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  1. I found this site it called www.old games.com is it possible to have an windows 95/98 import in the tools section also sorry I was useing Darkseed 2 as an example
  2. I need help with the steam link is that for example Last Year I tried to play donkey kong contry on steamlink using retroarch and Launch box on one of my tv but it lags and freezes what should I do
  3. uacv333

    google stadia?

    thanks for your time jason and neil
  4. uacv333

    google stadia?

    thank you I will not get Google stadia
  5. uacv333

    google stadia?

    are you gonna have launchbox on Google Stadia just like with steam link?
  6. I didn't know that I was trying to import my games from meagre
  7. does anyone knows where the Launchbox.xml is all I found is lisence.xml
  8. but does it contain virus like the BSOD? I mean the exodos
  9. I pressed the escape button and it not working I wanted to go the settings menu to change the theme but I cant please help
  10. I want to play Darkseed 2 but I can't due to there is only DOSBox and no windows games i.e 3.5 to now
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