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  1. Haven't been able to get launchbox working yet. It just stays on the splash screen. I'm running an intel i3 that should be powerful enough to run the app and most gaming systems so I will have to do some experiments the see where the problem lies.
  2. Has anyone gotten the android version of launchbox to work on chromebook. Looking to buy one for boxing day and would love to retro game on it.
  3. Just updated to 10.4 and problem looks fixed for me
  4. They are resetting to whatever they were before I changed them immediately after I press back. Somehow I have select and change view both on button one but they will not save any changes I make
  5. im also having control issues since update, they do not seem to be saving in bigbox ( im using zero delay encoders)
  6. no i have no utilities like that at all, even my windows one drive crap is off
  7. getting an error on the lunchbox side where it cannot delete the old android temp folder because access was denied ( to the game at the top of the list in games folder) this has happened every time iv done a transfer with a different games being access denied. I have worked around the issue by deleting the folder manually but wondering if there is a permanent fix PS. awesome job Jason replying to every post in this 25 page thread!
  8. sorry if this is the wrong area to post small issue (not really a bug) is that it currently overwrites your previous .xml when you do another import. Simply making an Android playlist to sync should be a temporary fix for this minor inconvenience.
  9. without changing language it exits the app. it doesn't close the app entirely but it kicks me out to my home screen
  10. Bug on my Galaxy S8 going from options back to platforms crashes app only showing android under platforms but i have confirmed that launchBox moved 2 platforms over to my phone
  11. Nickkt

    Video Wheels

    A pack of Video Wheels surfaced today that work with attract mode, Does Lunchbox support using .mp4 files for system wheels?
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