created perfectly, but when I enter a base download URL, the links that are created don't work. They don't point to any file. Did I do something wrong?
  5. I postetd in the wrong thread, I wanted to ask about your 4K bezels for Retroarch. I don't use Mame standalone.
  6. Just a small question: is it at all possible to make these great Bezels work with 1080p screens without manually readjusting the game-video-window-scale to fit the bezels? Or is there a way to easily adjust config files and "convert" them so the image fits a 1080p screen without booting each game and editing the window scaling in retroarch?
  7. Yeah the input lag is there. maybe I'm too sensitive, but I did constantly miss jumps in Super Mario World and DKC, for example. Well I don't use up all the 40 meters. it's actually just 30 meters of cable used. As for the input, well ... I also use a 20 meter USB cable, which connects to a usb hub. In that hub I have my xbox one controller stck, haha. I don't know, but the input lag was just too much for me to handle.
  8. I would like to know the same thing.The full version of 3dsen is supposed to be released on steam this week.
  9. I used to use steam link, however there are 2 problems, one of them being a serious PINA. 1. The image quality with steam link is noticably worse than using an hdmi cable. I'm usually not too concerend with having the best pissible image quality, but with steam link the colors just didn't pop. I didn't even have to A/B it. One day I just tried an hdmi cable and the differene was immediately apparent. 2. This is the problem that killed steam link for me. The input latency. I have a fairly powerful PC and internet, I connected the steam link via ethernet cable and tried many different settings. Input lag is not noticable in role playing games or so, but try playing super mario world, for example, and you really feel the input lag. I tried to convince myself that it wasn't too bad, but the longer I played, the more it bothered me. Now I have 2 X 20 meter HDMI cables with an hdmi repeater running through my house. Now I have zero input lag and as a bonus, superb image quality.
  10. So sorry for the late reply. I've taken a little break from Launchbox, since I've been a little bit too obsessive in the past months. I'm not entirely sure how the dummy files link to the actual roms. The only thing I do know is that dummy files, the cdimono1.zip (bios), and the roms have to be inside the same folder and the .xml file for the cdi needs to be in place inside the specific retroarch directory. I don't know where you went wrong, but I suggest setting up everything from scratch. Maybe you just made a small mistake along the way. If it doesn't work the second time, please contact me again. What kind of error does 7zip give you?
  11. I feel you. It would be great if Launchbox prioritized the latest revision of each game. As of now, it is really inconsistent. Sometimes the first edition is prioritized, sometimes rev 1, 2, 3, ..., sometimes beta or demo versions. The solution for now seems to be to filter out all the versions you don't want. Another semi-related problem is that if you want to import all regions of a game, but e.g. the Japanese title is different from the US or EU title, Launchbox will import the US/EU and the Japanese versions as separate games.
  12. I've added the ABC 80 to my autoboot chart. Thanks @JoeViking245!
  13. Sounds great. But I understand your concern. It would be a shame to put too much work into this just to find out that a few updates down the line, we can't make use of your hard work.
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