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  1. I created a shortcut for steam to add a few commands. I have it set to start in offline mode and not verify any files by typing "F:\Steam\Steam.exe -noverifyfiles-offline" as the target in the shortcut. It loads super fast. Is there a way to get launchbox to run this shortcut instead of the normal .exe when I launch a steam game?
  2. Guess that’s what I’m going to have to do. Boggles my mind that I can’t hide that. It’s windows so I shouldn’t be surprised.
  3. I have an SSD so it boots fairly quickly but I was so close to having it perfect that it’s bothering me.
  4. Tried it and it still shows my name and picture. There has to be a way to do this. I’m shocked with people making arcade cabinets with these frontends I’d easily be able to find this information. If you find anything else let me know. If not thanks for the help.
  5. I’m trying to get my Windows 10 Pro PC to boot directly into BigBox the second I push the power button without showing the bios, windows logo and login screens. I’m having a problem getting rid of the login screen. I’ve done the netplwiz command to uncheck the password requirement so it does automatically login but it still shows my user name and picture before it boots to BigBox. Any idea how I can hide those?
  6. You guys can keep this thread as a lesson in file management.
  7. Just to add to this debacle I was using a shortcut for the old Retroarch version that had the bios files in it. I kept that just to make sure I didn't lose any setting and I should have deleted it immediately after I setup the new version. Anyway here are the pics.
  8. I can't believe I just did this but I had an older version of Retroarch that I kept before installing the new version and I put the bios files in that system folder. The new version of RA somehow still found those bios files in the old version's folder! So LB wouldn't run because those files weren't in the right location. I moved them into the latest RA 1.7.0 system folder and it works. Wow I feel dumb...! I hope you guys get paid for this. Thanks!!!!
  9. I have a lot setup with retroarch (nes, snes, sms, genesis, game gear, gamboy ... etc) and they work fine in LB.
  10. Like I said I appreciate you guys trying. If you think of anything else I can try or others having this problem let me know.
  11. Originally I did have LB move them and they were zipped at the time. I'm teaching myself how these CD based emulators work so I ended up deciding to unzip them in the location LB move them to and deleted the zipped files. Then I wanted to start over so I removed the platform and reimported the .cue files from that folder.
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