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  1. Jesus Christ, some people sure are paranoid. I find the idea that the Launchbox team delivers viruses to its userbase ridiculous to put it mildly.
  2. For now: 1G1R sets, North America --> Europe --> Japan --> Rest. Been thinking about splitting the collection and creating a separate Platform for different regions. There are disadvantages to this approach, though: 1. There would be a lot of duplicate games, since most games have multiple region releases. 2. Some gams have multiple regions (e.g. USA, Europe; or USA, Japan). Where would those go? 3. Artwork might be inconsistent (American Artwork turning up on Japanese region games) 4. The curation effort would be much much higher. 5. What to do with the
  3. The most important point for me is the performance improvements. The other features are nice to have, but performance is essential. I would like faster start up speeds as well as smoother performance in Launchbox, but especially BigBox, especially if you have a large collection of platforms, games and (auto generated) playlists.
  4. I've since read that windows on the steam deck might lead to performance issues especially if there is no real driver support for this thing. I'm not sure if I will install windows on it after all... On the other hand, I'm not sure if I want to set up something like Launchbkx that will work natively on steam is all over again... Tricky... maybe one could install windows on am SD card and then boot from there whenever they want to use emulation?
  5. Search the forum, there are many people who have similar problems. Certain programs apparently cause issues with Launchbox, such as MSI Afterburner or other MSI products. Realtek software such as Nahimic are also named frequently. Certain USB devices apparently also can cause lag, so you could unplug all USB devices you have and then test if the lags go away.
  6. Yes, this works, but having the option within the emulator would make the whole setup more independent. Still overall great progress for xbox emulation. Didn't know about it until a few days ago.
  7. Hey this is great. It actually runs Conker Live & Reloaded. I've been dying to try this version out. There seems to be screen tearing, though. Is there any way to turn on vsync within Xemu? I cn't find anything in the settings, but maybe there is a way to edit the "xemu.ini"? Haven't found anything, yet, though.
  8. Ahhh, I didn't know that. Yes that is most likely the issue. Thanks for your help, again! Worked fine, thx!
  9. I just tried your suggestion, but it does not seem to work. I deleted every file in 3D box images for SNES and copied 742 images I downloaded into the folder. Then I refreshed the SNES library images. After that I audited the SNES library. So far so good, however, the results of the audit are incorrect. The audit shows only very few games with "0" 3D Box images, when in fact only 742 games of the 1785 in my collection actually have 3D Box images. I don't know what's wrong here. Any suggestions? EDIT: When I click to check on some of the images listed in the list
  10. Oh that works? Will try that first thing tomorrow. Thank you!
  11. But the Audit Tool doesn't allow me to then select all games that are missing 3d boxes and start downloading them, right? What I would like is having Launchbox showing me all snes games without 3d box images --> select all --> download 3d images for those games.
  12. Hey everyone, I would like to use some of the 3d game box sets available here to keep some consistency with how my collection looks. However, for the games that are not included in the sets, I would still like to be able to download the 3d images that Launchbox might have in its database. I would also like to check for missing game media one platform at a time, because I have a very large collection of platforms and it takes ages to let Launchbox update the missing game media for the whole collection. So for example (SNES): 1. I delete every 3D Box (USA) set in the SNES ima
  13. I use an android app on my phone to switch my PC on. It's called "Wake on Lan" Very handy: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.uk.mrwebb.wakeonlan&hl=en&gl=US
  14. I much prefer a Windows install anyway. Great news about the android version, though. I've checked out several frontends and there are none that compare to Launchbox, in my opinion.
  15. Well, great! So Windows 10 it is. 😃
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