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  1. Thanks Neil. Looking back I did wonder why I used it in the first place, I'm not sure if it was something to do with Amiga emulation and WHDLoad but I'll do some testing with another instance of Launchbox and see if I can get everything working without Rocketlauncher 👍
  2. I found it much easier to use WHDLoad games instead of individual disks. You dont need to switch disks and the games load much quicker.
  3. Clownstyle


    I'm revisiting a setup I created over a year ago with various systems. I remember importing a lot of stuff over from Hyperspin and that Launchbox / Bigbox was much better for me. I did intergrate Rocketlauncher at the time. Is it still needed? Do people still use it in their setups and if so, why? I'm wondering if I can just do away with Rocketlauncher and start again with just launchbox from scratch. Many thanks
  4. Is there anyway to edit one of the views for mame? I really love this theme but would like a picture of the arcade cab to be shown when picking a game, if that's possible?
  5. Ahh didn't realise it was just a case of upping the resolution. That looks much better, thanks.
  6. Thanks Lordmonkus I've been looking through that options menu and I can't find anything about internal resolution?
  7. Hello Having a few problems with N64 emulation. I've not messed with Retroarch in a while, but decided to update my emulators to latest versions. Since then Mupen or Parrallel seem really low res almost blurry - They seem to be running at naitive resolution. I've been looking for ages and can't seem to find the option to upscale the resolution to crisp everything up. Am I missing something really simple here? While running a game in either core I press F1 and view the quick menu, I can't seem to find any setting for changing to x2 x3 x4 resolution etc.. I thought that existed?
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