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  1. Right I don't know what I done different but bingo!! got it working. I think it may have been the name of associated platform that was what needed changed! or I don't know Thank you thank you thank you!!! very much appreciated!
  2. actually the fba2012 core works fine in retroarch too I just tested it.
  3. like I said both the fbalpha core and the fba cps2 cores both work in retroarch- but wont play ball in launchbox. Ive been using alien v pred as a test rom and it works fine in both cores but not in launch. If I had hair id pull it out
  4. The .39 romset with the .key files I'm using works great on the fbalpha core on retroarch. My older sets work great on fba cps2 core. Ive just tried the exact same core (fba2012) with same command as you but no joy.
  5. Hi thanks for helping me- the first 3 images are an eg of what I'm doing if I set the core manually-either with fba or fba2012cps2. The last image is when I set retroarch as the emulator and add the associated platforms. Neither method is working. Ive tried v0.2.97.39 and earlier sets- they all work fine in retroarch just not in launchbox. I don't know if I'm missing a command line parameter or doing something wrong. I have all my other platforms working fine
  6. I'm at my wits end. I can run any of my cps2 roms on retroarch but they always fail in launchbox. Ive tried all the correct command lines, cores, emulators (fba, cps2, mame etc etc), rom sets. Nothing will work on launchbox. Again they work in retroarch. I have every other console and arcade game working fine. Any help greatly appreciated.
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