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  1. hi, i was just wondering if you could create an arcade and playlists overlay/background exactly the same as, computers, consoles, and handhelds? that same style with the white writing and grey backgrounds please? also could you redo handhelds for me with the title above the video screen in the centre, instead of on the screen...it would be greatly appreciated! if you can do this for me please...or if anyone can do this for me. maybe stick an icon on arcade, playlists and consoles, just like computers and handhelds has an icon.
  2. Hi, everyone i noticed that 2 Main Category Backgrounds Are Missing From This Theme, And Handhelds Needs To Be Fixed! The Same Style As The Images Below I've Added... I was wondering if someone would be generous enough to Fix Up The Handhelds Category And Stick The Title Above In The Centre to match "Computers" And "Consoles" Images, And Also, Could You create an ARCADE and PLAYLISTS Background for me, the exact same style with the white writing above in the centre, with the video window and a different gray background image? it would be greatly appreciated if anyone can do this for me, and i'm sure the rest of the LB community would benefit from them as well, and it would also complete this theme properly...
  3. hi, i was just wondering if you could create an arcade and playlists background exactly the same as, computers, consoles, and handhelds? that same white logo and grey background style please? would be greatly appreciated!
  4. i really want someone to create the bedroom theme for big box, where all the images are platform bedroom backgrounds, even for the main categories, like handhelds, consoles, computers, arcade, and playlists...with the consoles next to the tv on a table and things of that era around it or on the background wall etc... it would be an awesome theme if made, and an instant download, because atm im using the retrotastic theme which is an awesome theme too, but lacking in bedroom backgrounds...
  5. well let me put this topic to rest then 😪... for me, i have a lot of free time on my hands... im Brodie, im on the disability pension, im not working, i dont have kids, i am 32, married n just live with my wife alone in our unit... i appreciate everything u and ur fellow developers have done, for me n my friends, with creating your themes and logos for us to use with big box. im very sorry that my words or opinions have offended u or anyone on here, in any way... that was never my intention... all i wanted to do, was to just give u honest feedback on ur theme, and logos, from a visual point of view... i do apologize from the bottom of my heart, and hope that u can forgive me.
  6. hmm... ok, i dont mean it to be rude or pushy or arrogant at all, and i am very sorry if it comes across like that.
  7. i have friends who are designing and creating games now, not themes, who are asking for my visual opinion... all im trying to do is give u theme developers new ideas and good advice, to try and help you out with ur themes, thats all.
  8. why not use, a different idea? and create the ultimate complete bedroom theme! every theme on here is using the same idea by having either a wheel on the left side or right, vertically... or using a wheel in the top, middle, or bottom, horizontally... and normal text views... (kinda boring don't you think?)
  9. hmm thats true i guess, but that means putting in a lot more effort to find everything im missing, for just one new theme.... if there was a complete theme out there, i would just download it, use it, n move on to other things... like getting back to my gaming... rather then spending most my time editing other ppls themes... and fixing up their mistakes...
  10. ok thanks again, ill see if i can figure it out from here, thanks again for ur time and effort, and all the logos... both me n my friend are using ur theme, so i asked on his behalf for certain logos as well... anyways hows things goin with ur new theme? im also using retrotastic theme with normal clear logos as my main n urs as my secondary with all these new logos atm. i like the idea of having a console picture background for all the main categories, and platforms, and games as well, alot of other themes need to use rocket launcher or retroarch or retro pie, or even to use hyperspin instead to get the effect we like... but atleast ur theme n retrotastic have good backgrounds ideas in the theme itself, u should have a look at that theme as well and get some ideas for the backgrounds style, or use more of those bedroom backgrounds for each main category, console n game etc. anyways im very curious to see how things progress with ur theme...
  11. thanks alot for all ur stuff, i was wandering if u could send me ur template of this style, so all i have to do is just add an image to it, thanks
  12. cool could u create a ubisoft/uplay one for me as well? thanks
  13. i hate to bother u so much, but could i ask u to create one more for me again, the arcade one but this time with the yellow writing saying arcades? to match collections, handhelds etc.
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