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  1. I would say having a region release date list would be better. Just list all the main regions it was released in just like that wikipedia page has it.
  2. Why would only downloading fresh metadata (unchecking everything artwork-wise) delete some of my boxart for the system?
  3. I think the launchbox pause menu only lets you save to one slot currently.
  4. Yes it's a game mode in that particular example, I'm just calling it a genre, as they show up together in bigbox. I thought that launchbox db is where all the metadata came from, so I was surprised that the database only picked out two for that. Then the further I got into this, the more I realized that sometimes metadata isn't 100% on some systems' games, and I had to check box some additional genres that the game really should be in so that it would show in the right playlist. I also noticed that when I scraped one of my systems to try to get fresh metadata only, it ended up deleting a bunch of box art. I did not have any artwork checked, it was for metadata only (in an attempt to maybe find some new genres applied since I first imported). So that was a bummer to have to go back through and get box art again. Is that a known bug? or just my luck? lol.
  5. Yeah might do a quick 1 sec. Blank video I guess. Thanks.
  6. Right, I have seen people upload playlist videos, so I sort of knew about those before. What I was wondering is if there is a view, or maybe a setting within launchbox, that can turn off looking for videos for only auto-populated platform playlists? Probably not huh.
  7. That's good. I'll probably just keep going since I'm on a roll, and now finally have everything set up so it's plugging in, moving layers, and saving now. The bulk of the time is finding suitable artwork now.
  8. I made it to the "snappier" version of sliding all the info in, and I like it. But, is there a way to NOT play the platform video when running through the platform's auto-populated genre lists (action, role-playing, etc.)? It sort of takes away from the genre you are looking at when you are seeing the platform video play next to it of mario, and you are looking at the shooter genre. Also, am I seeing things, or is there a little tiny sonic animation running across the screen? It doesn't fade away instantly when switching games, so there is this faint sonic still running across the screen.
  9. A few of us are working on making artwork for it. There is a thread going. I uploaded some files and templates already for some platforms and playlists. Now I'm working my way through all of my auto-populated genre playlists. I'm sure most everything will get done soon.
  10. I'm going through my super nintendo auto populated genres, and under coooperative, there are two games. Contra III, and Pocky & Rocky. I've noticed that a lot of the other auto-populated genres seem to not really have all the games that could or should be there. So I'm just curious how reliable the genres are? Are those really the only two co-op games for Super Nintendo?
  11. yeah I figured on that. Just wanted to check. Your eyes sort of don't work after a while lol. Thanks for the input.
  12. Ok, decided to go with some sort of artwork on top. Now just have to figure out, icon, or no icon?
  13. Right. That's why I'm beginning to lean toward the nice background art that is being found, instead of a repetitive box art style.
  14. I like the concept of using boxart up top. But the more I think about it, the more I feel like just having a decent background up there would be much faster since I could just leave it turned on and only have to swap out the icon and clear logo below. Instead of having to make new genre box art for each one.
  15. Well since I am using my bordered clear logos (because my entire setup uses them) mine may not apply very well to everyone else's. I just got finished making the base template for all my systems, and am running through plugging in all the images for SNES right now. You can take a look at it. Banner Genre Playlist Super Nintendo.psd
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