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  1. I did it with launch closed. I even temporarily moved the several backups it made of the xml file in another folder to my desktop and yet somehow I still have the same problem. If I don't see another response before I get home from work I'll probably just go with the batch rename method and I'll just re-do my entire gba library.
  2. Hello all! So, I am having issues bulk editing Nintendo Game Boy Advance.xml in "user\LaunchBox\Data\Platforms". The issue that I'm having is that many (not all of them, about 60%) of my roms are labeled with "# GBA" at the end of the file name. This is incredibly annoying as it makes it impossible for the scraper to go through and identify each of these files with the corresponding game db entry. I also would prefer to not have to manually go through and re-tag some x-100 files. To work around this I simply attempted to do a replace all searching for " # GBA </Title>"
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