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  1. After installing the base version, there should be an "update" folder with a .bat file. You must update your existing insallation using this .bat file.
  2. You must update eXoDOS after downloading & installing from www.retro-exo.com.
  3. What if I use Retroarch as my emulator of choice?
  4. Hey everyone, Just a quick question: If I have already a mame set imported into launchbox and then update my mame set and would like to reimport that mame set into Launchbox, do I first have to remove all the existing arcade platforms and playlists to get a fresh set, or will running the mame importer over the existing arcade platforms and playlists suffice? Thx!
  5. AFAIK you have two options: 1. Mame: If you are able to set it up correctly, the games will book. However, last I tried I had difficulties setting up a jopad within mame to be used on Apple IIGS. When I finally managed to do it, The cursor moved on it's own, as if it had too small of a dead zone. Could never fix this issue, so I moved on. This was a few years ago, so things might have changed. 2. eXoAppleIIGS: eXo has released a curated set of pre-configured AppleIIGS Games. Haven't tried it in depth, yet, so I cannot say what the pros and cons are here. But eXo's stuff is usually pretty great.
  6. Hey @viking loving your theme, but will the colors that don't match with the ones in the platform videos ever be fixed? It's really distracting and I can't get myself to use COLORFUL as my main theme, as long as these color issures are not resolved. Best wishes! EDIT: I'm referring to the issues mentioned here:
  7. OK, So another DS3 controller has just arrived and it also has the same issue with the broken G axis. I'm starting to wonder if there is a way to figure out ehat controller will work before I buy them. Another DS3 controller should arrive shortly and I will test that one, too. let's see. EDIT: Just to make sure that my PC config is not at fault, I tried all controllers on a separate PC and they show the exact same behavior. So it's not my config that's at fault, either. EDIT 2: All devices show in DSHidMini as: USB\VID_054C&PID_0268\7&E523A19&0&3 There is no difference.
  8. Haha, yeah I guess it's legit. So that tells me there are some DS3 controllers around that just don't work with the DSHidMini drivers, but only with the original Sony drivers (https://wiki.rpcs3.net/index.php?title=Help:Controller_Configuration) Why this is, I don't know. So that means I must try to hunt down 4 DS3 controllers that work. Guess I must buy and sell a few controllers and hope to get lucky =/
  9. Hey thx, for checking. And you are absolutely sure that your controller is a legit DS3? What baffles me is that with the original Sony drivers, motion controlls work on all controllers, while with DSHidMini, two of my controllers have the bugged out G axis. What reason could there be for this behavior? I've just bought 2 more used DS3 controllers and will check what kind of behavior they show.
  10. Hello everyone, over the last few years, I've been on a quest of collecting original controllers for various consoles to be able to play emulated games with them. Currently I am facing a problem using RPCS3 with original Dualshock 3 Controllers. So here is what I did / tried: 1. I tried DSHidMini, which is almost perfect, but there seems to be a bug with the motion controlls. Here is a video showcasing what I am experiencing: Apparently, the "G axis" does not work with original DS3 controllers (DS4 and DualSense or even Switch Pro Controllers work perfectly, by the way). I originally tried 2 original DS3 controlers with it and both have the same issue / bug with the G axis. However, I recently bought a third DS3 controller and IT actually works. Now I don't know if that last controller is a fake (doesn't look like it, though) and therefore it works somehow or if this controller simply has a different firmware installed on it. If so, I'd like to update the firmware of the other 2 controllers as well, but there seems to no way to do that on windows. Does anyone know if this is possible. I would very much like to update the DS3 using my PC. If not, I am actually considereng buying a PS3 console just to update the controller firmware, buit I don't even know if the PS3 actaully supported controller firmware updates. So my question is: Does anyone know if the controller formware could be updated on a PS3 console? 2. I tried original Sony Drivers for Windows: On these drivers, ALL controllers I tried have perfectly functioning Motion Controlls (that's how I know that my controllers aren't broken, by the way). However, these drivers do NOT support Wireless functionality over Bluetooth Also, These drivers are incompatible with certain Windows 11 security settings. I'd have to permanently disable the "Core Isolation" feature, which I don't really want to do. For more information on this issue, see here: https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/issues/14220 tldr: I want to use Dualshock 3 Controllers on RPCS3, but the motion controlls don't work on all of my original DS3 controllers. It might be a firmware issue, so I'd need some information on how to update the controller firmware on a Dualshock 3 controller. Thx for all your input!
  11. Hey man, no the platform was not "Windows" but actually "Windows Games", which is also notr a standard platform, just like Steam games or GOG games. I made these custom platforms to give each launcher it's own platform and then have "Windows Games" as a platform for games that have no launcher. Everything is nested inside a category called "Windows"- I'm not sure your suggestion would work, I haven't tested thism yet. However, there are a few points that speak against this working: 1. Why would my strange workaround work with Steam games if the platform name were to blame? 2. With my custom GOG Games platform everything works as intended and / maybe because it does not have anything in the application path box.
  12. I found a workaround. You must remove the application path that points to the steam game here: With this removed, Launchbox is able to search the game database properly. This is definitely a bug though. So the steps for the workaround are: 1. Remove the steam application path 2. Match the game to the correct database 3. Press OK to save the changes 4. Download Metadata and Media for the game 5. Add the steam application path back in
  13. It doesn't work. For some reason it just shows the old version in the drop done menu. But this seems to be a bug. i cantyple literally ANYTHING (like Super Mario Wolrd )in the text bar and will only show the old RE 4 game. Any idea what's causing this? EDIT: See? EDIT 2: Just tried this with another game and here I get this error: Something is definitely off here. Everything works fine with games that were not imported through Steam.
  14. Hey everyone, I can't seem to be able to match RE 4 remake with the correct entry in the game database. ILaunchbox always matches it with the old RE 4 version: This is the one I want:
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