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  1. Hello! I was configuring inputs with RetroArch, and I can't get my second Dualshock 4 controller to be detected when I am in the input menu. Is there something I am missing? Both of the controllers are connected to my computer through bluetooth 4.0, and are fully charged. I have even renamed the device names through regedit so they can be distinguished from just "Wireless Controller (#1)" Help! D:
  2. Is there any way I can bind a specific key to exit Fusion? I cannot seem to find any way to do it.
  3. Hey all, whenever I try to run virtually ANY game for MAME, it just goes fullscreen, says "Initializing", then crashes back to Launchbox/BigBox. Any help, fellas?
  4. Hello! I recently imported a large number of SNES roms, but I was in a rush for time and set the default emulator to NESTopia instead of Snes9x by mistake. Is there any way to set all my SNES roms to run on the right emulator at once? Thanks!
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