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  1. I really appreciate your help! It is affecting a lot of my ROMs, but most are working. I've been concentrating on Centipede as it used to work but no longer does. I know Missile Command no longer works either. I'm using Mame 1.38 or Mame 1.89, neither works. I deleted that command line and no change. It's the oddest thing, I don't understand what could have changed?
  2. I have several ROMs that no longer load. When I select them, it goes to the loading screen and then reverts to the selection screen. I have tried different versions of Mame as the emulator. I have "reloaded" the ROM pathway. In some instances I have replaced the ROM to no avail. I don't understand why a lot of my ROMs have suddenly stopped working when they worked perfectly before. The only thing I have changed is upgrading LaunchBox to the latest version. Could you give me some direction on how I might fix this? I really want to play Centipede and only Millipede works now. ;)
  3. Thank you for your help. They are no longer working when I try to load from Launchbox. II don't understand because nothing has changed on this system except for the usual updates to Launchbox. I will try to to run direct thru Mame...been so long I'll have to refresh my memory!
  4. Correct, I have two emulators for Mame and generally run all of these roms on Mame138 with no issues. Thank you for your help.
  5. Hey Everyone, For some reason, a good portion of my games aren't working with the latest updates. I have deleted the ROM of one game not working and and reloaded it, making sure the pathway to the ROM was correct in Launchbox, and no difference. I have tried to launch it with different versions of Mame to no avail. These games all worked before so I'm at a loss of what happened and what to do. :(
  6. I am such a newb...I reset everything to defaults and guess what? IT WORKS! It's magical playing some C64 games from my childhood on my arcade cabinet!
  7. Hmmmm....I have that along with -fullscreen and -quickload in the command line parameters and still happens. Is there something I'm missing? Really appreciate your help!
  8. Hey All, What am I doing wrong with this emulator? I have MAME and SNES working but can't seem to figure this one out... When I click on my C64 game it goes to the load screen and nothing happens...
  9. Hey all, Really enjoying my setup w/ Launchbox playing a ton of games through Mame! Works great! I'm having trouble getting SNES to work through Retroarch. I'm following the Launchbox video but the interface is a bit different these days so I still can't get it to work. I am importing the roms and then selecting Retroarch to download. I get it to download. It grabs all the game info/music/etc....looks great in Launchbox! But when I select it, Retroarch has no cores and does not work. Every time. I've uninstalled Retroarch and started over. Now when I select a SNES title, it says no emulator is associated. Thanks in advance for your help!
  10. Is there any way to create favorite folders in Big Box through Launch Box? I have it by manufacturer right now so it shows the favorites in each of that category. I would like to have one folder that has the 40 or so I like the most. Or I could even have folders by "shooter", "platformer", etc. Thanks in advance for your help!
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