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  1. Some of them were already available in existing batches from @MadK9 and myself so I added them here for you. Most of them are brand new and original. Didn't do the Hot Shots Shorties individually, requires a little too much creative liberty. Not enough good samples without creating the graphics themselves from scratch, however I made a generic one for all of them if you wish to batch them in LB/BB.


    Archive file contains all images.

    AFL Challenge-01.png

    Arthur and the Minimoys-01.png

    Breath of Fire III-01.png

    Buzz! - Brain of the World-01.png

    Buzz! Brain Bender-01.png

    Buzz! Brain of Oz-01.png

    Carnage Heart EXA-01.png

    Castle Rustle-01.png

    Championship Manager-01.png

    Corpse Party-01.png

    Crystal Mines-01.png

    Everyday Shooter-01.png

    EyePet Adventures-01.png

    Ford Street Racing - XR Edition-01.png

    Fullmetal Alchemist - Brotherhood-01.png

    Gravity Crash Portable-01.png

    Hello Kitty - Puzzle Party-01.png

    Hot Shots Shorties-01.png

    inviZimals Collectible Card Game - Hidden Challenges-01.png

    Jungle Party-01.png


    Magic Sudoku-01.png

    Mega Minis Volume 1-01.png

    Mega Minis Volume 2-01.png

    Mega Minis Volume 3-01.png

    Mystery Team, The-01.png

    Rugby League Challenge-01.png

    SBK 07 - Superbike World Championship-01.png


    Street Riders-01.png



    Voodoo Dice-01.png

    Xtreme Party-01.png


    Xzile - Sony PSP Discs (EU Expansion).rar


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  2. I didn't manage to find the time this weekend, however I'll be doing some of them this week. I have noticed a lot of the titles you've listed have US counterparts that share the exact same boxart, thus the discs would look the same. I can mock up some discs but they'll probably resemble the US versions and wouldn't be worth it. For example Arthur and the Minimoys is just Arthur and the Invisibles, and the Breath of Fire 3 EU box is the exact same as US.  You'd get a very similar result grabbing the US ones that @MadK9 has collected.


    However, If i have time I'll do them all.

  3. 6 minutes ago, mccorkled said:

    Thanks. I actually did them one by one and then when I got to the end I realized what was happening. Perhaps _All Discs would have been a better naming convention. Oh well...

    After getting both UDM sets on this site I noticed that the following discs were missing.

    AFL Challenge (Australia)
    Arthur and the Minimoys (Europe)
    Breath of Fire III (Europe)
    Buzz! - Brain of the World (Europe)
    Buzz! Brain Bender (Europe)
    Buzz! Brain of Oz (Australia)
    Carnage Heart EXA (USA)
    Castle Rustle (Europe)
    Championship Manager (Europe)
    Corpse Party (USA)
    Crystal Mines (Europe)
    Everyday Shooter (USA)
    EyePet Adventures (Europe)
    Ford Street Racing - XR Edition (Australia)
    Fullmetal Alchemist - Brotherhood (Europe)
    Gravity Crash Portable (USA)
    Hello Kitty - Puzzle Party (Europe)
    Hot Shots Shorties - Blue Pack (USA)
    Hot Shots Shorties - Green Pack (USA)
    Hot Shots Shorties - Red Pack (USA)
    Hot Shots Shorties - Yellow Pack (USA)
    Invizimals - Collectible Card Game - Hidden Challenges (Europe)
    Jungle Party (Europe)
    KAZooK! (Europe)
    Magic Sudoku (Europe)
    Mega Minis Volume 1 (Europe)
    Mega Minis Volume 2 (Europe)
    Mega Minis Volume 3 (Europe)
    Mystery Team, The (Europe)
    Rugby League Challenge (Europe)
    SBK 07 - Superbike World Championship (Europe)
    Silverfall (Europe)
    Street Riders (Europe)
    Valhalla Knights 2 - Battle Stance (USA)
    Vertigo (USA)
    Voodoo Dice (Europe)
    Xtreme Party (EUR)

    If they aren't in there, I can do those this weekend. Cheers

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  4. 23 hours ago, mccorkled said:

    It would be cool if this was a zip rather than 100 individual files...

    It would be cool if people would read the description 😀

    At the bottom there's a zip file with all of them called Xzile_-_Sony_PSP_Discs.zip


  5. Ah yes, you are correct. Unfortunately, I had already finished submitting them. The ones that don't pass will be uploaded correctly. When I'm modding, If there is a vote to reassign the ones that have passed already I'll vote accordingly.  I intended initially to put them under Fanart and wasn't looking forward to spending the time to upload them, so I guess in haste there was oversight.

    It may not be much of an issue in the long-run, since there are not many actual official UMD discs in the database, and I don't think anyone is currently working on that project.

    EDIT: These should be categorized as Fanart - Disc, not carts.

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