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  1. Mame not working

    Some zip files just have the files in a folder already when extracting and some don't. I'd suggest you just create a folder MAME inside Launchbox\Emulators and unzip your mame 0.196 there. Then follow the tutorial above. MAME will look at it's mame.ini file to see the location of your mame roms and bios. I think by default it looks in the "rom" folder that is created from unzipping your mame zip, but you can change that location in mame.ini if you want.
  2. Close and reopen LB and try again?
  3. Serious Launchbox crash

    No idea here really, but what if you try using an older backup copy of BigBoxSettings.xml from you Launchbox\Backups folder and replace the one in your Launchbox\Data folder? Then try to start BB. If you install a totally clean LB into a brand new folder and not drag in any of your other files, does BB launch ok? I guess @Jason Carr would have a much better idea based on your crash data.
  4. Stream bigbox to Xbox one.

    There is an option to play your PC games on your TV if that's what you're trying to do. Steam often sells their Steamlink for like $10. Then you can stream Bigbox and games from your PC to that Steamlink box which is connected to your TV.
  5. Master!
  6. LaunchBox WONT open??

    you could try opening a cmd.exe as admin and delete it with command line, making sure you have no apps of any kind open when you try it. in the cmd window run this (change to where your folder is that you want to delete as this is just an example below): rmdir /S /Q r:\launchbox\images\cache
  7. Launchbox ignoring RAM limit

    my normal setting for ram cache is 1024 (1GB) and I do not see this problem with 1024 set. so, you might try using 1024 @We1Dont7Die
  8. Launchbox ignoring RAM limit

    i would say there is a problem here =)
  9. Launchbox ignoring RAM limit

    I'm now at 9GB !!!!
  10. Launchbox ignoring RAM limit

    yeah it's pretty simple to reproduce this. i can see that as well. i just set 2GB for the cache. then i went to the All platform and just started scrolling. I'm well over 2Gb and climbing as I scroll. i assume the cache should be limited to 2GB and then LB itself gets to have some memory too. so, i kept scrolling in All and got past 3GB but only half way through scrolling. i have 12k games
  11. Help my Launchbox isn't opening whatsoever!

    I'd suggest you reboot first and then reinstall.
  12. 8.2-beta-1 Released

    i'd rather you not slow anything down . slower=bad, haha the forum gods/mods can tell people the reason it might be happening and can fix that in xml, unless you don't want to encourage people manually hacking the xml.
  13. 8.2-beta-1 Released

    ok found it. my arcade.xml has 13 .mp4 in video paths. that must be it. i might have copied my arcade.xml from my main LB to this portable since i brought all the same games into this one. no videos, but the xml thinks so i guess. all good edit: still it seems odd because my main LB setup has videos for every mame game. not really sure why 13 are set to a video in this setup xml but i'll find replace so there aren't any set.
  14. 8.2-beta-1 Released

    Nope, my videos folder is empty and i created this LB from scratch with no videos as my portable LB. I just checked my theme folder and nothing in those video folders also. I don;t have any platform videos either as I set this up with 0 videos.