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  1. what do you mean link with norway mate.
  2. this place mate. https://rockstarprint.co.uk/
  3. hi all this is my cab up and running and this is my 2 player control panel which is interchangable.
  4. no spinner or trak ball? pal for arcade stuff
  5. Administrators 4,705 9,697 posts Report post Posted Friday at 03:13 AM There's a bunch of complications here, including that the existing themes don't easily support it. We have a bunch of themes currently with no text menus built into the wheel views, amongst other things. There are ways to make it happen, but none of them are quick or easy. It's really just the difference between transitioning to another screen or not, and unfortunately at this point in time the amount of work required to add something like that wouldn't really be worth the effort. this as messed with my system y change things that aint broken ???????????????
  6. y change something that aint broken???????????????????????????
  7. just thought id ask mate.
  8. wot about launchbox for ios??
  9. hi pal which folder do these images go into thanks.
  10. here is my 2 Player Build pal. trackball and spinner easy to fit with an ipac 2 board just plug it in the board and thats it.
  11. hi all just finished my 1 player control panel build.
  12. how do you get these bezels to work thank.
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