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  1. I did the layout and @Grila here did the XML for me a while back. It's working fine on my low res 4:3 arcade machine
  2. MUGEN is the redneck's mishmash pieces to make a pick up truck of the gaming world. Funny to look at but not something you could ever take seriously
  3. just had a quick look and can't find it. I might have the original file at home so I'll do a reverse image search when I get a chance.
  4. Any ideas if you can have both ? so videos play but the background audio is ambient ?
  5. I have a very specific selection of games firstly - Top 25 from metatcritic etc for each platform secondly - memorable games that only mean something to me Some platforms like PS1 & Arcade which had a huge library of top games I have upped the limit from 25 to 50. I just want a selection of games which defines each platform
  6. I think thats where it went but I'll give it another go thanks
  7. Had a go at that but nothing played, do you know where the audio file needs to be placed ? maybe i dumped it in the wrong location
  8. Hey, you can find it attached in the post below. The arcade was a generic one I found on google but changed it a lot to suit the right shape marquee and screen, along with putting in extra work for the CRT scanlines etc.
  9. Hey all, I'm wondering if there's a way to play background audio on game selection menu. I still want the game video audio to play as well. It's come about because on my arcade, a lot of older titles didnt have audio on the attract screen so the videos lack any sound, it's disjointing scrolling through games and having audio gaps so I thought a ambient arcade sound track in the background would be good. Any thoughts on how to do it ?
  10. With the help of @Grila we just built this for my arcade machine
  11. Got it working So my problem was that my CRT in the arcade is a half vertical res montior, the actual resolution is 560x240 and when using that native resolution it causes weird things. I have now set it with a proper 4:3 resolution and it's fine. Added some videos and marquees and it's chugging away perfectly. When I have finished adding all the videos and marquees ill take some nice videos of it in use. @Grila is there any chance you can make it set to a weird resolution of 560x240 so I can try and get the most out of the monitor, it should still stretch out OK to a
  12. I was being an idiot... restarted Bigbox and all OK. Displays funny though, ignoring the video and marquee not fitting, it now squashes the background. Joys of CRT and low resolution
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