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  1. damageinc86

    Converting from Hyperspin

    I actually preferred to move my box art, carts, and wheels over from hyperspin because of their high quality sets there. Just have to find the corresponding folder, and launchbox should be able to match them to the roms. In some cases I had to tweak a name here or there, to match launchbox, but nothing too bad. Just take a look around the folder structure and i'm sure you'll pick up on where things need to be.
  2. Awesome! Do you have a list of the movies you took those clips from?
  3. I'd suggest using mednafen. I've never had a problem with input detection using that. It's always been a breeze, and you can assign on the fly in-game as well.
  4. damageinc86

    Playlist in a subcategories ?

    id like to be able to have a platform be a link to all your playlists.
  5. damageinc86

    How do I add MAME Bezels?

    I ended up going back to metalzoic's RL universal bezel packs. Those realistic ones were very cool, but I started to get annoyed at the amount of screen glare and scratches. Sometimes the reflections in the screen glare were so light and bright that it began to overshadow the game. It ended up feeling not that realistic with that aspect, since most screen glare is very subdued in a dark arcade with crt light and very dark blacks. Those screen glare layers were taken in a brightly lit room with the "screen" turned off. So the glare is amplified under that setting. the other thing I ended up not liking was the very small gameplay screen area that is used in order to accommodate most of the cabinet and bordering cabinet with background stuff. With the RL packs, the gameplay area is maximized.
  6. damageinc86

    BigBox regains control before RL fade appears

    I would first try to turn off the now loading message,...it feels like that cuts down on time. But that's just my unmeasured perception.
  7. damageinc86

    Peoples Save and Load state setups

    I haven't bothered trying in a while, you might get lucky who knows.
  8. damageinc86

    ReDream RocketLauncher Module

    Looks like a nice emulator thanks for the module . I hate updating rocketlauncher because then I have to go back into the modules and add my custom system names for my home brews into the msystem part of the module. I'd rather just update manually the modules I need.
  9. damageinc86

    Peoples Save and Load state setups

    I have been using rocketlauncher' pause menu for years, but I noticed that somewhere during the higher launchbox version numbers it stopped being able to steal focus from launchbox and displays in the background, but you can still hear the select sounds. So it's basically useless nowadays, but it used to work great.
  10. damageinc86

    1Mb of Memory - Only $2000!

    You could actually do a lot on those old IBMs. A lot less in the way. The prices are insane though lol.
  11. damageinc86

    Organizing Rom Hacks

    I think you'd have to make a playlist for this. I don't think sub-platforms are a thing yet. Would be perfect for this situation though.
  12. Oh wow, awesome! I've always used mednafen with rocketlauncher because it's what I know, and it's never failed me. I really like being able to do the alt+shift+number key, to map controls on screen and on the fly.
  13. Do you use mednafen for anything? I wonder if that might recognize inputs better, as it does on any controller i've ever had, and does all the sega consoles besides dreamcast.
  14. Super cool idea. I'd like to have a "pc games " option instead of Windows, and maybe a few different versions of the DS? This does really look promising though !
  15. Yeah i've only ever used RL to load emulator and game specific joy2key profiles. For Bigbox, it detects all my controllers anyways, so no issues controlling that program.