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  1. Well that's good news. I couldn't do Mario run before on bluestacks. But that was a long time ago that I even messed with android emulation.
  2. Yes it was. Just curious if you had any opinions on it. I have tried bluestacks, and it's extremely slow. But every other one I tried in the past, didn't have any links that you could point launchbox to. But look like NOX has a way to do it. I may give it a shot. I think Nintendo has their games locked down pretty well. Somehow it senses that even though it is a legit android operating system, it isn't a true mobile device.
  3. I also enjoy having the uniform plastic case/box along with the box art. Thanks for all your hard work on this!
  4. Do you have an opinion on Nox vs. bluestacks?
  5. You might have to re-import just so you can turn that delete rom option on and actually delete them from within launchbox this time.
  6. I think you would have load up the community theme creator with the bannerbox image template and change the image it looks for to the 3d box category so it pulls from your 3d box folder, and then run the batch image creator for all your systems. I think everyone who has every made a bannerbox banner has used the standard 2d boxes so far, so that's the only type of asset available currently. I just spent 6 months finishing my entire setup, so it's not something I'm up for, but it can be done.
  7. Yes! @RetroNi came through on all the fonts. I was able to finish all my BannerBox Genre Banners with them finally. Thank you so much! This is probably one of the most definitive collection of fonts, so great job on that.
  8. oh ok, I found that,...but it doesn't look like it is per platform right? Just a generalized setting for the entirety of bigbox? Or is the launchbox setting the same also. I've only been looking in my arcade platform,...but I suppose it is also generalized in launchbox, since it's just one menu item to tick. I can just hide individual games then I guess.
  9. So I found the view option in launchbox to hide games missing box art. Works great, probably wouldn't ever play any of these weird crappy arcade games anyways. Ok,...so then I go into big box, and they are all still there. Is there a way to make the filter also apply to what big box shows you?
  10. Top layer of the bannerbox image. It looks for the box art, but there's no entry to point to the advertisement flyer. I ended up just temporarily copying all advertisement flyer images into my boxart folder so the community theme creator would see them.
  11. Trying to finish some bannerbox stuff here, finally getting to arcade, but the only options for "top media" are box art. Could there be a way to have it look for box art, and then as a backup look for the advertisement flyer? Most of my arcade games have advertisement fliers and not "box art". I don't see an option under the image metadata drop down for advertisement flyer.
  12. Recroommasters looks soooooo good. when I finally have enough extra dough for a dedicated arcade cab, I will definitely be going with them.
  13. damageinc86

    GPD Win3

    I think I might actually back this when it goes live. https://liliputing.com/2020/11/gpd-win-3-handheld-gaming-pc-has-a-sliding-display-qwerty-keyboard-and-intel-tiger-lake.html
  14. I just noticed that the game Survival (rockola maze game) comes back with a clear logo and arcade cabinet from a different game also called survival. The tv cocktail table looks like a pong style game.
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