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  1. I found an issue concerning the import of CHD files of Philips CD-i. I'm using mess227.xml as well as cdi.xml hash file from MAME .227. Now when I import the CHD files, the importer imports the files with the wrong titles. Let me give you an example: - The game files is called: "3rd degree (1993)(philips)(us)[!].chd" - The Rom Name in the cdi.xml is "3rd Degree (1993)(Philips)(US)[!].iso" and "3rd Degree (1993)(Philips)(US)[!].cue". - In Launchbox however, the imported game file is called: "3rd degree (1993)(philips)(us).chd" (without the [!]) What I think happens is that the importer takes the file name from the "rom name", but from the "disk name" in the cdi.xml, which is: "3rd degree (1993)(philips)(us)". Is Philips CD-i just a special case / is the xml wrong or is this an issue with the importer tool.?
  2. I like having a complete set of all released games. That's why I usually include unlicensed games, but exclude prototypes.
  3. Strangely enough, Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario work on NOX. It's just Mario Kart that produces an error. Other than that, NOX works fine for me at least.
  4. Interesting, it seems to kind of work, but it's not ideal. If I search for "Nintendo Game Boy", the list will also include Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance Games.
  5. I can't find the option to filter the missing game media view by platforms. If I click on "missing carts", games from all platforms will be displayed.
  6. Hey everyone, I want to manually update some types of game media with higher quality images and run into some problems. As an example to explain what I mean I'll use Gameboy cartridge images. Here's what I want to do: What I want to do is using a set of high res Gameboy cartridge images published here on LaunchBox. I want my games to prioritize these images. For every game that is not included in the high res set, I still want to be able to use the images that LaunchBox automatically downloads. Also, I want to be able to every once in a while update the metadata and media for my gameboy games (in order get newly published videos and so on) without the high quality cartridges being replaced / without the lower uality images being redownloaded. Here is what problems I ran into: I downloaded the high res cartridge set. I placed the file "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan (USA).png" into the appropriate folder. Launchbox automatically linked the new high res image to the game. However, the lower res cartridge image was still the (for a lack of better words) "default cartridge image, so I deleted it. Then I tried updating the metadata and media for "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan (USA)" in LaunchBox, using the "don't replace any existing fields or media"-option. However, what happened was that the lower res cartridge image was redownloaded and set as the "default" cartridge image again. Here are my questions: How would I go about achieving my goal? I first thought about deleting all images, then placing all the high res images inside the folder and then updating the metadata of all games, so I'd get the missing media files. But my examples showed that lower res images will be redownloaded from the LaunchBox database. I also thought about using the "missing game media" selection within Launchbox, but it displays games from all platforms, which is pointless if I want to go thorugh every platform separately, meanig I cannot display "gameboy games with missing media". The only solution I can think of now is to delete replace the lower res images with the higer res set one by one and then remembering to never update gameboy media. This is very inconvenient however. So what is the easiest way to do what I'd like to do? Thank you!
  7. Ws this question directed at me? I don't know anything in detail about these emulators. NOX was the first I tried and it worked, so I stuck with it. The only game that I can't seem to get running on any Android Emulator is Mario Kart Tour.
  8. Hey everyone, I want to force populate BigBox image cache. I have a large collection, so it takes very long to do that, so I'd like to force populate in multiple sessions (I don't want to keep my PC running for 4 das straight). However, whenever I relaunch BigBox after one session, the caching process seems to be starting from scratch (the progress bar starts at the beginning). Is this behavior normal? I think I remember an older version of BigBox that saved the progress of the caching progress.
  9. UPDATE: In order for CDi emulation to continue working, you need to get the updated cdimono1 bios file from mame. It was updated some time ago and CDi emulation on newer mame versions without the updated bios file is broken.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. I just researched how to do that and found this: https://support.bignox.com/en/multi/shortcut However, when I click on the shortcut button, I don't get the message that a shortcut was created and there is in fact no shortcut on my desktop. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? EDIT: Never mind, I had an old version of Nox installed. I downloaded the newest version and now it works. Thanks a ton 😃
  11. SiriusVI

    eXoDOS v5

    eXoDOS is just so much fun to explore. Much love invested in this project. I'm absolutely enjoying every minute.
  12. I noticed that there is an Android platform for LaunchBox. Android emulation is possible via Nox Player, for example. Is there any automated way to import Android games into LaunchBox?
  13. Thanks so much for the clarification. I imagined it being like that but didn't find any clear confirmation online. It's clear to me now. 😃
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