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  1. Ack!! I missed enabling upload in the Integration MAME LB settings.
  2. Ok, I'll do that after it's done with the collection sync i just let it do.
  3. I am. But I wonder if it caused a problem since after I connected to it from the LB menu, it told me I connected fine and asked if I wanted to sync my collection. I said No to sync my collection because it's already there from my first computer when I did that. Trying a disconnect/reconnect with a sync collection = yes this time...
  4. Oh sadness. I setup my 1st computer for the new hi score feature. Tried a quick ms. pacman game and saw my score was added to a leaderboard. Then I setup hi score on my 2nd computer and got my high score on galaga, but it never updated the leaderboard. is it a problem if i have two different computers running LB at the same time? Not sure why it didn't add my hi score for Galaga. Hi have the same exact mame ini files on both computers, no cheats, and plugin hi score enabled. the galaga hi score file was indeed created inside mame's hi folder.
  5. Yeah, I think the video should always show up top
  6. I do have them checked. I'm asking if they can show below the game videos in the sidebar.
  7. Just installed Beta 13. Awesome, love hi scores. Wondering if it would be possible so the hi score boards can be shown in the LB UI under the game video in the sidebar?
  8. Would be great. Hope to see it on future polls.
  9. all the problems running cemu in LB went away after updating Cemu to 1.15.9 from a seemingly bad 1.15.8
  10. i am able to exit the games again using my controller and same ahk script. for some reason i had to disable cemu from running as admin. now i'm battling why some cemu games are crashing cemu only when launched from LB and not when launched only be cemu...
  11. yeah, this stuff used to work for me with Cemu and those scripts, but not anymore...thanks for replying
  12. Hi, as of Launchbox 9.9 (or maybe a not so old earlier version), I can no longer exit a Cemu game with my usual xbox one controller automation pressing hold button Back and then Start. This no longer seems to work in the emulator exit ahk script with Cemu for some reason: Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}. I also tried uisng Send !{f4} This worked fine for a very long time, but broke with one of the recent LB upgrades. Does it work for anyone? If so, how did you get it to work.
  13. When I choose Playlist from the drop selection, I get a zillion playlists when I just wanted to see the playlists I created. So I had to rename them all to start with an underscore. Edit: I do really like those auto generated playlists in the Platform Category view though.
  14. I guess this didn't also make it into LB? I still see them in LB.
  15. That's a major bummer. Maybe someone has this device and will have some advice...
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