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  1. Turns out that if I send a back command, and move to a different screen in BigBox, then send the X to exit.....no Bigbox crash no idea why.. hopefully, this helps out someone else...took a while to figure out this work around...but it works just fine now. freddy
  2. while on the “game select play” screen and trying to exit BigBox with an X (sent from an AHK script outside of BB/LB), I’m getting a crash…. (basically I have a “fakesleep” button that closes LB and then closes the game and then turns off computer screen … I wanted to exit LB/BB gracefully so it would do any cleanup….so i hide the game window, then click on BB and then send it the X key and then later kill the game) The BigBox “game select play” screen is actually still there, sort of, but all the menu selection options are gone, yet the star ratings, play count and game ti
  3. Finally, how about an option to start attract mode in a specific user-selected playlist. Then you can use the existing option to force it to stay on that playlist. useful, to keep BigBox attract mode on big lists instead of superfast bouncing you get on playlists with only three games. Freddy
  4. Another idea... For my kids again, it would be great to allow them to add/remove to "kid" playlists but not all playlists. Don't want them to change mine but need them to be able to add or remove from their own playlists. Right now, you have to unlock BigBox to allow adding to playlists....so basically its all or none. So, what I was thinking was a an option in security menus that could allow selecting a playlist from a dropdown menu of playlists and allow enable/disable the add/remove playlists function on the game screen. So, this would allow ability to unlock some p
  5. For controls panels with alot of buttons and when you have a lists with alot of games, I think a keyboard mapping for a button that jumps forward to next letter would be a nice addition. Also, a button that jumps back to the previous letter. My plan would be to use my game buttons next to my joystick on the control panel. So, the joystick moves one game up/down, left most game buttons page-up/down (using existing feature) and next buttons jump letter up/down (using new proposed feature) Related issue is that, my kids struggle to use the left menu (ie move joystick left and you ge
  6. Ok, I get it now. Thanks, guys freddy
  7. Thanks for reply. Yep, I got that I don't need it to map keys.......But I'm just trying to figure out how "Exit AHK scipt" works from within an emulator. Any emulator? I'm thinking about using it reset window's mouse sensitivity back to normal after I run an emulator. But can't get it to run after mame and game exits. Any ideas? Freddy
  8. I just can't figure out how this works. using mame emulator the running AHK script works fine. but during mame game, i press escape to exit ....and it exits, kills mame, as expected.....but the "exit AHK script" doesn't seem to run. Does it work for other people ? Any idea what I might be doing wrong ? Freddy
  9. I guess my counting needs to improve 😀 Thanks for the help Freddy
  10. Does having alot of images in local library slow down LB/BB ? Or does the caching really mitigate the number of images issue? If so, does that imply that the number of roms is really the main variable affecting performance? Finally what does LB's tools-> refresh all images do ? Freddy
  11. I have the exact same issue but I don’t know how to fix it either. also mine with go left into the “jump to letter” menu i haven’t gotten up to detailed setting up the ultrastiks yet My plan is to use ledblinky but I’m not there yet are you using led blinky ? if so have you tried setting up a dead zone ? freddy
  12. I’m using four DualShock 4 controllers and two ultrastik 360s i’m hoping this will give me six joysticks in mame...so I can use the U360s for most games and then the DS4s for driving games where I need the analog triggers or for when I need 4 players im using DS4windows to make the DS4s look like XInput devices. I’m planning to have LedBlinky help configure the maps for the U360s but I haven’t gotten up to that yet. So the question is that mame has a setting joystickprovider Should I set it to XInput or winhybrid or rawinput ? i would have guessed XInput if it wa
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