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  1. I also tried various nesting methods. The issue is when i nest anything it does not show games in the nests until the nest reaches the final level. [platform cat] [platform] [playlist] Installed games>PC games>favorites ----------------------- -------------- ------------- game 1 game 1 game 2 game 2 game 2 game 3 this does not give me what im looking for unfortunately. this is what big box shows me [platform cat] [platform] [playlist] Installed games>PC games>favorites ----------------------- -------------- ------------- game 2
  2. You know how you can put games in a folder on your PC desktop and also have individual icons next to folders? Or how you can group games into folders/groups, for example on PS4? Can I achieve this in anyway with Big Box? As of right now, I only have 2 options: show All Games or a filter/group. Example: |super mario bros 3|, |metal gear solid 2|, |racing games folder|, |sonic mania|
  3. I actually just did before you replied lol. I sent another contact/support message (not actually via email but the contact section on the website) I figured it was the equivalent of an email. Hopefully you guys dont mind the consecutive message I just figured I'd give more detail than I did here on the forum post.
  4. A few years ago my computer bricked and I lost everything including my Launchbox install, I was lucky enough to have a backup of my license however. I was hoping I can be able to obtain version 9.5 and pick up where I left off now that I am home a lot with my new PC.
  5. Hello guys firstly, I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this but I believe anyone could solve my issue easily as I am very bad at Visual Studio. This is all using the default theme in Big Box. Thank to anyone for help in advance Wheel Games View Small game box front exactly 360x540 at bottom right Game details at bottom middle at 5 lines/rows (developer, publisher, release, status, last played) Game Details View All uppercase text All text fonts changed to Lato light All text centered BigBox Settings/Options View All uppercase text All text fonts changed to Lato light
  6. I find the default theme on Big Box very soothing except a few minor things. I dislike the blue highlighting/selection when navigating through items I prefer lists to be centered rather than left-hand as I have very little content showing on my setup White text lists are very bland and plain, I startup Big Box to Series and afaik, there is no option to use images on lists besides platform and all games So in conclusion I would love help with achieving a centered, series list with images for each game series, and no blue selection when going over items (a change in item text color or a simple white line underneath would suffice)
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