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  1. Command lines help

    maybe @neil9000 can give the step by step for that, but it's basically just importing the game file 'persona 4 ultimax.exe' and then edit the game choosing Additional Applications tab and add cryptserver.exe as a before game app
  2. Launchbox broken? blames ps1?

    or you could fix the Invalid character in given encoding line 1 position 1 in sony playstation.xml if it's obvious. my line 1 looks like this: <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
  3. Launchbox Crashing Dolphin

    that's a bummer. have you tried setting only one controller in LB and BB controller settings instead of setting to all controllers?
  4. This is usually solved by adding a ahk script to the LB emulator settings in the emulator tab. It looks like this: $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  5. Command lines help

    if you just need to run cryptserver.exe (like double clicking it) and then you just double click the file 'persona 4 ultimax.exe' , then just have the LB game set for running 'persona 4 ultimax.exe' , then edit the game choosing Additional Applications tab and add cryptserver.exe as a before game app. That would launch cryptserver.exe and then would launch 'persona 4 ultimax.exe'. As long as that's all you need, that should work.
  6. Command lines help

    describe what you do manually to run the game, then it can be replicated via script
  7. you dont have to remove anything or tweak the settings so it's not as pretty if you use a capable drive. keep the bling - that's what's cool about LB/BB in the first place!
  8. yeah i'd suggest you play some games when the emulator and roms are on your usb flash to make sure you dont see weirdness and/or stutters and that you can still upscale as much as you do on the hard drive, of course for BB and LB, make sure you fully cache your images before you try anything at all. you can use resource monitor to see when LB/BB is done caching.
  9. i wouldn't get a WD SSD. samsung and intel have the best ssd controllers by far. samsung=you are safe
  10. I've not tried an SDcard, but I think the issue described was using a usb flash drive. I found several emulators didn't work well at all with a "fast" usb flash drive due to the file caching it was doing with temp files, and BB didn't run well either due to the flash. I didn't try to remove all the cool LB/BB stuff to see if that helped the LB/BB aspect because my goal was to use it with all its coolness since it would be running on capable systems. But even if I optimized LB/BB settings for a usb flash drive (assuming any settings would make much impact there), it wouldn't work because of emulators like PCSX2 and others. I suppose if you just want to run the older games with RA, it might be possible to tweak things so BB and the older game emulators works ok on usb flash drive. If no media writes are going on, it should be ok. But after seeing what I saw with usb flash drives, I don't want anything to do with using those for emulation, unless they get much better, or unless it's something like a samsung t5.
  11. hmm i use xbox one s with microsoft wireless usb dongle and do not have any such issue.
  12. Additional apps issue

    you are right. that is annoying. i tried it like below also since notepad.exe is a real application. eventually, the emulator runs before you close the notepad file and exiting notepad.exe application path: C:\Windows\notepad.exe application command line parameters: C:\Temp\test.txt Edit: I hope @Jason Carr will fix this or shed some light with a workaround. it seems to take more than 15 seconds for me to see the emulator launch.
  13. Issues with input in Big Box

    I have major troubles using either of my Logitech wireless keyboards with integrated touchpad (one of the keyboards is a very nice higher end one too) with LB/BB on my HTPC running Win10. I've learned to live with it. It could be the Logitech devices fault, but who knows. I know some people on the forums have used at least one model wireless logitech with no issues. I try not to use my htpc wireless logitech keyboard and touchpad at all when BB is open (LB is almost unusable if I open it). So just use my usb xbox 360 controller. Also, when I first started using LB/BB, I was running Xpadder as well as LB/BB controller settings for xbox xinput. That was causing erratic behavior like double inputs. I don't know if you have any controller apps running, but if you do, you might try disabling those controller related apps as a test. You could also try messing with LB/BB settings like the disable mouse setting, don't set to use all controllers, etc. Something might help.
  14. I had the same exact idea by putting a small subset onto a portable usb device. BUT, I found that LB/BB and emulators do not run well at all on a usb flash, not even a usb 3.1 flash!! I tried many of the more expensive usb 3.0 and 3.1 flash keys (I returned them all). They suck ass because of the writes that happen from LB/BB and from emulators. These small flash drives have horrible ssd controllers, so they are not good for this sadly. I ended up moving my portable LB folder to an old usb 3.0 500GB portable 2.5" hard drive and everything runs great that way. I think the only way you will get things to work well on flash storage is if you use a real external SSD and controller, like a Samsung T5 (link below). The T5 is has a quality controller and flash storage. It's almost as small as a flash key, but not quite, and most sadly requires a cable to connect rather than a direct usb key-like connection. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-T5-Portable-SSD-MU-PA250B/dp/B073H552FK This flash drive should rock your emulator world. Eventually they may make quality flash key ssd drives, but not today. ps: @cleverest , i saw the same issue you described when I tried using usb key-type flash drives. after investigating, i found it was from the writes that were taking place. edit: also note that I never even tried using videos on the flash drive setup to keep the storage usage down