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  1. Is there any site that details the list of games added with each new ROMset version? I'm not sure which version I have, so I imagine the only way to verify would be to check for the newest games I have and compare to that list (if it exists anywhere).
  2. Select platform -> press left to access A-Z menu -> scroll to letter -> press right to access game list -> select game -> Play game -> exit game -> hit back button this takes you back and forth from the game list to the A-Z list repeatedly, no matter how many times you press the back button. The only way to get back to the platform list is to press right from the A-Z list into the game list first. Shouldn't you be able to just hit the back button repeatedly to get all the way back to the platform list?
  3. Did this field get added to the list for a future release yet? I'm still looking for a way to manually link a game to a retroachievements entry. The auto-matching misses some still. If not, is there any way to manually make the link in the database?
  4. I searched the BigBox performance thread and didn't see anything regarding this. I'm trying to improve the performance of platform scrolling in BigBox, primarily the filtered box images. System specs shouldn't be an issue (Core-i5-9600, 16GB ram). Currently it takes one second for background/banner images to load, and another 1-3 seconds for the 'Recent' and 'Favorite' filters to display the box images. It appears that the queries are run every time you return to the same platform. Is there any way to 'cache' the query results or store them so it doesn't re-run and take the extra 1-3 seconds every time you scroll to a new platform? I already have image quality set to 'Low' in BigBox. Thanks.
  5. I found banners in this style for all of the Nintendo systems. Does anyone know the source, and if they were ever done for non-Nintendo systems? Thanks.
  6. I thought of the same thing after reading the replies and actually started to set this up. It works perfectly! Just point to the same Retroarch installation and choose the right core for each. Only downside is that it requires editing the Additional App emulator for each individual game. Thanks for the help.
  7. Thanks for the answers. So if this isn't possible in LB, is there a way to do it with per-folder configs within Retroarch itself?
  8. I have combined all of Atari 2600/5200/7800 into a single "Atari" Platform and then set up the Additional Applications/Versions menu to select the version for games that appeared on multiple Atari systems. The problem is that I don't see a way to select different emulators. Retroarch has a different core used for the 3, and I don't see any core that can emulate all 3. Is there a way to set the emulator/core based on the selected Rom version folder path? Or another way to accomplish this?
  9. I knew it was something simple that I messed up. Thanks for your help!
  10. The original post is ~3 years old, but I'm having a similar issue. NeoGeo games run fine in Retroarch (using FBNeo or FB Alpha 2102 cores), but are not starting via LaunchBox (failing when using either the FBNeo or FB Alpha 2102 core). I don't have the same issue as the OP (special character in path). Is there a simple explanation for this? When starting a game in LB, it shows the "now loading" screen and then just returns to LB. I don't need custom command line parameters now that the Retroarch Core is specified in the Emulator's Associated Platforms page, right?
  11. After further testing this appears to be an issue with the Dolphin emulator - not Launchbox. Dolphin wasn't recognizing the FLIRC remote presses unless a keyboard or mouse was also plugged in. I'll check out the dolphin forums, but for now I just plugged a mouse in as a workaround. I was initially trying to control LaunchBox via the wiimote with the Dolphinbar, but a thread I found form 2018 stated this was not possible. Thanks for the initial help. This thread can be closed.
  12. I did not set up the harmony hub with the HTPC because I disabled the motherboard's internal bluetooth so the only bluetooth used by the HTPC is my DolphinBar. Using the FLIRC usb I had from a previous system seemed like the easiest solution.
  13. Right now I am using a Harmony hub and FLIRC with my HTPC. This works just fine to navigate BigBox by sending keyboard inputs via FLIRC - until I actually start a game. At that point, no combination I try under "Keyboard Automation" settings in BB will actually Exit the game and go back to BigBox. None of the other Keyboard Automation options will work either (View LaunchBox, Pause Screen). I did verify that I have the checkbox to enable Keyboard Automation checked. To exit a game/emulator, I have to use the setting I have under Controller options and exit with my Xbox One controller. Is there a way to set this up to exit the game with a FLIRC remote?
  14. No, but it looks like I needed to update the Games Folder in the Platform emulator settings first. Working now. Thanks for your help.
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