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  1. That's weird. I've left all my WiiU directory structures alone, so the file was hidden down a few levels and launchbox had no trouble accepting that as the rom file.
  2. Is there a feature that allows you to adjust the size of your box front images (or any other image that you have chosen as the display image) in launchbox for one platform and have it applied to that platform only? For example, I'd like to have bigger N64 box images using the slider in the lower right hand corner,...and bigger ms-dos box images, but once I do that, the other images for all platforms are the same size and end up being way too huge for my liking. It would be useful to apply sizing options on a per-platform basis.
  3. Yup. Maybe I'm tired of seeing certain platforms for a while, and just want to have a smaller setup, but definitely don't want to have to re-import and everything when I decide to bring it back. Just another useful option.
  4. I would think anything that helps with naming things correctly and spitting out useful files would be welcomed.
  5. So i'm starting a new build and my motherboard now has onboard bluetooth. so I'm thinking of adding my 8bitdo controllers. I still have all my wired controllers plugged in (mayflash GC adapter, two snes gamepads, two playstation gamepads, and two xbox360 power-a controllers). Soooo, big question is, once you pair the 8bitdo and map the controllers, then turn off the 8bitdo and turn it back on,...does the emulator still have the right controller order in mind when it starts looking for it? Don't know how bluetooth works with controller order in windows. Do things get switch around during power on/off like it would when you unplug a wired controller? Even more curious about using two bluetooth for two player games and then turning them off and on again. Still haven't ever really seen anybody fully deal with this and report back results. I might just end up doing it and checking, but just wanted to see if someone might know already.
  6. Could you make one without the MAME logo? just sort of a generic look with the manufacturers background.
  7. Yeah having to do per game override seems like a pain. Guess we suffer for it haha. I still primarily use rocketlauncher for my bezels, but that's just because it's "grandfathered in" to my system as I was already 100% set up with it before launchbox came along. In that system, you just have to have the correct parameters set in an ini file (which would be the same for every one if you had a uniform set) and put it in a folder with the same naming convention as the games and it will display. I usually stick to system wide bezels, with the occasional per-game bezel when there is cool artwork that I like.
  8. It must have saved the overlay to the main config. I had this happen a bunch when I was trying to do custom overlays for all my handheld systems. Retroarch would just randomly pick one system and save the overlay as being on in the main config. Even though I had turned save on exit off, and saved a core override everytime. It was just a weird glitch type thing. That meant it would have the previous system's overlay on top of the next system's overlay (e.g., sega saturn bezel on top of the dreamcast bezel; could see both). So I ended up having to make a good main config that was clear and just a base setting, and make a copy of it so that once I was done saving all the core overrides, I could then delete the original config and rename the copied one back to the main name and it would have clear settings and stop putting a previously saved override on top of the next system I loaded. Maybe if you just turn save on exit option off you will get lucky and it will not save the previous overlay everytime you exit.
  9. I have: Mario Bros., Zelda, Mega Man, Metal Slug, a bunch of "best of" arcade genres (Fighters, golden age, Schmups, etc.), Pac-Man (includes all pac-related games), Nintendo black box collection, top 100 and top 50 for most of my consoles, and I think that's about it.
  10. Ohh damn I was searching for stuff about big box controller mapping and that sort of answered my question as well. I was curious if with the more recent updates you could select a controller, then go edit the mappings, then select a different controller, then go edit ITS mappings, so on and so forth. So that for each controller you could have buttons you chose for it to control bigbox. Currently, I have my xbox R3 click to start a game, but that button number is different on my SNES usb controller, and also different on my gamecube controller, etc. So I have to push buttons until for example, I remember that whatever button number that is, corresponds to a different button on a different controller. Because bigbox seems to just apply the first button mapping you do onto every other controller, regardless of where that button happens to physically be, and whether you want it to be that button on a different controller or not. Hopefully someday we get controller specific mappings to navigate bigbox, so that we can pick up any controller, and have mappings that make sense for each one depending on the buttons on the controller.
  11. damageinc86


    I think someday it will handle everything artwork and streamline look related. Right now though it is either retroarch or rocketlauncher for bezels. Those are the only two programs that can handle it right now that i'm aware of. Well, besides the MAME bezels for arcade games that you can use natively within mame.
  12. I've had some luck by filtering the youtube search results for gameplay down to 2 minutes and under setting and then refreshing the search. When it's that short, usually people are doing legit gameplay real quick. Some trailer creators are getting better at jumping into it quicker and showing more gameplay.
  13. I just made a platform for each of my homebrew/romhacks. SNES Homebrew, NES Homebrew, etc. etc. Took a little bit of time, but not too bad.
  14. I can vouch for the SN30/SF30. I assume the SN30 would be similar enough to be a great controller.
  15. They are flyers in this case. Or someone could make a wooden crate with the name of the game stamped on it lol. Did they even ship arcade games in crates? Maybe they just loaded them up in the back of a truck or u-haul thing naked.
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