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  1. New downloaded media doesn't appear to be saving for some reason, and I have no idea why.
  2. So I was wondering if there were a way to avoid the prompt asking to run Steam in offline mode every time I want to play a game from the Steam library through Big Box. Since I have this running on a computer without access to the Internet most of the time, I would like to simply interface with the machine purely through Big Box and a controller. Unfortunately, Steam does not allow you to interact with the prompt while using a controller, forcing me to awkwardly plug in a mouse and keyboard in my media room. Is there any known workaround to this?
  3. With any rom set I download from sources other than Emuparadise, the SEGA CD emulators fail to launch them. Are there differences in .bin .cue files?
  4. I noticed that after the 8.1 update, Big Box has been failing to display anything on certain, seemingly arbitrary screens. Sometimes it's the game details screen, other times it's the platform menu, etc. Is this a known bug?
  5. RetroArch isn't always the most stable program, and can be quite fickle; even a simple change in a single setting can cause the program to potentially crash. While it isn't exactly a common occurrence to experience crashes, they happen nonetheless. For my machine, I'm not keep on keeping a mouse and keyboard connected in the event that this happens, and I am unable to click on "okay" and regain control of Big Box with only a controller when the Windows error message appears. Is there a way to handle the error window with a controller so I don't have to plug in a mouse or restart the system? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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