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  1. alright. For 360 i had just seen some testing xenia and wanted to give it a go, and do you know of a good cd ripper that i can use cause the one i wanted to try and tried to turn it to iso and stuff just didn't work out right, any suggestions ?. The one my dad uses is some platinum version of winx but without that ver i can say goodbye to iso. I haven't emulated before so that's why im being a bit stupid lol. Well thanks for the current feedback, its just anywhere i search online about making the disk images or the "ROM FILES" which i have never heard nor seen personally before nothing comes up its like a desert. Any suggested emulators/rippers would be helpful but thanks for the feedback guys
  2. So i really want to play some games, loads of people use wii games, some 360 games etc. but whenever i try to use this software its going great during set up. All the details show fantastic. The one downside is that it never fucking starts. Every tutorial i see never explains how they get the games they want as ROM Files like even with emulators allowing iso it wont let me use mine. I'm getting so fucking stressed out over this shit, can someone explain to me how this is done. I really want to play some of my games on my pc without having to set the old consoles up. Thank you ~Matthew
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