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  1. Buffalo classic controller is working nicely with the snes emulator still. But still not in mame
  2. Fair enough. I couldn't get the latest version of mame working so went back to that one.
  3. @Asparky I couldn't get the latest version working despite others best efforts on here. Plus i was told it was mainly for more recent games whereas i am happy with the retro classics Also i was told 0.78 had the best romset. @Retro808 I have now ordered a buffalo classic controller as they have had good reviews.
  4. Thanks @Asparky I'm using mame 0.78 which i believe is command line only, how do i select the file using that one? @Abwezi I stated in the opening post that it works in Launchbox with the snes emulator fine Its a USB controller, an xbox replica type one.
  5. Hi thanks for replying. That didn't work unfortunately. I can get to the screen you suggest and change the controls for P1 using the keyboard, but it won't recognize my button pushes on the controller.
  6. Hey guys I've bought a USB controller to use with Launchbox on my PC. How do i set it up for mame? I've done it for snes
  7. Ahh ok great thanks. I've been playing some games on the keyboard. Will look to purchase a controller at some point.
  8. Hi, i have romset 0.78. I have now installed mame 0.78 release and the games seem to be working hooray Only thing is as its an older version it is command line only so i am now trying to work out how to set the controls. I guess my other option is to download the 0.190 romset at some point. Where is the best place to get that from?
  9. ok now i'm getting somewhere, maybe the tutorial was a different version of mame but didnt think so. Ace loads, will try other games now.
  10. possibly, not worked so i'll delete it
  11. i got those form the tutorial on youtube but i can uncheck them
  12. Ok I tried a game called Ace and it loads without sound in mame but not all in Launchbox. Will try some more.
  13. Good idea i will try that in a bit. Maybe my rom set doesn't match the latest mame. I have had the roms sometime now to be honest. I think it was 0.78 roms. Would that version of mame work with launchbox or do i need to download a new romset now? I will let you know results of games testing asap.
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