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  1. Im liking the graphic on that 1 player panel where did you get it?
  2. that makes sense, the monitor is an old non wide screen hp I use for testing, will probably work fine on the LCD where the system is inevitably going, thx
  3. my bad I should have been more specific, this is what it looks like on monitor
  4. Is there a way to get this theme to take up the whole screen?
  5. marmono

    2nd display

    great, thank you, going to pickup a 5" for my arcade now.
  6. marmono

    2nd display

    Is there a feature on BBox that would let you display clear logo art on a 2nd screen (like this ) )
  7. Awesome, Thank you! its working now. It was not working before because I was dropping the images in the wrong fan art folder, was able to figure out the issue b/c you posted the full path.
  8. Thats basically exactly what I want to do, just use a base image for each platform game select (just a different image for nes, sega, mame, etc.) I will try that when i get home and report back, thank you
  9. I see what you are saying, it pulls the image from the folder i check, it will pull the image of a specific game, if its named accordingly. So what if I just want a straight static image for everything? I would put the image in fan art, then check fan art? What do I name it so that it know I want to use that image only? In other words how does it know I want to use that particular image if all i have to do is tick fan art as priority?
  10. I have been trying to change the background image of my game select screen but it doesnt ever show up. (Not the platform select screen, the one that displays all my games after I have chosen a platform in bigbox) at first it was the clear logos and they looked blown up and crappy, so i found the background settings in launchbox and unchecked clear logos and everything else so now its just black. I also changed the path under use custom image to the image i wanted but it doesnt show up, after i launch into bigbox. In the bigbox settings options i dont see anything about custom images, and have everything unchecked currently but have tried every option to no avail. How do i change this?
  11. Thank you for the help, Your suggestion works and that definitely fixed the issue, but is that something I would have to do every time I shutdown/restart bigbox?
  12. I am using cover flow and vertical wheel with full videos and wheel art, and notice that when I use the alphabet search for a game and skip to a letter too fast the game selection wheel doesnt load at all or is REALLY slow to load. I can still flip through the games but the wheel just isnt there. If I move back a little slower through the alphabet selection the wheel may or may not re-appear. Is there something I can do to mitigate this? I am not using a crapbox, as its a fairly decent computer but I might be bottlenecked by my old (almost full) 5400rpm HD, and I have about 3k mame games. It doesnt do this as bad on systems with only a few hundred games installed. Any body else have this issue?
  13. thank you very much, I had all boxes unchecked for alot of my mame games when I initially imported to save time, now that im tweeking (settings, not on crystal meth) I want to go back and download data.
  14. OK, Is there a way to do the same thing with the bulk editor? Can I select like 20 games at a time (already imported) and have it search for the art for selected games?
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