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  1. @DOS76 I tried the .net repair tool. I followed the steps suggested with no luck.
  2. @Jason Carr I tried this and the result after install was "DirectX setup has determined that a newer or equivalent version of DirectX has been installed already. No installations is necessary". I tried to run Bigbox after but still wont run.
  3. @Jason Carr I looked into getting a DirectX installer from MS but they don't have them for Windows 10, it comes with your updates. I did run a DXDiag and it shows that everything is running fine with no problems. My last driver update was on 10/10/2018... when Bigbox was still working.
  4. No, I can not load a game with Retroarch inside or outside of LaunchBox. I downloaded MAME, added it to Launchbox, and removed Retroarch...now I can play games using MAME (inside and outside of LaunchBox) but Bigbox still does not work.
  5. I ran this scan and there were some issues found but they all seemed to have been related to Windows Defender Powershell. CBS.log
  6. Thank you for the quick reply @Jason Carr. I ran a chkdsk and it showed "Windows has scanned the file system and found no problems. No further action is required."
  7. I paid for the premium version in Feb 2018, finished setup with no issues, and I used Bigbox, Launchbox, and Retroarch until Feb. 2019 with no problems. I haven't used Bigbox, Launchbox, or Retroarch since Feb.2019 but when I loaded up launch box two days ago (Sep. 23) everything crashed, the settings, listcache, bigbox settings, and arcade xmls were all corrupt so i replaced them with the backups and Launchbox opened fine but Bigbox still wont load. I tried to change the settings to not auto update but the settings wont save. Also, if i try to load Retroarch it causes my PC to crash and corrupts all the files listed above. I changed video setting for Retroarch from "dl" to "d3d" and that stops Retroarch from crashing but I still cant play any game on it... I'm not sure where to start on fixing all of this but any help will be much appreciated. Lastly, I receive no error msgs from bigbox so I let bigbox sit running and after 30min it still doesnt load... but it does show as running in task manager, where i force it to stop. I am running this on Windows 10, I7, 16gb ram, Surface Pro 4, with DirectX 12
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