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    Sorry just so I’m more clear. I had no issues with full screen literally until about 2 weeks ago. Maybe once launchbox updated.
  2. kennyrovers


    Hi i am a noob when it comes to this but, i havent used launchbox for say a month or two, ive come back to it today and for some reason my dreamcast section is being a real bitch. When i boot a game it basically freezes until i got into task manager the i can hear it starting up. If I boot directly from demul it works and if i boot small screen it works?!??!
  3. kennyrovers

    Compress your video's for free

    when i compress the file should i delete the old one?
  4. kennyrovers

    Star Wars on model 3

    Sorry I am using the supermodel emulator. I’ve tried to put oflaunchbox and within the supermodel emu with the UI 😫
  5. kennyrovers

    Star Wars on model 3

    Hi guys so I know here isn’t or specific games etc but I was hoping someone could help. i have model 3 running fine through my launchbox Just Star Wars trilogy, specifically the yavin first mission runs really really slow. My PC is i7 7700k, 1080ti, 32gb ddr4 ram. Is there any options I can change to get it to run faster? I have tried about 20 different downloads of the rom and it either doesn’t show a picture on that mission or it’s just slow as hell.
  6. Thanks for your help guys bloody loving launchbox!!!!
  7. Will it work fine as on the video they were saying there’s issues or has that now been resolved as it was over a year ago.
  8. hi quick question for a noob i was watching a tutorial on naomi and noticed that the video advised not to get split or merged roms but that was for 0184. Which ones should I use for the latest build of MAME 0193 for use within launchbox? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  9. kennyrovers

    sega saturn controls

    Not sure mate I just changed it then saved config
  10. kennyrovers

    sega saturn controls

    Thanks for your reply. Weirdly I went into controls and port one was set to a steering wheel?! So I changed it back and it worked fine for now 😂
  11. kennyrovers

    sega saturn controls

    Hi im pretty new to this but got a few emulators up and running fine but im having difficulties with sega saturn through retroarch using mednfen core. Some game controls just work but others do not recognise the pad or even keyboard touches???? Anyone help me out please. Is there anyway retroarch is disabling my controls????