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    Please help ASAP/Nestopia/Ninendo Error

    @lordmonkus thank you
  2. gregloucks

    Please help ASAP/Nestopia/Ninendo Error

    @lordmonkus So I don't choose emulator to change it on? What do I choose? all it's only giving me two options. It only gives me Nintendo/Nestopia and the Super Nintendo Emulator I am working on on the value options?
  3. gregloucks

    Please help ASAP/Nestopia/Ninendo Error

    Thank you for your fast response @lordmonkus. You know Nintendo was the first one I tried installing. I usually use another emulator for Nintendo and it works fine. I just tried clicking on Nestopia and it gives me the same error. Nestopia is the one recommended for Nintendo in Launchbox. Can I use the other one and how do I change it? Do I have to change it on every Nintendo game/ROM Note: I just tried installing Super Nintendo games and it wouldn't let me choose a whole folder so I think I may have missed the answer in another forum about this issue. So I chose the emulator file only again (not a zip folder I know better then that). It's installing Super Nintendo as we speak I'll see what happens. Yes I did extract the files. So can I change emulator on the Nintendo ones? Is there another forum or video link you have on this to save you time? Thanks, Greg
  4. I'm new to launchbox, I tried importing all of the Nintendo games and using the emulator Nestopia. Clicking on the games. I'm getting this error Nestopia Error: language\english.nlg I'm reading in other online forums but not this one that the whole Nestopia folder has to be extracted. Is this true in regards to Launchbox or do you know what the problem is? And how do I go in there and edit the emulator for every Nintendo game? Is there a quick way to do it or do I have to now do every game individually or would it be easier to delete everything and start over and how. Is there just a way to change the emulator on each game would this be better? Thanks for your help, Greg