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  1. I have no ability to design. I have been dying for something like this. However, as mentioned by others, I would need it to work on contemporary screens. I love the design though. Good job.
  2. I have decided to stick to inspirational songs, songs about kicking butts, songs about people wanting to kick my butts—above all else...songs that somehow feel 80s. I do not discount songs that can be cut to only have aforementioned subject matter. Current thoughts... (Eye of the tiger, Final Count Down, I need a hero, baracuda, we’re not gonna take it, (Tom sawyer...just because it is in ready player one’s early preview). Trying to stay away from Tv tunes...though transformers the movie is tempting. also tempting pour some sugar on me and Cutting Crew’s died in your arms tonight (Pizza hut always had it playing on their jukebox
  3. I think I like the 1983 version best. I am amazed at how much time we are willing to spend on something that is basically without any higher function. I am currently working on editing down songs for background music. There will be 8 to 10 cuts of perfectly aligned tracks to make the music develop quicker, include the heart and best part of the song, while making the song less than a minute long. I find myself listening to the newly edited minute song before starting the next game. oddly, deciding the perfect playlist is proving more difficult than the editing. the final count down baby.
  4. Omg. I used to do sound design. This took awhile.
  5. I like the conflict of background music and snaps.. it reminds me of 80s video arcades. I actually sometime play 80s music in my man cave while playing some centipede. Somehow it makes the game more immersive.
  6. I find it hard to believe that anyone from the MTV “couch potato” generation woudn’t find it “like totally b**chin.” Just seems like a waisted opportunity not to do something with that metadata.
  7. Not sure if it is possible---but it would be insanely cool if the metadata on background music (when music begins) starts in bottom right corner and looked like old school MTV. I am creating a 80s playlist for background music on my arcade cabinet and thought it might be gnarly, tubular, and way way rad!!! That said, I know the player is 3rd party...so I do not know the possibility.
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