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  1. Thank you very much, @neil9000, I had been on that thread prior to posting, but didn't make the connection with my current situation. I really appreciate the response. For those who find this thread, simply disable the nahimec service in services.msc
  2. Hey everyone, I'm having trouble with any and all buttons in Launchbox. When I hover over a button with the mouse cursor, then move the cursor off the button, I'm left with a graphically-glitched area that does not contain the button's name or any information other than stripes of gray and distortion. I've uploaded a screenshot. Any idea how to fix it? I've tried tons of settings combinations in the high DPI compatibility settings and nothing has worked yet. This error makes working on Launchbox quite difficult. Thanks for any help! System Variables: Win 10 19402 4k resolution Scaling at 225% Nvidia Drivers = 460.89 Launchbox version: 11.8
  3. Guess I'll have to test it out! I'll try to remember to post back here when I do. Thank you again, Lordmonkus. I really appreciate the help!
  4. I actually have the Parallel core, too. I was trying to get Mupen working because I read that netplay was better with it. Just off the cuff, can you play Goldeneye 007 Netplay with Parallel? If you don't know, that's fine!
  5. At the very least, it doesn't work with Goldeneye 007. I haven't tried other roms yet.
  6. I can confirm. After playing with settings, copying new versions of retroarch into my portable folder/etc -- IF you have 'AUTO SAVE STATE' and 'AUTO LOAD STATE' turned to ON in the saving options, Mupen64plus will not work. I couldn't figure out, for the life of me, why Mupen wasn't working. After several hours of playing with settings, I am able to reproduce the issue each time by turning on the 'auto save states' option. Thanks again for the help, Lordmonkus!
  7. Did the search. There's nothing there but the pair of quotes... so I'm now wondering if something is corrupt in my retroarch folder. Is there a way to port over everything, including save states -- to the other retroarch which is working with mupen?
  8. Okay, this is weird. Based on your comment, Lordmonkus, I re-downloaded a portable zip of retroarch (not the installer version that installs in your %appdata% folder) and loaded up Mupen... and it WORKED. ...and yet, I don't have any shaders running in my original retroarch... Is there any way to confirm if mupen is running a shader that I'm not aware of?
  9. I forgot to mention, I have a GTX 1080 with Open GL 4.6... I'm using the latest version of Retroarch and I'm on Windows 10.
  10. Hi there, I've been following all of the tutorials for Retroarch and the only core that's giving me problems is Mupen64plus. I downloaded the core in Retroarch, but the core refuses to play my rom (Goldeneye 007) when I select it. Retroarch simply crashes. I am able to play Nintendo 64 roms with the core, ParaLLEl N64... It runs the same rom just fine, however, when I attempt to use Mupen, it says 'Retroarch has stopped working' and the program closes out. Any ideas? Thank you.
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