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  1. Anybody know where i can get some nice default boxart for the different platforms? Or even some templates so i can have a go at making my own??
  2. Thanks for this, i already had most of those in this pack. I still had to change core to get MK working tho
  3. Hey @neil9000 I could do with the bios files too, if you could point me in the right direction please?
  4. OK thanks for the tip, ill run through and check them all now. That fixed it. PSP Minis theme video was missing, thanks for the help.
  5. Hi @faeran It seem that the theme is playing a slideshow of images from my PSP Minis game collection over the top of every single platform video no matter what system i am currently viewing. Is there an option i have selected tha may be causing this?? I will see if i can upload a video somewhere for you to show it more clearly. Win 10 latest, Launchbox/Bigbox latest beta.
  6. My platform videos dont seem to play when using this theme.... I have downloaded them all using the download function in LB. Any ideas?
  7. I use RL becasue i migrated from HyperSpin to LaunchBox and i made the switch over easy as all i had to do was setup RL as an emulator in LB and then import my roms and i was good to go. I know how to use most of the features in RL so its easy for me I think it pretty simple once to get to grips with it and it makes setting up a new system as easy as pie. RL hasnt had any updates for aaaaaaages so it can be a bit of a pain chasing down the updated modules and those are the lifeblood of the RL system.... i keep reading over at the RL forums that thers somethingbig coming in the form of a new feature but nothing has happened yet... fingers crossed tho as i do love my RL setup.
  8. We already know that as stated above!! But it’s interesting to try these things out and see what happens. It seems that most people would be willing to drop RL if LB gains all the useful functionality from it. Personally id love to see some form of collaboration between Jason and the RL devs, but I think that’s unlikely to happen as they don’t seem to even update RL anymore.
  9. I already knew that, i was just stating that i get a different outcome to what the OP did. LB having startup and game over screens is good but there is much more than that to RL so ill be sticking with it for the foreseeable future. If Jason ever adds all the RL features to LB then ill gladly drop it.
  10. I get a different result when i do it.... I get the start screen followed by a black screen, if i then click my mouse i get the game over screen and when that fades out, the emulator starts and the game plays......
  11. I dumped my original LB setup in favor of your "No Intro" build, which i have since added to. Will you consider releasing all the media you collect in a pack? Also will you release your Switch setup as an addon pack for your "No Intro" build??? I have never had any luck getting the emu to run
  12. Maybe you're correct, would of been nice to have an all in one solution though.
  13. It s a shame that RL seems to dead update wise, it could of been beneficial if Jason and the RL folks has worked together.
  14. Are you trying to make RL obsolete? I can understand why as they dont seem to be updating RL anymore. Most of the official emulator modules are massivley out of date, there are new ones in the forums of you search hard enough but officially it seems like a dead project. Are you eventually planning to add all of the RL features? Modules etc??
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