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  1. Mario Kart and Tekknoparrot 1.30

    I tried putting this dll in the teknoparrot folder but still get the direct 3D error. Crappy. Windowed is waaaay to small to play.
  2. Tekken 2 image rejected

    It only looks bad as a product of its time. Is there anything accompanying it that might give some context? It may be official promotional material, but it Doesn't really show much.
  3. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    I would welcome the inclusion of the key features of RL that keep most of us current users around. As soon as LB/BB incorporates Fade, Pause menu (and all the tabs within it), bezels (because not all of us use Retroarch), and the keymapping feature per-game, then i'm ready to ditch it. That's the only reason I'm still using it.
  4. There is also a controller section to show your image in the PAUSE feature of rocketlauncher. Might be worth looking into.
  5. Plugin Requests

    This would also be great for trimming down your romsets. I know for my arcade platform I almost always go into the playlists because those are more focused. Going through the main platform is just too much. There becomes so much wasted space with that big of a set.
  6. Rom Wars BIGBOX STRIKES BACK startup

    brilliant. good stuff!
  7. Task bar active

    Yup happens to me all the time. Sometimes I have to alt tab it, other times it works fine , but the taskbar is still there , just staring at me.
  8. Yet another Bezel project

    Launchbox doesn't have a bezel feature,.....yet. I'm sure someday it will be done. Funny thing is, i have never specifically wanted to use a new feature of LB/BB since Jason first added the clear logo wheel style to it wayyy back. Well, that and having a startup video. All I've ever needed as a new feature is bezels, fades, and keymapping profile launching per game. But it's not that hard to get these up and running in RL, especially if someone else has already gone through the trouble to make the ini file And included it.
  9. Help with Munt

    So just having the mt32 as your soundcard wouldn't necessarily make a game sound any better if it wasn't designed to specifically take advantage of it? I was hoping it would sort of translate it all to bring your base level sound up to higher quality. I wonder if there's a list of compatible games. I'm betting keen and stuff doesn't take advantage of it lol.
  10. Help with Munt

    Yeah I'd rather stick with dfend since it takes care of the confs for you, and I'm used to it. Does this mint/mt-32 stuff apply to every dos game you run with those settings? Or are just certain games able to take advantage of it?
  11. 8bitdo SNES controller question for BigBox

    I jus mean If you have wired controllers plugged in and map them to an emulator. Then when you turn the wireless one on and off for another emulator, does it Mess up the windows controller order so that when you go back to the emulator with the wired controller, the mapping no longer works since the order got shifted around when the wireless was on and off.
  12. 8bitdo SNES controller question for BigBox

    I'd stil love to know if the 8bitdo controllers knock other wired controllers off their spot in the id line when they are turned off and on again. I'd love to get one , but need someone's experience first so I don't have a useless controller if it knocks the others around. That's why I've kept to all wired thus far.
  13. Help with Theme for my Arcade build

    It would be the gameplay video sort of like vikings video where it is baked into the Television with super nintendo in front of it. So I think you could do it for each game's cabinet if the gameplay video was baked into that high res shot. Certainly an undertaking, but ever since I found the realistic arcade bezels that john merrit and orion's angel has put out i've been wanting better representation. That sort of "upped the game" so to speak.
  14. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    I know it's not going to be tackled soon, but we can always hope. It's a natural progression in the front-end world. It's only a matter of time. Just because it's always been done by RL doesn't mean it will never be done by a FE in the future 🙂 You have already blown the other stuff out of the water in my opinion, in such a short time. so I have faith in you.
  15. Wow, I only have like 8 games on steam. I only use steam if there's no other way to get a game.