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  1. It still creates the extra playlists, even though it was unchecked with import. Although about half of what it does when it is marked. However, because I started from fresh, It was now easy to delete all playlists without removing games. And indeed, all cover art/video's are still here (thank god).
  2. Thanks, I think I already played around with this, but I installed the beta now, removed existing 20+ folders (hope I do not have to rescrape everything) and will start from fresh. Skip clones, and prioritize this region: Europe Uncomment: Create Playlists for MAME Subcategories. Here we go
  3. Lightspeed was able to import everything into 1 section, but I read it isn't supported anymore on the current launchbox version. I imported my Mame collection into LB, but it is generating all kind platform sections, even messing up my already existing snes section. I just want mame to be in one section, arcade, nothing else. Is this possible? To me it is currently messing/cluttering up the LB interface with more than 20 platforms, wanting me to not use mame anymore.
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