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  1. All this crap is why i always include all my photoshop files with my uploads. That way nobody even has to ask if he/she can save a version without something. The files are there, go spend your time turning off whatever layer(s) you want and saving a new version. Even though you can easily make an action to turn layers on/off and bring up a save as dialog box, it's not my responsibility once you have the photoshop files! lol.
  2. I just want to say that I feel for you all that are having troubles with this. Personally, this has never happened to me, EVER. But every time I see a new post show up for this thread it bums me out.
  3. Are you good with photoshop at all? I have several templates in my file download.
  4. Those look like romhacks. I searched the games database and only saw a super nintendo romhack for sonic 4. nothing for sonic and crackers. You'd need to find your own artwork and put it in the correct folders (box front, clear logo, etc.).
  5. I can't offer any pearls of wisdom. I use Rocketlauncher bezels for my non-retroarch platforms, and native MAME .lay bezels for Arcade. i tested out the bezelproject to just see what types of bezels would be downloaded. But that was it.
  6. Do you have any images already that you think might work well? I could put them into my template and get one made for you. Or you could try the template yourself. Is there a clear logo for these?
  7. I think what faeran was saying is that the MAME team themselves have changed the rom filename, so if Emumovies still has their video file named as the old rom filename, then it won't show up if you have one of the new rom file names. I myself have a very old MAME romset, so if this is something that has happened within the last 5 years or so, my video files would still be named after old rom file names.
  8. Yes! That would be cool to see the controller or handheld device icons show up somewhere
  9. I could help you make some playlist logos using Crylen's framed logos. If you like this style let me know.
  10. yeah I feel like just having the option for a dark theme would have been enough. I don't like a thing about the new layout at all. Old one was perfectly fine.
  11. There are several overlay (bezel) packs for retroarch. Just search for retroarch overlays.
  12. Amazing updates! Thank you very much for continued this pursuit of marquee goodness!
  13. Is the whole thing corrupt? Or just certain systems?
  14. Right. Good points. It's a tough undertaking that's for sure. I'm working on a full Sega Master System box front set right now, and i'd like it to all to be in the LB DB,...but dang,...one at a time? We'll see if I have the energy and patience to do that after already spending way too much damn time on the boxes themselves lol.
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