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  1. i think the additions look very good, and fit the style great. Good job.
  2. @mothergoose729 provided very relevant information about a few instances of a standalone emulator having more customization than retroarch, when you literally said you cannot get more customization than that. Doesn't seem weird at all. In fact, I found that list very interesting and didn't know about a lot of those things.
  3. Yeah it's not native in launchbox. keymappers are the way to go for this. I use rocketlauncher, which can start joy2key per platform or per game. I rarely play any multi-disc games so I haven't really messed with it, but I'm sure a button combo could be done that way.
  4. Yeah I used it once to test it out when i had two computers with launchbox on it, because I'd ad some images or something on one, and want it reflected on the other install as well. It was very easy to use. it would also be cool to use on the emulator folder to keep the versions the same across both computers.
  5. love it. Could you render the arcade one with your white background like the other viking vids? I really like that one.
  6. I bet you could use freefilesync and then probably just run the sync on the whole emulator folder, or maybe just pick out the save folders for a sync run.
  7. damageinc86

    Atari VCS

    I have been following this for a while, and i just noticed today that there is no disk drive; I'd like it to have a blu-ray drive for that price.
  8. It's a pretty neat idea, I really like having the platform be those banners, but not sure if I'd like the games being those banners, especially with the repeated controller on ever image. Great work though!
  9. Well I wasn't aware it was open, so sorry lol. I thought they were holding their methods close, hence the post on their forums a long time ago by Jason asking if there were ways in which they could collaborate. That made me think it was tightly wrapped up. Yeah sure it boils down to that, but I wouldn't say that means re-invent the wheel, the last two components (the only reason most people even have to still use RL) of complete front end domination are on the horizon, and already exist.
  10. Yeah I'm sure there are some that are difficult to get to, but the most common and popular ones seem to have save slots that are not that evasive. I have all my systems covered through using mame, retroarch, dolphin, and mednafen. All those key presses were easy to set up except I think dolphin was too hard to get to the next slot. it's too bad the RL people won't just partner up so this, and key mapping can be done and over with. Then as far as I'm concerned, front end domination will have had occured.
  11. I didn't really understand most of your essay. All the pause savestate menu really has to do is send key presses to the emulator to save or load the state. The rest is up to the emulator to catalog for itself. For example, send 1, then f5, and that will save. Send 1 and then f7, and that will load (slot 1 that is). am I missing something?
  12. Sure I get that. Baby steps I suppose. People who have never been able to do anything regarding save states will surely be excited, but then again might also just be satisfied with one single option out of ignorance.
  13. Unless you forgot that 6 months ago you saved in that slot and then hit save again and only remembered after the fact that damn, I just saved over my first one. This happened all the time to me when I was only using emulators and no front end. I'd constantly forget that I used slot 6 last time and then saved into slot 6, then load slot 6 and it would be where I currently was instead of my other save that was in a different spot. Seems like a good first effort for this, but basically the feature needs to be a replica of the save and load states in RL with the slot data and screenshot of where you were at the time of saving.
  14. No I dont mean the status messages that emulators pop up I mean like this:
  15. That's weird, I haven't ever really had an issue with RL not killing joy2key after a game was exited.
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