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  1. I actually figured out an awesome workaround (well, for Doom 3 anyway). I have Pinnacle Gamer Profiler. Since I use PGP for some classic PC games anyway (PGP detects when the EXE of the game I want is active and applies the profile), I basically made a PGP just for Launchbox but with the only control assignment as the right stick mapped to mouse. So when BigBox is on top then PGP will load the game profile for BigBox. Otherwise, PGP will stop the BigBox profile when another game is launched OR launch a PGP profile game if applicable (like the classic Tomb Raider games). So far, it works great!
  2. Thanks for attempting to help me fix my issues. I tried the Dead Island fix first. I download nircmd (both 32 and 64) and tried the 64 bit after the 32 bit didn't work. In LaunchBox the "wait for exit" box is ONLY available if the "run before main application" box is checked. I tried all possible combinations of these boxes checked and unchecked but unfortunately it made not difference. I downloaded AutoHotKey and did the instructions (both variants differentl) and neither worked. I did have to ALT TAB out of BB mode as the simple mouse touch wouldn't work after having the script run tandem with Doom 3 so I know the script worked. So not sure what else to do here.
  3. First want to commend the developers for making such an awesome program!! For my topic of discussion, I'm asking only about the Windows platform. I launch a game from Launchbox Bigbox. The game launches fine. I quit the game from the game's own normal menu. Then after quitting the game, I return to Launchbox. Games: Dead Island Definitive Edition, GTA IV When using downsampling (DSR in Nvidia control panel) in game (1080p desktop, 2160p game), when exiting the game, upon return to Launchbox Bigbox, Launchbox Bigbox is messed up (game scroll menu on left is still 1080p but game image and info to right is zoomed in as if 4k on 1080p screen). After this occurs, if I select another game that doesn't have this issue, and the game launches, I quit that game and normally return back to Bigbox, Bigbox presents as normal again. Game: Doom 3 BFG Edition: When exiting the game normally through the game menu, upon return to Launchbox Bigbox, the Launchbox Bigbox menu is present as normal but no controller input works. I have to simply move the mouse ever so slightly for BigBox controller input to work normally again. Is there a way to avoid this extra mouse motion? In Bigbox Mode, when hitting the button on the controller from the choose system/platform menu screen to get to the the Bigbox options / quit menu screen: is there a way to just exit Bigbox (with confirmation first?) from the choose system/platform menu screen instead of going to the tons of options / complicated Bigbox options / quit menu screen? Otherwise I have to either scroll all the way down to the bottom of the menu or press up to go directly to the exit Launchbox Bigbox mode from the Bigbox options / quit menu screen.
  4. CyberCT

    Exit Bind for Kega Fusion

    Thanks. The botton combo works great. So all that remains: can "Shift + Tab" be added anywhere in the Launchbox programming to exit the emulator application?
  5. CyberCT

    Exit Bind for Kega Fusion

    Thanks for the reply. How do I make a button combo to exit a game? If it's a simple code like in a previous post here, can "Shift + Tab" be added right before sending the command (back + start, or whatever combo) to exit the emulator application?
  6. CyberCT

    Exit Bind for Kega Fusion

    Hi, I bought Lauchbox and this is an incredible program! Through my configuration and testing process, how do I put a command like the one above ( for Kega Fusion 3.64) where Kega will FIRST power off the emulated game system (Shift + Tab) and THEN exit? The reason I ask is because when I quit Kega through Launchbox (with escape key on keyboard), when Kega exits, it hangs for about 3 seconds and the last game sound byte keeps looping for those 3 seconds and sounds awful. I'd assume Launchbox just attempts to close the program (Kega) which causes this. If the game is "powered off" first (silent sound) it would at least make the program exit silent. Another question. I'm using Launchbox BigBox mode with my Xbox One controller. For the most part, it works fantastic. However, Launchbox (in BigBox mode) does not recognize the Home (guide) button on my controller. Is there any way to make Launchbox recognize it? And if so, Is there a way to have the home button pressed for X seconds before being assigned the command to quit or kill any emulator program?