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  1. I must be doing something Wrong. I changed the steam posters to be completely on top, above Front-Box, but it still just displays the steam banners after refresh when I sort on Front - Box.
  2. I love the new feature to only sync installed steam games with launchbox and did just that. (now i have 100 games in LB instead of over 3000). However, the only steam option for image grouping specific for steam is Steam Banners. Which works fine, but it's exactly the same look as in steam self. The Box Front messes up the interface of LB because of all kinds of different image sizing. I would like to be able to sort on Steam Posters, this is the best look you can get for steam games within LB in my opionion. The only way for me to currently do this is by editting every single game, and change the steam poster to Box - Front and change the current Box - Front to something else to force change the look. I looked in the options and forums, but i cannot find on how to change the image group sorting to add or remove the sort of order you want? Anyone can help me out here? Thanks.
  3. It still creates the extra playlists, even though it was unchecked with import. Although about half of what it does when it is marked. However, because I started from fresh, It was now easy to delete all playlists without removing games. And indeed, all cover art/video's are still here (thank god).
  4. Thanks, I think I already played around with this, but I installed the beta now, removed existing 20+ folders (hope I do not have to rescrape everything) and will start from fresh. Skip clones, and prioritize this region: Europe Uncomment: Create Playlists for MAME Subcategories. Here we go
  5. Lightspeed was able to import everything into 1 section, but I read it isn't supported anymore on the current launchbox version. I imported my Mame collection into LB, but it is generating all kind platform sections, even messing up my already existing snes section. I just want mame to be in one section, arcade, nothing else. Is this possible? To me it is currently messing/cluttering up the LB interface with more than 20 platforms, wanting me to not use mame anymore.
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