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  1. The Launchbox database currently only has entries for about half of the Xbox Live Arcade games. I found many of the missing entries on other databases, including descriptions and cover art: https://www.gamesdatabase.org https://gamingdatabase.fandom.com Wikipedia etc. EmuMovies has an ongoing issue where the Xbox 360 platform isn't recognized (I submitted a ticket). So, I'm about to go through my collection and manually update the Artwork/Video/Description of the other half of the Xbox Live Arcade games, hopefully submitting the changes to the LB database when finished to update the missing games. Is there a good way to update the games one-by-one in quick succession? Similar to the LB Platform Audit spreadsheet view, but something where each field is editable and the "Notes" field is also included? It's my understanding that the game details are stored in XML, not a database. Is that correct? If yes, is there any way to edit the XML in a database or spreadsheet format? Thanks...
  2. It did not work this way prior to 10.8. I've been auditing my collection for the past few weeks.
  3. I just edited a single game in LB 10.9, in the middle of my Arcade list, simply checking the "Hide" box. Same result as Bulk Editing - Jumped all the way back up to the top row.
  4. Bulk Editing is doing this as well (jumping back to top of list when done). I'm currently going through my Arcade list and hiding/editing, and it makes it very painful compared to before.
  5. Well I feel foolish. I didn't know the Old theme was still included by default. I switched back and problem solved. Thanks!
  6. I typically access my HTPC via RDP to manage Launchbox in the Dekstop mode, and then use it on the HTPC locally in BigBox. This has worked well until upgrading yesterday to 10.8. Launchbox Desktop mode is now painfully slow via RDP. It takes about 4-5 seconds to select a game and have the details show up on the right, and scrolling a list of games in nearly impossible. Everything else in the RDP works fast, the same as before, including BigBox mode. Launchbox Dekstop mode still works normally locally on the HTPC. Anyone else experiencing this?
  7. Thank you for the explanation. That helps. I don't want to sidetrack this topic any further...is there a guide on image caching/refresh? I'm looking to determine how to identify that the caching is complete and if the auto-cache on startup only does newly added images, etc.
  8. I'm not seeing it, in either LB or BB. Where are the options located? In LB I only see options for priorities and viewing, and in BB only options to refresh, not cache.
  9. Is forcing an image cache no longer available manually either?
  10. In this pinned topic for improving BigBox performance: There are instructions to change the Ram cache under Options -> System. However, I don't see a "System" option menu anywhere.
  11. Xenia doesn't seem to want to start a .rar or .7z archive. It starts the game unarchived without issue. Not sure what I am doing wrong... Edit: nevermind, I just need to edit Xenia in LaunchBox to extract games before running. Thanks!
  12. The ripped games end up as a file without a file extension. It looks like they will scrape as Xbox 360 games, but I can't actually get them to import. Has anyone done this?
  13. Thank you for confirming. Seems like it might be a good feature since right now you get the audio from the video right away even if you're not really stopping on that game.
  14. Is there any way to delay starting the individual gameplay videos in BigBox mode by a set timeframe (.5 seconds, etc)? I didn't see it but I might be missing it.
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