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  1. Well, why do any of us care about anything? =P PC versions of PS4 games are PC versions and not PS4 games. If versions don't matter then you could also just add the Genesis version of Street Fighter 2 to your SNES platform. How can I get Jaguar CD games working? I have tried the retroarch core as well as mame/mess. I couldn't get any of the working.
  2. SiriusVI

    Apple Emulation

    Last I tried (over a year ago), Apple IIGS had controller deadzone issues with the curser automatically moving in games like Gauntlet for example. Have those issues been fixed yet?
  3. Some of those platforms can't be emulated (yet): PS4, Jaguar CD. Why even include them? Also some of them might be duplicates (Flash (Flashpoint).xml; Flash.xml; Flashpoint Infinity FE.xml) Anyway, impressive list.
  4. Suspend/Resume is a game changer. It's what makes the Switch so convenient. I can just start it and play 5 min on the bus and then put it back in my bag when I need to get out. If I had to boot --> load the game --> load the save, the Steam Deck would lose a whole lot of its appeal.
  5. Hey everyone, I have a weird and very specific problem that I can't seem to fix. I wanted to use real N64 Controllers with a real Rumble Pak in Retroarch Mupen Plus Next Core. I bought this n64 to usb adapter twice, so I can connect 4 n64 controllers: https://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/dual_n64_to_usb_adapter/index.php I tested everything with the raphnet configuration software and rumble does indeed work fine. The first problem I encountered is that these are DInput controllers and Retroarch does not support rumble with Dinput. So what I did was downloading the XOutput software (https://github.com/csutorasa/XOutput) which turns the DInput into XInput controllers. I tested everything and again rumble works fine. Now when I go ingame (Super Smash Bros, for example) rumble works on all controllers except for the controller that Retroarch maps as Player 1. There is still a tiny amount of rumble, but not at all like on the other controllers. When I map the non working controller to a different port (player 2, 3, 4), rumble works perfectly. So it's not the controller that is broken or the rumble Pak or one of the adapters. It seems to be a software issue. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?
  6. I have the exact same issue. I was able to import the game manually, but whenever I try to update metadata and media I get an error. if I got into edit and then try to download media, Launchbox crashes.
  7. I know it's not recommended, but it actually works really well in my opinion. I don't want a lot of software to maintain, so I love Retroarch's all in one approach. Once it is set up, it works really well, I think. This very specific problem sucks of course. It was by pure chance that I figured it out. It's an easy fix however: Everytime you update mame, just delete the folder mentioned above.
  8. Thank you, sorry for that! I was able to fix the issue in the meantime. What I did was delete the folder "... \RetroArch\saves\MAME". It contained an eeprom file for xmen which was there from when I played the rom with an older version of mame (core and roms). Glad I was able to figure that out, haha.
  9. Hey everyone, I usually play games with Mame in Retroarch, but I've run into a strange problem. When Launching X-Men, the rom starts, but the black screen says "13B Bad" and the game won't actually start. When using the standalone emulator, I don't get the 13B Bad error and the game loads just fine. Also when using Retroarch with a different Version than EBA (e.g. ADA), the game loads fine. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? I recently updated to mame 0.235. Core, Roms and CHDs have the same version, so it's not that. I also have the Retroarch System Folder set up perfectly.
  10. I used to only keep the CHDs for working games, but now I just keep a complete set of everything, Roms, CHDs and Software List Roms all in their correct folders, so Mame can Launch anything I throw at it. The only thing I don't keep is Software List CHDs, because a complete set is almost 3 TB and contains a lot of systems I already have, such as PS1.
  11. Just try them out and see what they do, I guess. Do you have a question about a specific option / setting?
  12. It seems you have the redump set. As far as I know, they won't work with mame. You need the chd files.
  13. Mame can emulate Apple IIGS, but I've had problems with inputs devices.
  14. Will definitely check this out. There are .bat scripts around that can copy the games for you. This is how I've been dealing with this, but the ones I found seem to be outdated. This plugin also seems to be much more convenient, so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  15. Just get the eXoWin3x collection and save yourself al lot of trouble. You're welcome
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