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  1. Alright! Seems like it all worked, thank you much for your help! (Also, you were right, DOSBox isn't that hard to understand at all. In fact, it's pretty logical.)
  2. Alright, so I've fallowed your tutorial up to the install portion. All seems to be going well, however, with the last command you entered "install." I'm assuming that that was the name of the file to run the installer for the game you installed as an example. With Fallout though, there are two install files, but they have different file extensions, .exe and .dat. I'm gonna go out on a whim that the exe file is what I need, however, when I entered "install.exe" DOSBox froze up.
  3. Okay, thank you. I do remember coming across the -freesize command(?) in my searches, however I was unable to apply it to the DOSBox Config menu in LB because LB auto mounts the drives. That's where I got stuck. I honestly know little to nothing on how DOSBox works, so as far as installing a game manually I'm most likely too incompetent to make anything work...
  4. Hello LaunchBox Community, I am having a problem with the installation of an MS-DOS game called Fallout into LaunchBox. The problem, from what I can tell, is due to DosBox's emulated C: drive not having enough space to install the largest install of the game. It appears that the default disk space is around 260mb where the largest install for the game is around 645mb. I know there are ways to fix this by using DosBox manually, however I could not find a way to expand the disk space while using DosBox through LaunchBox. I have attached a screenshot of the DOS installer showing the "No Drives Available" error when the "HUMONGOUS INSTALLATION" is selected. Any help or advice is be appreciated. Thank You
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