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  1. at least u have ur light guns im still waiting for mine should of been april.
  2. u gonna play all them ???? i dont think so do you.
  3. here is mine 1 player and a 2 player which i can swap out.
  4. this is mine my one player and my 2 player control panels which i can change out when i need to.
  5. thanks for the video jukebox one cheers pal.
  6. any chance of doing a Video Jukebox one thenks.
  7. this im my cab i built i have another control panel a 2 player one which i can swap out.
  8. the ini file should that be in the ini folder?.
  9. wot happens if you use a different rom set for a rom. like rev 1 or rev 2 in game that people aint got then they can get hi score people should use same version to get hi score.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    hi all this is my cart art for neogeo console around 251 but sum are different versions of the rom like 2020bb and 2020bba ect. i also have 3D version if anyone wants it.
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