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  1. Thanks for the responses guys. I'm hoping for more “rocketlauncher” type additions so that I can run Bigbox as my frontend and not have to run Rocketlauncher as my backend like I do now. We need a proper pause and the use of bezels for example. Junky
  2. Every time I open up LB I'm prompted with a new beta update and every time there are more and more features for LaunchboxNext. When are we gonna see some updates and new features for BigBox?
  3. Thanks for commenting guys. It would definitely be helpful to be able to bulk edit this. Fortunately enough I only need to do this for 100+ games right now. I’m glad it’s not thousands. I’m still loving LB/BB! junky
  4. It totally works!! Thank you very much. I saw that additional apps tab and thought it only applied to right clicking a game in LB. I didn't realize that you could assign apps to run at the beginning and end of a game in BB. Awesome! Thank you again. Is there a way to copy the additional apps assigned to one game and then paste them to a list of games? Like a batch edit?
  5. Hi guys. I posted this question on the rocketlauncher forums as well. I'm wondering if this is possible through LB. I'm trying to automate disabling my second monitor when a game is started and then enabling that monitor again when the game ends. After some research and tinkering, I was able to make shortcuts for displayswitch.exe /internal and displayswitch.exe /extend. These shortcuts are working perfectly when I click them. Now I just need help with automating this. I want to run the internal shortcut when a game is loaded and then run the extend shortcut when the game is closed. I see the options for command line parameters when I edit a game in LB but I can't figure out how to run these exe's both at the beginning and at the end of loading a game. I know with my PinballX frontend on my virtual pincab there is a simple way to enable a bat file or an exe both prior to and after a pinball table is loaded. I'm assuming this is fairly simple to do in LB also but I'm a little lost. I am using Rocketlauncher as my "middle end" for all games/emulators. I'm trying to do this because my arcade cabinet has a second monitor for a marquee and this is hindering my ability to calibrate my aimtrak lightguns accurately on the primary monitor. When I disable the second monitor then the guns are accurate. If one of you could help me automate this I would really appreciate it. Thank you Junky
  6. Thanks for replying Jason. I rebooted the pc a few times prior to posting on this forum. My cab doesn't stay on when it's not in use so it is powered down at least once each day. I have some updated strange info for you on this new issue. There are 2 views that do NOT have this choppy/slow performance/delayed issue. These views that are still performing PERFECTLY are the 2 vertical wheel views that have the clear logos on the lefthand side. If I change ANY of the platform or playlist views to one of these 2 vertical scrolling clear logo views then BB runs flawlessly (including theme videos, gameplay videos, text info, logos, boxes, favorites, star ratings, etc etc.) Surprisingly enough, even the view with the vertical simple game text list is suffering from this horrible new performance issue. The standard views that I prefer have the horizontal images scrolling along the bottom. These horizontal views are the ones that I have been using since day one without ANY issues prior to this beta 10. I just figured out this next part this morning and it REALLY surprises me.. ALL views work perfectly in attract mode!!!!! Scrolling is lightning fast, images and videos populate immediately, and all is good. This doesn't make any sense to me. Why would attract mode run perfectly while manually scrolling be the issue?? This tells me it can't be a caching issue. My specs i7 4790k at 4.4ghz, 32GB of DDR3, GTX970, Windows 10 LB files are all on a 850evo ssd, roms are all on a 7200rpm hd I'm attaching my xml's. Please help me out. Thanks Junky
  7. Jason, I’ve been updating to the newest beta every day that you release one. Today I updated to beta 10. For some reason this beta is incredibly slow while scrolling on my cab. It’s slow on all platforms. Up until today everything has been great. Fast, smooth, and no issues scrolling. And I didn’t change any media display settings on bigbox. The only things new I added today were; a playlist for lightgun games along with some updated media for those games (90) added missing media for some Sega Naomi games Not only is it slow to populate the clear logos or box fronts, it’s slow with the “ding” audio. Usually holding a directional control will make the wheel spin very fast and the “ding” audio is extremely fast. So something is definitely wrong now. Thanks Nick “imagamejunky” ps. Thanks again for fixing the marquee display image placement
  8. I’ve been using LB for a week now and I love it! I have a temporary workaround for my ulatrawide marquee problem. Whenever I load up BB the marquee image is cut off on the right side (about 1/3 of it) and my desktop image is showing on that portion. The artwork isn’t shifted over to the left like I originally thought, it’s being cut off. I’m assuming this is because LB/BB is trying to display the image in a 16:9 format and I’m displaying it on an ultrawide monitor. So I immediately open the options menu and cycle through the available options for the marquee screen (none, 1, 2). Once I’ve cycled back to screen 2, the image is miraculously fixed and fills the entire ultrawide monitor. Unfortunately this doesn’t save. I have to repeat this procedure each time I run BB. Any thoughts as to why this works and how to fix it? Thanks junky
  9. Just a guess here as I’m using Rocketlauncher as my backend to launch RA. You didn’t specify a core being loaded or not. I’m guessing that LB is telling RA to load a config file and when you’re launching RA by itself the default config is being loaded? junky
  10. Thanks for the response. Man that sucks. I guess I’ll need to stick with hyperspin until this is changed. Wish I would have known before paying. Will you please let me know where to at least find the black background for the marquee? Maybe I can change that so that it will at least cover the whole screen. I can’t find it. thanks again
  11. EDIT- FIXED WITH NEW BETA! AWESOME THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Hi, I'm new to Launchbox. My first post. After reading and watching videos I’ve decided to make the front end switch on my cabinet to Launchbox/Bigbox from Hyperspin/EDS/Hypermarquee. I paid for the subscription only after reading that bigbox will natively allow for a dynamic marquee. This is fantastic! However, I cannot find any options for the marquee. I’m using an LG ultrawide monitor as my marquee monitor. So far I’ve been unable to figure out how to move/adjust the images for the marquee. In Hypermarquee this is completely simple. You can drag the image and it will save. You can also set the image resolution size. Please tell me there is a way to adjust this image in bigbox. I need to be able to fill the entire screen on the ultrawide. Please also tell me how to choose exactly which image or video I want to be displayed on the marquee monitor. Please advise. Thanks Nick “junky”
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