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  1. I'm still hesitant about risk of rain 2. The first ROR was and is one of my favorite games ever made, EVER. I couldn't believe how much fun I had playing it, and I loved the 2d style. I just don't know about the 3d world.
  2. damageinc86


    Yup, as far as I know, DOS uses standard saves in-game since it is just being ran on a virtual hard drive. So it would be just saving your game like normal.
  3. Yup. make a copy of that one because odds are you'll have to do the same thing again. I had to save a core override, and save a new config for each core I was setting up. Then at the end I took my copy of the config and replaced the messed up config with it so that when you started retroarch again on its own, it was a clean setup without anything leftover from the cores.
  4. yeah I would also assume the quick and easy way would be to delete/rename the old config and then start up RA, it should refresh with a new one.
  5. exactly!... damn. I might just use it because of that alone.
  6. That's the weird thing. That's the first option I turn off. Have been doing that since RA had a green text menu. For some reason it just wanted to randomly suck up the options from whatever core I was saving an override for. It was also random when it decided to do it. Eventually I just did save new config in addition to the override, for all the systems, and then put the copy of the retroarch.cfg that I saved when it was blank, and put that back in the directory.
  7. I know, even with the vast improvements, it can be a pain. I love it still, but when it ignores the core overrides and saves what i did to the main config anyways, and I have to go back and forth a bunch of times, that crap pisses me off. Hours later, got all configs actually saved on their own, and then cleared the main config which kept sucking things in from each override save, and then made a back up copy of it so that I could rename it to the default one once the new core was saved. It all works now for all systems I set up for it. I'm willing to bet that dolphin needs some of those visual C++ or whatever it is you mentioned before.
  8. I've noticed most people for some reason or another do not ever want to include their psds. Just the finished product. But for people that want to continue the work, or add their own to actually complete their set, this doesn't work well. Especially when a project looses steam and stops, or just needs a little tweak to be perfect for someone's setup.
  9. Well I have actually seen it mentioned a few times but yeah, guess you don't know what you don't know lol. But now hmmmm, might have to take a closer look. I do like the volume controls, that's interesting. Is that windows volume?
  10. Haha exactly! Well I've only ever imported, added themes and that's about it. Never have had a reason to delve into much past that.
  11. wow, that's awesome. I never knew about this. I don't need it yet (RL keymapping takes care of that for me) but it's nice to know that it is there.
  12. This is a nice set of bordered platform and playlist logos, if you like that style.
  13. True on the arcade front for sure.
  14. yeah good point. I think for most people though they will probably just be running the major consoles and stuff, which RL can pretty much handle.
  15. One of the reasons I love mednafen is the on-screen control mapping, and the fact that it recognizes my SNES usb adapters (retroarch doesn't). I'm pretty sure I remember seeing a mode button to map when I was doing those controls, so yeah that should toggle between those two controllers.
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