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  1. My lord. I just used notepad++ for this like a month ago lol. Guess I wasn't paying attention.
  2. Wow, so no more notepad++ find and replace? That is good news!
  3. I had no idea wootlauncher did bezels. really? that is pretty cool then.
  4. Not natively no, only if you use rocketlauncher can dolphin have a bezel around it.
  5. I figured it out with sort title. Forgot about that. Had to go 01 Nintendo consoles (NES), 02 Nintendo consoles (SNES), 03 Nintendo consoles (n64), and so on. Now they are clumped in release order for Nintendo, then Sega consoles clumped together in release order, and sony,...all the way through.
  6. Wow, that's crazy. I still want my consoles category, I like the category view,...I just want to be able to drag all the nintendo stuff together, sega together, and organize it. The way it is by default is just all over the place. EDIT: Just revisited sort title. DERP. Got it all sorted how I like it using that. I guess it would just be easier to have a drag n drop function that's all.
  7. I wonder if this has gained any traction? I hate how there is no way to organize your platform list other than into consoles, computers, and arcade.
  8. Hell to the yes. I would definitely like to try this out. I like having all those images with the bg image up there, and details below. I like the soft gradient style. Get some help to get this buttoned up. I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy it.
  9. I have turned the on-screen notifications size setting down to 1 and it's basically like it isn't there at all.
  10. I would second this. You could even strip the wires if it wasn't long enough, and use small crimp connectors to add more wire if you needed it to run far away and up somewhere on the side or something. Doing a quick search, I found a youtube video that linked to this page for some cool pre-wired runs and switches to mate them to. https://www.performance-pcs.com/search/momentary vandal switch
  11. damageinc86


    This looks great!
  12. Well I think you can have fanart as a background for launchbox theme, and certain big box themes. So I'm not sure you would necessarily want only system images, you might want actual cool looking fanart that is downloaded for you. So I think I'd rather have a startup images folder by itself to just isolate the fade images I want to use for only that. But yes, a workaround would be to delete any other fanart you may have downloaded in the past and put them there.
  13. Right, but do you still have to put them in the fanart folder right? I was saying it would be nice to have a "standalone" folder that LB made just for start up screens, and leave fanart out of it altogether, unless you checked a box to add it to the folders that it looked in.
  14. Oh,...how do you do that? Can you just put an image in a folder and it will use it?
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