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  1. 1: locked in what way? whats that mean? (not that it really maters anymore) 2: i want a refund. your moderation team is atrocious and I will no longer support this team
  2. GunerX


    I looked over your post history and yeah a lot of your posts are just simple user error. I locked the thread because it devolved into nothing more than you ranting. No, file a bug report the proper way, complaining on the forums about them not being addressed as fast as you "demand" is just not accepted. Please, feel free to go elsewhere and use another front end and see how helpful their support is. ^^^^ completely proving my point. you lock threads, make threats, insult your
  3. GunerX


    @lordmonkus lolno. I didnt have a chip on my shoulder (until just now I do) whenever I try to post a Bug or issue ive found while using this software, i get the typical "clearly its your fault, the software is perfect" response. you tell me, you enjoy hearing that from others when you try to report a bug? and then lock my thread because I point out that this kind of behaviour keeps happning on these forums? really? thats basically proving my point. no where in any of my posts was I hostile towards you or anyone else. I think you just dont like people reporting bugs. maybe you th
  4. guy...plz...Ive already reinstalled the default version of Launchbox/BigBox, it didnt change anything. Same Bugs are Still Bugs. This is the kind of attitude I mean though. "its a beta of course there will be bugs" yah I get that, but I was having these issues since before I started using the Beta, While I was using the Beta, and after switching back to the Stable release. If this is the kind of attitude I can continue to expect then why should I report any bugs at all????
  5. Bug Bug (even if he doesnt want to admit that it is, it is) Bug(s) (did lots of testing with new beta versions that they gave me, didnt fix it) And there are more, but I got tired of posting since no one seems to think these "issues" are "issues". Its not an issue of "user inexperience", I have tried and tried and tried many different things (even switching over to the Beta in the vain hopes it would solve my problems), I've googled and googled, I've asked for help on these forums, most of the "bugs" that are being disregarded are still issues that I am havi
  6. how??? like...srsly...how? there really needs to be better tutorials / how to guides for this. im finding it to be an excersize in frustration getting everything setup, adding new games, getting it to look good, etc etc. nothing but bug after bug after bug. and no one seems to have a clue why this is happening to (apparently) only me. 90% of themes dont work right for me, hell even the default theme doesnt work the way it should (or atleast the way ive seen others do it) and I just dont get it.
  7. while i do agree that Big Box is ment to be played on a big screen TV while relaxing on a couch and with a controller, the intial setup process should definetly be done on a PC with a mouse and keyboard i am still in the setup phase (also in the holy crap why can everyone else get this to work and I cant phase)
  8. ....that sets Escape as the mapped key....
  9. also I just tried it and "Escape" does not "clear" a key mapping. it takes you back one menu....
  10. thanks! but there was a button set to "Page Down" by default, and now it is set to "Next" which I dont want. how do I reset it to Default?
  11. not sure if this is related to the beta, but I decided to take a break from dumping my roms/getting videos for my games and started messing with the various platform view types, such as Genre, Platform Catagories, etc etc. and I cant. the only "view" that works for any/all the things is "Text with Descriptions" I tried mapping "change view" to "V" and that wont change the view. the only views that can be changed are for "Platform Catagories" and "Platforms" and "Playlists". everything else remains "Text with Details" no matter what I do. Tried checking the box that "Remem
  12. title. how do I do it? also, whenever I try to set "Page Down" it just registers the key as "Next", but "Page Up" works just fine. ?????
  13. how did you achieve this? im trying to do something similar but whenever i try to view "Genres" it just goes to the default Text with Details view and wont ever use the platform wheel 4.
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