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  1. I have no more games to import for now, but as soon as i get one new, i will try and report there, no problems.
  2. Well i don't know what was wrong but the problem is solved with the regular version, so i guess it's ok now.
  3. I was using the beta version. Got back to the regular version, no more errors. Guess something was wrong with my installation somehow?
  4. Little update: I tried to add "The Lion's song" from epic game store, got the same error.
  5. I unchecked the big box cinematic option, so i got rid of this error. Unfortunately i still get the ""Impossible to import the game """
  6. Hello! This morning, someone in my friend list got me the game "Hitman blood money" on steam, so i scanned my steam library with launchbox as usual. Found the game, except everytime it's about to import it, i get this error: It's in french but basically it's saying: "Error while searching for video Big Box Cinematix : "Impossible to import the game """ The rest is in english. Am i doing something wrong?
  7. Honestly have no idea, i always added my windows game by dragging the exe onto Launchbox ^^'
  8. I agree, except that the "minimize launchbox when a game is launched" is not a third party plugin, it's part of the core program. I know there's no way for this plugin to work with steam and such, i get that. My point is that is someone pay for a license and see one of the core feature not working with certain platforms (Minimize launchbox when a game is launched is a core feature not working with steam, battle.net and most likely origin and uplay, didn't tested those), this person is gonna get confused as to why it won't work and sooner or later will come here for an explanation.
  9. Have you tried just dragging the exe of the game you want to add, select "none of the above" and then windows?
  10. Right... but i still believe it's something worth looking for. Because if somebody pay for a license, activate the "minimize launchbox when a game is launched" and see launchbox not minimizing with any steam or battle.net game, i think this person will be a bit disapointed. Just my 2 cents. Otherwise if it's really a non-issue, i guess there's nothing else to troubleshoot.
  11. Hello everybody Here's my problem. I have downloaded an addon for launchbox called "Playtime tracker": Playtime Tracker - Third-party Apps and Plugins - LaunchBox Community Forums (launchbox-app.com) and so far it's working well with any emulated game. NES, genesis and everything work well. The thing is counting my playtime flawlessly, nothing else to say. Now the problem come when i want the thing to count my playtime with steam or battle.net games. It simply doesn't work... It's not counting and i suspect that launchbox isn't even aware the game is running. To be sure, i... well ok
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