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  1. platform videos

    thanks for your help mate.
  2. platform videos

    sorry my bad my videos are in the theme folder and iv been deleting out of Launchbox/Videos/Platforms im an idiot lol.
  3. platform videos

    yes deleting from Launchbox/Videos/Platforms and copying my new video there but still plays old video.
  4. platform videos

    hi all im geting a real problem with the platform videos. when i delete one of my old videos and replace it with a new one it still plays the old video in bigbox its doing my head in, does anyone no how to fix this thanks.
  5. platfrom themes

    why is it taking so long to download platform vidoes thro launchbox, only need one and its taking forever took that long i canceled it.
  6. Giant Titan Platform Category Logos

    i asked for music abit ago and no reply as he gone?.
  7. Pinball FX2 setup (media included)

    clear logo by Draco1962
  8. Giant Titan Platform Category Logos

    any chance of doing one for music. thanks
  9. EMU movies

    yep account and password are ok just wont work thro launchbox.
  10. EMU movies

    hi i cant log into emumovies thro launchbox but i can on eum website any ideas.
  11. PSP 2D boxes

    PSP 2D boxes View File PSP 2D Boxes if anyone needs them around 628. Submitter andyco47 Submitted 03/24/2017 Category Game Box Art  
  12. Jukebox platform in BigBox

    add as new platfom and point to exe file.
  13. Jukebox platform in BigBox

    only got this. if u find owt better let us no. JukeBox.mp4