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    So currently for Wii U titles if you use Loadiine versions for Cemu, your games use the .rpx file that's hidden under a folder structure. Since launchbox doesn't know what file in that folder structure to actually load using the option "Use Folder name vice file name" you have to manually import each rpx file. Though none of the rpx files are the actual game names, examples: Mario Kart 8 is Turbo.rpx, Breath of the Wild is U-King.rpx, Xenoblade Chronicles X is spaceTravel.rpx. Could we for Wii U titles at least, use the alternative name field on the database to add these rpx titles so that users don't have to manually have to set each and every Wii U title in launchbox.
  2. Maybe he can. I have mod status for the gamedb but I still can't flag it.
  3. Mattel Hyperscan is listed twice in the LB gamedb. I'm not sure how to flag the second one for deletion.
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