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  1. @Jason Carr Thanks for the reply! Oops sorry, didn't realise all beta queries go in that thread! I just installed 8.6-beta-6 over top and it worked perfectly!
  2. I'm currently on version 8.6 beta-1. When I open LaunchBox it prompts me that a new beta is available. After the download is completed LaunchBox closes but no install occurs. If I navigate to the LaunchBox directory then the Updates folder, I can see that 8.6-beta-5 setup exe was downloaded. Is it safe to install the new beta by clicking on the installer from within windows explorer? I don't want to risk it wiping my current LB library!
  3. Thanks for the response @ZeSystem. I spent a while trying to figure it out and realised that in LB.Next the date format format is DD/MM/YYYY whereas in the old LaunchBox it was MM/DD/YYYY. Once I changed the date to the correct format the correct amount of games was shown.
  4. Thanks for the response @Retro808! I had trouble finding an existing post regarding it, I guess I just didn't look hard enough!
  5. I have a playlist which Auto-Populates by adding games which have the 'Date Added' field being on or after the 06-01-2018. In LaunchBox.Next it appears all my games have been re-added causing this playlist to contain my entire LaunchBox library. Is this a known issue?
  6. In LaunchBox.Next the spacing between the categories in the left sidebar is quite large compared to the original LaunchBox, is it going to be possible to change the spacing?
  7. @Retro808 I like that idea, may as well start getting used to LB Next now since its the future! @Jason Carr thanks for the reply, keen to see the configuration options!!!
  8. Ahh brilliant, I honestly don't have any better ideas so lets just hope he sees that eventually! Thanks for your help @Dan! Edit: Oh and thanks @Retro808 also for your clear definitive answer!
  9. How do I go about asking Jason or someone for advice? Yeah I'm definitely gonna keep my eye on it (I'm subscribed to their YouTube channel), cause I know they will inevitably put in an awesome feature which will essentially force me to upgrade!
  10. I'll be honest I haven't been won-over yet by the look of LB Next, so was kinda hoping to stick to the older interface for a while (which is why I disabled updates for now). I know this is probably counter-intuitive but right now I honestly prefer the look of the current User Interface. So with that in mind and by what you're saying, I guess there's just nothing I can do to fix it.
  11. The attached images show the 'My Genre' section vs the 'Playlist' section, and how the 'Playlist' section doesn't have any counts.
  12. Apologies, my statement isn't specific enough. When I say "not when I select playlists" I mean selecting the playlist section. I've added a screen capture to assist with my clarification. Hopefully it makes more sense now?
  13. I'm currently running LaunchBox 8.3 on my Windows 10 PC. I can see the counts in all other sorting categories but not when I select playlists. Is there a checkbox or something in Options I'm just not seeing? Options > General > Side Bar > Show Counts and Align Counts to the Right are both enabled in Options!
  14. Thanks for the news @DOS76! @bf_jeje same here, the amount of times I went through the process thinking I was doing something wrong!!
  15. I'm currently not able to import steam games using version 8.2-beta-2, it says 'your steam account can't be accessed'. I can 100% confirm that my profile is set to public and that I'm inputting it correctly! Is there anything else that can be causing this issue?
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