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  1. even if you have to buy an emumovies lifetime,...these two products are just amazing in conjunction with one another. Worth the money, and then some!
  2. I really don't know exactly how they get it to work, even with RA, all I know is I type that stuff in, and then it works.
  3. This is especially useful for all the different arcade games with unique buttons. Come to think of it, it would probably be just as useful for consoles if someone were to go into the game's manual and then make an image with what each button did like your example.
  4. Hopefully they can figure out how to send ahk key presses to the emulator. That's all that rocketlauncher does. There is a setup screen for your specific emulator and you just type in what the key presses are for save and load. Example: {F5}{down}{F5}{up}{1}{down}{1}{up}. That sends a press of F5, and then when the emulator wants the slot number to save, it then sends a 1 keypress for that. you can set the delay to be whatever you want in milliseconds, so there's enough of a pause in between the keypresses, and then bam, you see everything flash on the screen as if you had pressed the keys yourself, and your save goes through.
  5. hmmm interesting. I wish Windows would just show you a list of what usb ports you have (numbered), and then let you confirm which controller is plugged in, and then lock that name to that port until you wanted to change it. That way you could lock it to a usb dongle so windows wouldn't shuffle everything just because it got an on or off signal.
  6. I'm still trying to get someone with one of the 8bitdo bluetooth controllers to tell me if they re-arrange the order of wired controllers when turned on and off, or if the dongle keeps it's slot occupied even when the controller is turned off. I'd love to get one, but I don't want to loose every mapping of the other controllers as soon as I turn it off and back on.
  7. Yeah, not sure if there's anything more you can do as far as optimizing. I guess that might be one thing HS still has over LB. How are you liking it though so far?
  8. One of the coolest things for me is the fact that we all are collectively preserving video game history on each of our setups. It's a big problem for preservationists in general, and seems to be overlooked mostly. I like the feeling of being a part of something that is helping to save these cultural artifacts in some form or another.
  9. I used this for my startup video: http://www.a4video.com/volume-normalizer-master.htm It was insane how much louder the startup video was than my bigbox.
  10. Heyyyy welcome! Haven't seen that name in ages. I think I have a start up video that lasts about 15 seconds maybe, and somehow it's perfectly timed for when bigbox starts up. I don't even have close to that amount though. That's frickin' huge. I think there is a cache setting you can adjust, but I'm not sure what it was. Someone else probably knows more.
  11. i'd say it is still worth it even for non-emulator games. The presentation of launchbox/bigbox is just so nice.
  12. how does that really feel to control? ergonomically feels ok or what? i'm really into this, but it's just not really out there a lot, and you can't go hold it anywhere. Curious how it really feels and works.
  13. Is this for navigating bigbox with the controller, or for exiting a game from the emulator? I use rocketlauncher, which uses joy2key profiles that can be game-specific, emulator specific, or platform specific. So i have "select" set to the esc key, but with a hold of like half a second before it engages. It's always select, across all platforms. I think keymapping is the next big piece of the puzzle for a more seamless experience in LB/BB.
  14. yeah shoot 'em ups should not be with shooters, or run 'n gun. That one is pretty obvious. FPS games should be their own genre "First-person shooters". I haven't really messed with genre stuff much, but I would have thought that it wouldn't be as general as what is presented in the original post. Interesting. Good solution from agent47 as well.
  15. Oh first of all you have to tell launchbox to use rocketlauncher as the emulator for the system, and then point rocketlauncher to launchbox, so it gets the signal.
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