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  1. Any idea how to fix the issue below. I have Retroarch which I am unable to run games from and the same goes for Launchbox (latest version). It should be an easy fix , but I cannot get my way around this...
  2. Great, this clears a few important things on Launchbox and Retroarch. This being the case, I should be able to take a look at them and get them working soon. You guys are a great resource , I shall carry on... Thanks again
  3. Well Launchbox is brainnumb when it comes to recognizing my controller unless. So I get it, BigBox won't control gamepads features, but then why are the options grayed out and only accessible with Premium version (I assume). I am clueless on setting inputs on Retroarch as I cannot find any libretro files and it seems the only way is by getting InputMapper (which after downloading seems as a useless tool) FYI: I got no numeric calc pad on my 14 inch laptop, I do offcourse have a directional pad. Oh the madness...., look at the Znes emulator key config attached (why can't it be that easy???? programmers...
  4. If using the mouse as a directional is what you mean, then it had no effect. I will continue to trouble shoot my controller's issue the minimal options available on Launchbox. If not, then I might get BigBox since it includes mapping options for keyboard configuration. Lots of great info here.
  5. The Xbox controller I connected it with kept giving green lights going in a clockwise motion and my Afterglow PS3 as I said before gives no response either . I just can't get my head around as to why the directional arrows on my keyboard are not responding to any game (frustrating). I feel the key config on Retroarch should had been made as simple as any Snes emulator for instance, which is very easy and efficient. Launchbox on the other had only gives a gamepad/joystick option as shown in the image above......Why you no add keyboard ! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) LOL. Anywho, I'll figure this out. Thank you
  6. Thank you for your prompt reply. Starting with your first question, Yes I am trying to play Launchbox on a keyboard on my Lenovo yoga 710 14inch i7 I tried setting the keys for my keyboard using Retroarch, but it was unsuccessful by going under Config > Input >...( I made the changes and the D-Pad was still not working). I decided to do the same with Launchbox only to find that the options if any are grayed out. The Fn key did not yield anything when trying to get any response from the arrow keys. I have used my Xbox 360 wired controller on PC and I get no action from it, no response even after detection and driver update; which is why I used the 3rd party PS3 controller. If there are any last suggestions please let me know; if not i will keep digging into this. Thank you again lordmonkus
  7. FYI: Noob here.... I have managed to setup Retroarch on Launchbox; however I am not able to play games accurately on my laptops keyboard as there is no configuration that I can access for the keys, it seems the option is grayed out. The only working keys for games on my keyboard I believe are: X, C, R, P (pause) Space (reset) and Shift, but I do not have access to a directional Pad either UP, DW, Left and Right don't do anything when pressed. Do I have to buy BigBox as the only way to access this configuration option ??? Please Help... Also I have tried a PC controller (PS3 style) from GameStop with no luck, but I anin't worried about that now.. If someone can guide me on a how to setup a keyboard Launchbox that would be highly appreciate it. Thank you
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