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  1. I have a photoshop template that I got from somewhere a long time ago, that was for clear case pc logos. I ditched the clear case and just kept the dimensions it had for the box art layer, and have been throwing my artwork in there and making my own. In most cases it is just a drag n drop procedure. In other cases, I actually have to make my own with whatever artwork I can find. But if I put it in there then they all end up being the same dimensions, so it looks nice and uniform.
  2. Yeah i dropped a dll i think, and an ini file in there. Nothing. I must have done something wrong, but it seemed pretty straight forward, so I don't know what I might have done incorrectly. But, oh well. Maybe someday I'll give it another shot.
  3. Well, I honestly could be too dumb to understand it. But I just opened it up and moved things around, and none of my emulators saw the new order. So I don't know anything past that. It was probably a year ago. Have they made any updates lately?
  4. Yeah I heard about devreorder, but couldn't get anything to influence anything. So I gave up.
  5. Oh I know about it! I'm still working my way through my genre art for the banner box theme. Little by little over the last 4 months. Still have a lot to go, but it will look amazing when finished. P.S. which album is your favorite? Far beyond driven? La sexorcisto?
  6. Yeah that cabinet artwork looks really good. It would be fun to browse cabs like that. Or browse full cabs. I like the other views too, but I don't want to switch frontends, I love Launchbox. But some of these other themes and artwork are really great.
  7. I'm still trying to find an answer to whether or not windows changes the joyid once you turn the wireless controller off and back on. Because then mapping it to an emulator is useless, as the mappings won't apply next time it's turned on if it happens to not land on the right order.
  8. I think they do have dreamcast and N64 adapters. I use the mayflash adapter for 4 gamecube controllers. I use wired xbox360 controllers for dreamcast and n64.
  9. I use USB adapters for gamecube, Playstation, and SNES (which also does NES). That takes care of a lot.
  10. Only like 15 days or so late lol. Gimme a break! There's a lot in my community theme creator folders in terms of images and templates. You might want to give that download a try and look around in there. I'll also be sharing my genre templates once I'm done with them. Still working my way through my systems. It takes forever, but I have to do it in photoshop since I am using crylen's bordered "clear" logos, and I already made it halfway through before the update to the community theme creator was done that allowed it to look in the genre folders. Plus, I have to do a lot of image tweaking and cleanup.
  11. I just happen to have made a template of the bartop styles. Here ya go --> https://mega.nz/file/qYRUTaaQ#VFNBym4jdLAx-JcF4LoM7m1BYCilL4Lrzh3eiBqkks8 The overall banner template that I made is here --> https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/2406-bannerbox-bordered-clear-logo-banners/
  12. I've been getting confused about the Shooter genre lately, since I've been going through all my genres to make bannerbox theme banners. I've noticed that launchbox's default genre for a lot of Shoot 'Em Up games, is Shooter. Which then of course puts them in with actual shooters like FPS games, or run 'n gun shooter games. It's funny because I'll click on one obvious top-down shoot 'em up game and it even says in the Notes/game description "This shoot 'em up is loaded with action, bla bla bla". So does this mean that the launchbox DB has never been gone through to separate Shoot 'em up games sub-genre from the Shooter genre? This will need to be a manual task then?
  13. No. But someone made a photoshop template with font that is very similar. I replaced on of mine with it.
  14. I would say having a region release date list would be better. Just list all the main regions it was released in just like that wikipedia page has it.
  15. Why would only downloading fresh metadata (unchecking everything artwork-wise) delete some of my boxart for the system?
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