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  1. Yeah I've seen that suggestion before. Just, no idea what to type, where to type it, etc.
  2. I'd like to be able to close joy2key after the game is closed. It just sits there after the game closes. I can't figure out how to close joy2key after i'm done with the game.
  3. Interesting. I've never found mames on screen settings menu to be complicated at all. I've always been able to map my controls quickly. That is, for regular type joystick and buttom games.
  4. I wish the retroacheivements people could strike up a deal with the major emulators to have their code be included in official releases. The hi-score issue is why I have stayed with standalone MAME. I got a hiscore.dat and then enabled it in the gui (still old mameuifx) and it works great.
  5. i think there might be theme specific settings for the views that you need to have. or putting priority on the background video maybe? The theme authors usually put which settings they designed the theme with up on their download page. That might help.
  6. i had pretty good luck with all of my media that I already had before I installed launchbox for the very first time. It was all named very similar to the launchbox DB game names so launchbox applied the correct images for most of my games. But even if it is a bit slow, it's pretty nice to have it all being taken care of from within the program.
  7. I don't think there will ever truly be a way to get this type of thing to work until windows let's you set up usb ports to a controller and lock it in. I have so many original controllers plugged in and mapped, I don't dare unplug anything or add a wireless thing because I'm so afraid it will bump something around.
  8. Yeah, as much as free is the most amazing thing ever, you gotta know when to be ok with supporting projects with monetary contributions. Especially THE best front end ever fucking made. I rest my case.
  9. It's like working on a car. Sometimes the smallest oversight can ruin the entire damn thing lol.
  10. Yeah you gotta get the one that is just a zip file. And put it in an emulators folder, or something else, outside of that appdata place. I just have an emulators folder I put in the launchbox root directory for easy access since I'm in there all the time.
  11. Have you put the path to the rom files into that platform in launchbox? Or is launchbox still looking in the default location "games"? Or does that matter? I forget if it does. But I remember setting launchbox to look in a different folder than it's "games" folders for some of my roms for certain platforms.
  12. I add my steam games by just finding the path to the .exe in the details window thing after you click add. I don't see why that wouldn't work?
  13. No mednafen IS the emulator, and it covers those systems I listed. Should work with launchbox right away.
  14. Could you show an example of that in action?
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