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  1. Figured out my mistake. I went to retroarch > cores and picodrive wasn’t on there hence why it was not a selectable option in the drop down list. So went and redownloaded the core from RA and that fixed the issue. Thanks for the help guys I feel like an idiot.
  2. Ok I will give that a shot and see. I’m pretty sure I tried that and it still didn’t work but I will let you know. Thanks
  3. That was my problem though genesis plus is pre selected for 32x in the associated platforms for RA. However, it won’t let me manually type anything in the core box such as “picodrive_libretro.dll” so it will use this for 32x instead as soon as I click in the core box it will just give me the option of selecting a predefined core and picodrive is not one of them. I will try to post some pics when I get home to better show my issue.
  4. Noob question here guys I’m having the same issue that Giblet was having, except I have launchbox ver.9.3 and Sega 32x has been set to genesis plus core in RA on the associated platforms in launchbox and even if I go to add a custom core it will just give me a drop down list and will not allow me to type anything in the box to change it to picodrive. Any ideas anyone?