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  1. ALL FIXED! I needed to have the box checked for "Don't use quotes" Thank you VERY much guys for taking the time to help me out today. Nick "junky"
  2. I set mine up exactly as JoeViking245 did, using steam.exe as the emulator application path. I did try using pinballfx3.exe as the emulator path earlier today and it did not work either. I also tried moving my steam folder out of the program files (X86) folder. And I also tried "run this program as administrator" on the steam.exe.
  3. I do appreciate your help. However LB will not launch a table. It will launch FX3 and then I have to select a table. I have both the emulator and the games set up exactly as your pictures. You are able to launch the individual tables from LB? Under the "emulation" tab on edit game are you using any custom command line parameters? Thanks
  4. I do have a cabinet code which allows me access to extra features in FX3 (like assigning the dmd to a second monitor) but I don't know how this will help with importing the individual tables into LB. If you can help more it would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi guys. I have Steam/Pinball FX3 imported and successfully launching from LB/BB. I'm looking to see if anyone has come up with a successful way to import Pinball FX3 into LB as a system and then list the individual tables in the wheel. A while back I built a virtual pinball cab with PinballX as the frontend. I was able to accomplish this exact task with scripts/keyboard strokes to navigate in the FX3 menu. Has anyone here been able to accomplish this in LB? Thanks in advance. Nick
  6. I may have figured out the issue. I found this info regarding Content Directory Overrides. "-Content directory overrides (file will be named after the parent directory, it will be saved inside a folder named after the core. Override will be loaded whenever content is loaded from the dir with the core that was used before)" I have almost ALL of my games in folders named after the system and inside another folder named "roms". Example- Sega Genesis/roms or Sega Master System/roms. The Directory Override feature is writing the file name based on the parent directory. In my case the parent directories are all named "roms". Edit.. Ok I fixed the issue. I moved all of the roms into the parent directories "Sega Genesis" and "Sega Master System" and out of the folders named "roms". Now RA writes the config files named after the parent directories with different names. No more overwriting the config file named "roms". Everything works as it's supposed to. On a side note, I used the Launchbox tool to change the folder path for "all highlighted roms" in just a few clicks. Excellent feature in LB!! Thanks again for the assistance Neil9000. Hopefully this helps someone else. Junky
  7. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. However this doesn't solve the problem unfortunately. I tried this before and was unsuccessful. I just tried it again with a Sega Master System game. RA created a roms.cfg file inside the "Genesis Plus GX" folder, inside the "config" folder. No system specific folder is created. The roms.cfg text file says: input_overlay = ":\overlays\borders\Sega-Master-System-Bezel-16x9-2560x1440.cfg" So all is good... Until I try it again with a Sega Genesis game. RA overwrites the same roms.cfg text file with the Sega Genesis Bezel info inside. No new folder was created for the system. It is still using the Genesis Plus GX folder. How can I make it save a System specific folder and not a Core Specific folder? Thanks again
  8. FIXED, see below Hi guys. I've been racking my brain for hours here. I've been a long time user of the Launchbox/Rocketlauncher/Emulator combo. I stuck with Rocketlauncher as my "back end" because of the implementation of the pause menu, fades, and MOST importantly bezels. Now that Launchbox has some great new features (like pause) I'm trying to convert my whole arcade cabinet over to a more simplified system by removing Rocketlauncher. I thought this would be fairly simple. It most certainly is NOT. My current hurdle is involving system specific settings in Retroarch. I can successfully save core specific settings but there are a number of systems that share the same core. Rocketlauncher was able to load a system specific config file once a game was loaded automatically. There has to be a way for Retroarch to do this too, RIGHT?? Example. I have Sega Master System games and Sega Genesis games running on Retroarch using the same Genesis Plus GX core. I want the Sega Genesis Bezel overlay to load when a genesis game is loaded and vise versa for a sega master game. I cannot figure out how to force Retroarch to load a config file automatically for genesis or master system once a game is loaded up. The core config loads, the remap loads, the overrides load (if I have created these). No I don't want to create individual GAME specific settings for thousands of games. I would also prefer not to have to create duplicate cores. Any help would be appreciated. Nick "junky"
  9. Thanks for the responses guys. I'm hoping for more “rocketlauncher” type additions so that I can run Bigbox as my frontend and not have to run Rocketlauncher as my backend like I do now. We need a proper pause and the use of bezels for example. Junky
  10. Every time I open up LB I'm prompted with a new beta update and every time there are more and more features for LaunchboxNext. When are we gonna see some updates and new features for BigBox?
  11. Thanks for commenting guys. It would definitely be helpful to be able to bulk edit this. Fortunately enough I only need to do this for 100+ games right now. I’m glad it’s not thousands. I’m still loving LB/BB! junky
  12. It totally works!! Thank you very much. I saw that additional apps tab and thought it only applied to right clicking a game in LB. I didn't realize that you could assign apps to run at the beginning and end of a game in BB. Awesome! Thank you again. Is there a way to copy the additional apps assigned to one game and then paste them to a list of games? Like a batch edit?
  13. Hi guys. I posted this question on the rocketlauncher forums as well. I'm wondering if this is possible through LB. I'm trying to automate disabling my second monitor when a game is started and then enabling that monitor again when the game ends. After some research and tinkering, I was able to make shortcuts for displayswitch.exe /internal and displayswitch.exe /extend. These shortcuts are working perfectly when I click them. Now I just need help with automating this. I want to run the internal shortcut when a game is loaded and then run the extend shortcut when the game is closed. I see the options for command line parameters when I edit a game in LB but I can't figure out how to run these exe's both at the beginning and at the end of loading a game. I know with my PinballX frontend on my virtual pincab there is a simple way to enable a bat file or an exe both prior to and after a pinball table is loaded. I'm assuming this is fairly simple to do in LB also but I'm a little lost. I am using Rocketlauncher as my "middle end" for all games/emulators. I'm trying to do this because my arcade cabinet has a second monitor for a marquee and this is hindering my ability to calibrate my aimtrak lightguns accurately on the primary monitor. When I disable the second monitor then the guns are accurate. If one of you could help me automate this I would really appreciate it. Thank you Junky
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