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  1. damageinc86

    Center Logo Startup Theme

    Where are the backgrounds for all the games coming from?
  2. damageinc86

    John Romero celebrates Doom's 25th anniversary with Sigil

    No, I just never really played past the first year or so it was out. But I'm sure all that stuff is super cool. Maybe if I had more time I'd try to get back into it.
  3. damageinc86

    John Romero celebrates Doom's 25th anniversary with Sigil

    I think it's so damn cool how long Doom has lasted. It's like subspace with the continuum version keeping it alive. It's truly amazing. For some reason I never got into doom 100%, but always thought it was cool nonetheless. Cool interview.
  4. damageinc86

    9.2-beta-2 Released

    O you can't just throw your bg images where you want them like you can with say box art? You'd have to have a theme edit?
  5. damageinc86

    9.2-beta-2 Released

    Oh yeah totally get that. All I'd really need is a folder to put my custom startup screen background art (not fan art), and the ability to not show the cart and other art on top of that BG. Oh and the ability to have a custom logo for now loading.
  6. damageinc86

    Game Gear 2D Carts

    are any of these worth playing? or can they be played without knowing japanese?
  7. damageinc86

    9.2-beta-2 Released

    Obviously still in the infancy stages, but this is so promising. I can't ditch my RL just yet thought, because the settings just aren't there yet. But i'm excited about it. The RL people should just fork over their code so LB can rise to power lol.
  8. damageinc86

    Book scraping plugin

    I have actually been thinking that it would be way cool for a launchbox-like program with a graphic bookshelf and books (spine view to search/browse), to someday be used to browse actual library holdings. It would feel more interactive than the plain search that they have. When you selected the book based on search you'd see the spine graphic pop outward from the shelf of books and then if selected it would jump up to like the manual view in pdf with the book cover and you could open it. Then "slide" it back in with ESC, and either search again, or "scroll" the shelves manually to see what is there. The shelves would be a representation of what they physically have. If it's scanned then you could view it, but if it's not, then it would just be an info page view about it.
  9. damageinc86

    9.2-beta-1 Released

    Yes. I would enjoy fanart, but when there's a game that I don't like the fanart for, then I'd want to have my own custom backgrounds that I hand-pick. You can do this in RL by just renaming the file(s) and dropping them into the fade's game specific folder. It also randomly picks from the images when there are more than one. It's also fun to see which one will display when you launch it "this time".
  10. damageinc86

    9.2-beta-1 Released

    I'm sure generally speaking it is. Have never had any problem over the last 2 years with it so far, but guess there is a first for everything. fully them-able sounds awesome. I'm sure this will shape up to be a great feature.
  11. damageinc86

    9.2-beta-1 Released

    Yeah that's in this post,...but I had no idea when i clicked the update button and restarted the program. I wasn't in the forums then.
  12. damageinc86

    9.2-beta-1 Released

    Are there options to have just an image or a background image for the startup screen?
  13. damageinc86

    9.2-beta-1 Released

    I didn't know this was going to be turned on automatically. My game launched normally with rocketlauncher's fade, after the launchbox fade, and then the screen went black and I can hear my game in the background but I'm guessing it's launchbox that won't' let me do anything. Had to hit esc and get out to turn it off so I can check out if there are any options for it.
  14. Yes. I would never assume responsibility upon jason for save key input. That's insane! lol.
  15. Entering the save state info is a pain, but I've only had to do it once. I've done it for my mednafen systems, retroarch systems, and mame systems. It took a while, but have only had to set it one time for all the different systems. You fill out a table associated with that system's emulator like this: {F5 down}{F5 up}{1 down}{1 up} to save, then {F7 down}{F7 up}{1 down}{1 up} to load. So the pause menu sends those key commands to the emulator for you with time settings, delay, etc. It works frickin' great, and i love not having to try to remember all the different save and load keys for emulators.