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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/305022821221?hash=item4704c6e365:g:lRIAAOSwvZVjLu11
  2. my projects hope you like. IMG_1446.mp4 IMG_1447.mp4 IMG_1442.mp4
  3. hi the amp is infra red remote that is why it is on top pal and yep got 2 sinden lightguns on here.
  4. hi all this is my new lcd marquee look brill i think. IMG_1345.mp4
  5. high scores are not right sum high scores were done befor you did the anti cheat system but the scores are still there. they need to be reset please cus there is no point in playing a game when the high score wos done befor you could change the dip switches on games like phoenix with a high of 300.000 that bull.
  6. hi just tryed my redream in launchbox with a .chd game and all is good no problems launching and just tryed a cdi and all is good with that too.
  7. he as one in blackpool now.
  8. you need one of these to finish it off lol https://www.amazon.co.uk/CERRXIAN-Wireless-Computer-Remote-Control/dp/B0876LZQK9/ref=dp_fod_1?pd_rd_w=srj2Y&content-id=amzn1.sym.369ca2df-1521-4fdf-a041-ad143e02ddad&pf_rd_p=369ca2df-1521-4fdf-a041-ad143e02ddad&pf_rd_r=TB8Q41YYSB7HX4TAW0JZ&pd_rd_wg=E2nUP&pd_rd_r=5866413f-f441-4a1a-b1eb-d4bce9ed2fb5&pd_rd_i=B0876LZQK9&psc=1
  9. i have this if it helps and this 372966409_NeonDeluxeArcadeFinal12hr.7z 1630662101_NeonDeluxeArcadeLB.7z
  10. hi all just got 28000 on donkey kong but not showing on weekley score on launchbox.
  11. hi all got a problem in bigbox i have 3 machine and all 3 are not playing no video playback sound in atract mode in the main game list. i have try everything i can think of and nothing is working. it used to work ok before the update to 12.7. any help please thanks. i have just gone back to ver 12.6 and its fine with that.
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