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  1. joy2key vs xpadder?

    joy2key with rocketlauncher is how I had it all working back in the hyperspin days.
  2. Please help with MAME questions

    Fade screen and bezels. A lot of people say retroarch does bezels, but I don't use that and have never liked it. So I stick with RL for bezels. There's so many amazing sets out there. Just have to turn it on and put the files in the right folder. I got another user here going with a full bezel set in about 20 minutes. Half of which was just chatting while in teamviewer

    I am 100% with you on the preservation part. At a certain point, I think things like this become a cultural phenomenon, and are sort of collectively "owned" if you will. It's part of our history, and I think we all have a right and duty to preserve it. Of course you must preserve the physical media and machines as much as possible, but yeah, just like the old films (especially nitrate) they might not make it for a hundred years or more. Then, as long as we have hardware that can run emulators, we can still preserve the history. Think of all the artwork assets being made as well, that is all part of it too. With the speed of technology the emulation itself needs to keep up, it also will be just as hard to preserve if the emulators only run on hardware from the last 10 years. Maybe an entirely new architecture and way of computing comes into play, and in 50 years what we are on now isn't compatible at all. It's like this with all archiving and preservation efforts. Fighting against time and "progress" so that we can still experience important points of our culture's past.
  4. Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    I don't really think there is much in the way of native gamepad support. I know I could very seldom get a gamepad to be recognized when I used dFend reloaded's options to activate joystick. For most of the games I play though (Commander Keen, Cosmo, crystal caves, original duke nukem) I have made keymapper profiles in rocketlauncher, and it works great. But if you just go straight dosbox, i'm sure that you'll be using a lot of keyboard/mouse combo.
  5. Styphelus Platform Boxes

    So I'm curious about something. Would there be a way to have these box images rotate if you had multiple versions in the image folder? Since there were sometimes different boxes for the same console, it might be cool to have all the different versions, and then maybe they would switch each time you launched LB.
  6. Dolphin 5.0 Binary?

    Get one of the latest builds, not that official 5.0 one. Then you can extract it into a folder and add a text file named "portable.txt" and then it will all stay in there with dolphin.
  7. Lauchbox System names inconsistency

    I don't really get the nes , snes, and ms-dos problem. The nes IS the Nintendo entertainment system. The snes IS the Super Nintendo entertainment system. Yeah they are made by Nintendo, but those are their names, that's what's on the box. The MS in ms-dos stands for MicroSoft if I'm not mistaken. That's why they added the MS to it, since before it was just DOS.
  8. Yeah it's definitely surpassed hyperspin. Years ago. Just with the importing, editing, playlists, and other general organizational tools that make it so nice to use. Then Big Box was like, BAM,...Hyperwhat!? Someday it'll be like Rocket what? launch this sucker! DONE and DONE. Then nothing will ever come close.
  9. Autodelete roms and media?

    Sometimes I add games that the kids want to try out, and then they suck, and I'd like to be able to delete them and all media including the videos that I downloaded during the import from emumovies.
  10. Autodelete roms and media?

    i don't know. when i right click and then delete, it still only does the game metadata.
  11. Controller Issues with Retroarch

    Are you attached to retroarch? Because the standalone mednafen recognizes anything I throw at it. Just have to press alt+shift+the player number and then set the controls on screen.
  12. Collections

    You can download playlists from the downloads section. Most of the good ones I've ever seen are in there as well.
  13. Autodelete roms and media?

    I'd like to be able to check a box that said "delete ALL media related to this game". That way I don't have to go find the videos manually. Just make it take care of the entire thing.
  14. Self Booting Prototype Box Build

    Yes that totally makes sense, and it would be no issue to sacrifice an adapter for that. But I still don't know if the adapter itself holds all the spots available for up to 4 ps3 controllers, or if any other adapter holds it's spots open while the controllers aren't turned on, like the wii dolphin bar does. if it shifted all my wired, then i'd be up a crappy creek as far as re-mapping everything.
  15. Self Booting Prototype Box Build

    Oh interesting. I have the mayflash dolphin bar which is working great with all of my wired controllers (2 xbox360, 2 ps1, 2 SNES, and 3 gamecube). There's never any issues, but i'm very hesitant to add some bt wireless controllers for fear of ruining all the orders of the wired controllers. I've never really gotten a straight answer as to whether or not the bt adapter will "take up" spots even with the controllers turned off, so that when you turn them back on it doesn't shift any order. I just don't know if it behaves that way. Or if, every time you turn the wireless controllers on, they do shift everything because the bt adapter does NOT take up any slots by just being there plugged in. If that makes any sense. I know the dolphin bar takes up it's 4 spots even when the wiimotes are turned off, because there's never been any shift on my setup.