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  1. To prevent an entire platform from showing, you can select all games in that platform, right click one, choose Edit, click next in bulk edit that comes up, choose drop selection Hide and check the box Hide. Then make sure main menu View->Show Hidden Games is not checked. When you want to show them again, you'll have to check View->Show Hidden Games. Not ideal as just hiding/unhiding a platform, but better than nothing.
  2. ckp

    CEMU Game Launch Issue from Launchbox

    Just to add as a data point, I've been launching and running a lot of Cemu games from LB including botw for quite some time with no issues at all.
  3. ckp

    Launchbox 8.8 Change Log

    My upgrade to 8.8 worked fine and fixed the add files import issue. Thanks
  4. Just tried beta 1 hotifx 2. works great! i can finally use LB.Next again with ps2! thanks so much @alec100_94
  5. ckp

    8.3-beta-1 Released

    it looks like ALL the cores end in libretro.dll to be even more specific on showing just cores.
  6. Looks right. You don't run pcsx2 as admin and not run LB as admin do you, or vice-versa? If you do, run both not as admin and try.
  7. ckp

    Connecting to another computer through network.

    You can share folders without a username and password, but that means you will have to "turn off password protected sharing". what i like to do is just create the same exact username and password on all my machines and make them all administrator users, then you don't get prompted to enter a username and password.
  8. works fine for me with pcsx2 and xbox one wireless. can you go to menu Tools->Manager Emulators, edit pcsx2 and screenshot the "Emulator Details" and "AutoHotKey Script" tabs? my default command line parameter is: --nogui --fullscreen my ahk tab has: $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } and menu tools->options Automation is enabled and set for my xbox one controller with a hold button and close active window. i use back and start buttons.
  9. ckp

    8.3-beta-1 Released

    i just updated my test LB to beta 3. weird thing, it disabled my controller automation in regular LB. i had to enable it again. did anyone else hit that? i wanted to try the new retroarch core selection feature. so i added another snes entry in manage emulators for RA. after doing that, i tried right click game and launch with option, but it still only had the original core to select. i found that you have to close LB and reopen it for the new RA core entries to appear in the 'launch with' menu. pretty sweet feature. nice! one note, when creating new snes core entries, i copied the platform name from the original snes core entry to paste into the new entry platform fields, but it pastes in a whole bunch of extra stuff besides the platform name.
  10. ckp

    Adding Windows Store Games

    How did you create the shortcut and what is the "Application Path" field when you right click Edit that game? Edit: and what are you doing when you get this error? Are you trying to launch the game or have LB scan for new games to auto add to the Windows platform?
  11. you could do it if you run a line before the game/emulator close line that runs an external ahk script file. that ahk script file will keep running until your code in there exits that script. Edit: oops didnt notice your second post. maybe you can just have ahk send keys to save state before the ESC script close line runs?
  12. ckp

    Dolphin controller issue

    you running dolphin or LB as admin and not the other maybe?
  13. ckp

    plattform xml

    what are you doing when it crashes? any error come up?
  14. ckp

    8.3-beta-1 Released

    i dunno. you did, and so do i! haha