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  1. Not be take anything away from this feature, but just wanted to ask. I don't really know anything about what this feature is, but if we don't want to use it, it won't have to be "on" will it?
  2. are you using stand alone emulators for those 4 that freeze?
  3. Issue with connection too slow.

    That sounds reasonable to me @coleroddy. I believe the route to some countries from LB may have issues, but I do know the LB servers themselves are fine since speed is good for me. Probably it's in Jason's court to work this out with his provider. Hope he can.
  4. Issue with connection too slow.

    looks like things start to get ugly in brazil: ebt-H0-10-0-0-tcore01.bhe.embratel.net.br
  5. Issue with connection too slow.

    here is a more realistic download speed i got for the LB setup installer: $ curl -O https://www.launchbox-app.com/download?g=c90b94d1-c11b-41c3-b7af-17d8f36f98b7 % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed 100 158M 100 158M 0 0 8464k 0 0:00:19 0:00:19 --:--:-- 11.1M Very fast and what I would expect for my isp plan.
  6. Issue with connection too slow.

    i just downloaded the 166MB launchbox installer from launchbox-app.com in 2 seconds. i have a 100Mbps download with my isp. edit: yes, i realize 2 seconds is way faster than 100Mbps. i guess my isp gave me some extra juice on that download!
  7. Issue with connection too slow.

    so, if you give them the tracert output to the LB server (assuming you know the LB server IP or name), they should be able to see where there is a problem, if there is one. you want to look for unusually large response times. if you see good, somewhat consistent response times from line to line and then suddenly a very high one, that's where at least one bad link is. in the output you may be able to get an idea where the problem occurs, by looking at the names on each line. in any case, if you see some big response times, you can give that output to your isp. they may blame some other link and say it has nothing to do with them. but basically, it takes me nowhere near 20-30 minutes to import 5 games and i'm sure it's not taking some countries in europe that long either since i haven't hear people like @neil9000 saying it's so bad. that leads me to believe there is an exceptionally bad link in the path from LB to you. maybe your isp can offer something that might help. i just ran a traceroute from my Mac to launchbox-app.com (i have no idea if this is where downloads come from) and it gets past my isp with very good repsonse times, but does get pretty bad response times once it hits us.bb.gin.ntt.net, but not nearly as bad as the speeds you're seeing with your downloads. lastly, maybe @Jason Carr has some suggestions for you.
  8. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    Don't we all Good deal about the klite update.
  9. Issue with connection too slow.

    And this is all the more likely that there is some slow or troubled link between your geographical area and the LB server. Do the traceroute and prove where the slowdown is, otherwise you won't be able to get much help from anyone. Like I said, it's not slow at all for me. It may not be blistering fast, but it sure isn't anywhere near as slow for me as the speeds you have described.
  10. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    try installing the latest klite codec pack, reboot, try again. works fine for me.
  11. Cannot open Launchbox HELP!

    try right clicking the exe , select properties, and see if there is an Unblock button to click. edit: you might also try disabling windows firewall/defender and any other AV software just to see if it works with them off.
  12. Issue with connection too slow.

    i'm in the U.S., i can say it's not slow at all for me. that doesn't mean it won't be slow for someone in Brazil or other places. i don't know where the LB servers are, but i would imagine there is something slowing things down between LB servers and you. could very well be something before your isp gets it. if you do a network trace, you could get the ip of the LB server and try running a traceroute command to that ip to see where the problem occurs and give that to your isp to investigate.
  13. i didn't read this whole thread, but if nothing happens when you try to launch BB, try right clicking on the bigbox.exe file and going to properties. see if there is an Unblock button and click that. if that's not it, try running it with no anti virus type software to see if maybe that is blocking it. if neither of those work, i'd just suggest you reinstall Launchbox to the same folder and then try to launch it.
  14. is this with all emulators or just a select few? because i had run into this only in the versions you mention as well, but only with Demul. also i hit this with retroarch, but a newer version of retroarch cleared that one. so basically i had found with Demul, i had to add a specific ahk script in the demul ahk tab with a specific way to close Demul. then my problems went away. but for many people, the usual ahk script worked for Demul. but i assume you already found that on the forum posts and tried it. i use the same buttons with controller automation as you. i use a xbox 360 as well as a xbox one controller.
  15. PCSX2 Configurator

    ok this plugin works great. i just didn't realize you can't just launch your ps2 games as-is if you have this plugin. first you need to right click each game and select configure on each game. thank you for the great plugin and time helping me @alec100_94!!