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  1. Hello everyone. I'm having a problem launching the game "FAST Racing NEO" via LauncherBox. Launching via CEMU I can open the game without problem and play, however when using the LaunchBox after loading the shaders the emulator closes. From what I saw in the log, the game hangs at the command line of Cemu Hook but I do not understand why, since it is the only game that happens. Game log launching via LaunchBox Game log launching via CEMU Someone can help me?
  2. Is good to hear that. I think I will not regret anyway, at the moment I do not think an Intel for me is the best option. Just out of curiosity what Mother Board you are using with your 2700X? I wanted to buy an X370 or x470 but they are very scarce in the online stores of my country.
  3. Hello everyone. I would like an opinion about the Ryzen R5 2600x in the emulation senario, I need to change my I5 3450, even though it is a good processor is already far old, and some problems I'm having with the motherboard make me need to change my current setup. Does anyone know how it goes in Cores like Higan and Citra? What about CEMU? Well I see many videos with good results in CEMU. I say this and I believe that many have also been taught by the Web that when talking about emulation Intel is the only vaible option, but how is AMD when it comes to emulation? If I opt
  4. So my problem was easier than it think, it was in my native language. While Retroarch was in the path "E:\Emulação\LaunchBox\Emulators\RetroArch\retroarch.exe" the problem was still happening. For some reason the Launchbox could not make the Retroarch launch the roms, although it can still open Retroarch alone in the option when it is clicked in the game with the Right Button of the mouse. This is because of the word "Emulação" because of the "ç" and "~" which in the Potuguese language is common have this caracteres in the words. When I changed the path to "E:\Emulation\La
  5. I'm having the same problem as well. My LaunchBox is apparently configured correctly but it does not start the games. Using Retroarch directly games start with no problem. Just like the colleague I've seen several topics on the subject today and none seems to be the same problem as mine. Can someone help us? Or if the friend above has already discovered what's the problem can give me a help.
  6. Thx for the reply. I tested the Desmume core and it works fine, but I saw that it had high resolution options, I tried and liked what I saw, though it was super slow. However searching the web I saw a version of Desmune stand alone apparently created by a Japanese that has the same resolution result but totally smooth. I found the link below, I download the first and last version. https://gbatemp.net/threads/hi-resolution-ds-emulation.364549/ I tested too the MelonDS, it's very simple but works, however no Resolution Options so far, and need Bios
  7. Taking advantage of the topic. I would like to ask the same kind of recommendation for Nintendo DS Emulator. At first I would continue emulating it on my GPD but instead I see myself using less this device.
  8. Thank you very much for the quick reply. Indeed Accuracy and Performance do not always go hand in hand (even more in this area), I had not pasted my signature in the forum yet but I think that should come up with this reply the configuration of my Setup. Currently I'm using Higan for Snes, although I'm only playing Megaman X and the result of it is very good and it is stable at 60FPS so I think my CPU should be working because when I saw this Core they recommended something above of 3.0Ghz, and was worried about the results. I will use your recommendation of Cores and Emulator
  9. Hi, I need a core recommendation (for Retroarch) or Emulators version for my Emulation Configuration that I'm building. I'm looking for the best emulator / core with a focus on accuracy and performance (who does not?). I'm going to use Windows 10 Pro x64 as OS because I'm stuck on it because of my work where I can not get the same productivity on another platform. I know which emulator each system uses, what I want is a recommendation of the best version of the same available, example, at the moment I use for my MAME games the core "mame2003_libretro" but I do not know
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